Camping "Arion" in Divnomorskoye: inventory and reviews

Camping as a form of recreation is quite common in the USA, where it, in fact, originated. Independent tourism began to develop on American soil more than 70 years ago when private cars with vans that looked like small houses began to travel around the country. For stops and halts, specially organized sites were used for this. The word "camping" means living outside the city in a tent or camper.

In Russia, this word has been used not so long ago, mostly vacationers and tourists rested "savages", and there were not so many organized sites. But also with tents and cars.

Camping "Arion" in Divnomorskoye

Demand creates supply, and already in many areas of our country, especially on the Black Sea coast, specially designated glades have appeared for both backpackers and those who prefer traveling by car.

One of these places is located near the resort town of Gelendzhik in the village of Divnomorskoe. Here fabulously beautiful places, relict pines grow around, squirrels run, birds sing. Many vacationers believe that the smell of pine needles and sea air are good for health.

Camping Arion Divnomorskoe
Pitsunda pine is unique, it can cure asthma and many diseases associated with the bronchi and lungs. This air is especially useful for children and those who live in northern latitudes and often suffer from colds.

In addition, living in a pine forest sets up a romantic mood, creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Rest from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis

On the territory of camping "Arion" in Divnomorskoye there is a clearing for tents. Those who prefer sleeping in the open air in a tent and relaxing from dusty and noisy megalopolises stop here. Near the meadow there is a parking lot for cars and even for buses.

The cost of such a vacation is one of the lowest. So, living in your tent will cost 150-170 rubles per day, depending on the season. If you arrived by car, there is a parking place for it with a payment of 100 rubles per day. For large groups arriving by bus, the cost is higher - 250 rubles.

camping Arion Divnomorskoye reviews
Campsite "Arion" in Divnomorskoe often relax with their families, large companies, groups. Leaving the tent and things and leaving for the tour, you can not worry about their safety. The territory has its own security service, which operates around the clock. Round the clock surveillance. Valuable items are recommended to be left in the safe in the administration.

Sea sunbeach

And the main place, a must to visit, of course, is the sea. It is just a twenty-minute walk from Arion Camping in Divnomorskoye. Here is a pebble beach, convenient descent to the sea. On the way, you can look into shops, cafes or a souvenir shop. Trekking to the sea can be diversified by hobby classes.

Divnomsky camping Arion price
First of all, these are sports games. On the territory of the camping "Arion" in Divnomorskoye there are volleyball, basketball, for playing table tennis. Children, small and older, will be able to run around and play in the children's town, which is located near sports grounds. A lot of children come, it is always noisy and fun here.

Lodges, cottages and fragrant tea on the veranda

For those who are not yet ready to give up the familiar benefits of civilization, small houses and comfortable cottages for 2, 3 and 4 people have been built. Depending on the price category, the buildings have a toilet room, a refrigerator, air conditioning, dishes, and a split system is installed.

Camping Arion Divnomorskoe reviews description
There is an economy option for 2 people without a kitchen. Depending on the availability of amenities in the room, the cost of living varies from 250 to 400 rubles per person per day.

Given some Spartan atmosphere, many of the guests consider the prices at the Arion campsite in Divnomorsky to be quite affordable.

Some standard and luxury cottages have verandas where you can treat yourself to tea from fragrant herbs on a summer evening. Such a vacation will cost about 650-800 rubles. Each extra bed (chair-bed or sofa) will cost 500 rubles.

Tasty lunch and picnic

In the description of camping "Arion" in Divnomorskoye and reviews there is often a mention of the dining room. Friendly and friendly chefs try to please every vacationer. Extraordinarily tasty soups, aromatic cereals, light side dishes served in large portions. They can be eaten here or taken with you.

Lodging houses form a circle, in the center of which there is a picnic area. And the southern setting sun beckons to relax on the benches near the barbecue and taste the freshly cooked barbecue. There is also a kitchenette with a gas stove.

Many vacationers come to Arion every year, noting the comprehensive development of the campsite, its improvement and a good combination of price and quality.


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