What is male and male circumcision?

What is male and male circumcision ?

what is male circumcision
This is an operative measure to remove the foreskin. This operation is carried out in two cases:

  • in case of disease (phimosis), if the glans penis cannot open on its own, fusing with the foreskin;
  • as a tribute to tradition in developed Arab countries.

We consider both cases in more detail.

What is male circumcision in terms of medicine

This is a purely medical operation performed with a certain deviation - if the foreskin begins to grow together with the head of the penis, interfering with its natural exposure. Such surgery is called circumcision, performed by a qualified surgeon using a special laser and under local anesthesia. Male circumcision is a completely bloodless and painless operation! To carry out such a procedure or not - each man decides on his own.

In principle, if a boy is at risk of phimosis, then, following certain rules of personal hygiene, you can independently prevent this disease. If nevertheless it was not possible to avoid phimosis, then circumcision in men (the prices for which vary depending on the type of operation and location) is simply necessary for

male circumcision prices
full sex life procedure! By the way, the wishes of the patient himself are taken into account here: the foreskin is removed partially or completely.

What is male circumcision in terms of manners and customs

Here we are talking, rather, not about men, but about boys. The fact is that one of the world religions - Islam - prescribes circumcision of newborn boys. This procedure is called "Sunnet." Although the Holy Muslim Scripture, the Qur'an, does not say anything about this, Muslims have many justifications for the need for circumcision. Be that as it may, this custom has been observed to this day.

What is circumcision in men from a physiological point of view

  • Firstly, any risk of developing a particular disease that is sexually transmitted is significantly reduced.
  • Secondly, the head of the penis becomes less sensitive, which allows a man to increase the duration of sex.
  • Thirdly, this is real aesthetics! Who will argue?
  • Fourth, due to circumcision in both sexual partners, the risk for the development of oncological diseases is markedly reduced.
  • And finally, circumcision significantly reduces the risk of developing cancer of the penis itself!

male circumcision surgery

The sexual side of this procedure

Above, we noticed that circumcision significantly reduces the sensitivity of the penis head. Why is this happening? Scientists who have investigated this problem give their explanation. The fact is that the circumcised member is in direct contact with swimming trunks and other clothes. The result of this constant exposure is the sealing of the head, its drainage and coarsening. As a result, dullness of sensitivity. Here is the dilemma! Or suffer from pain and problems in relation to women, or suffer from possible numbness and pain during arousal ... But there is one plus for women - long sex!

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