The best masters of manicure: qualification, photo works, reviews

Hand skin care is one of the most frequently performed procedures in beauty salons, the frequency of which can be compared with visits to the hairdresser. This is not surprising, in the end, it is the hands that are the hallmark of every woman. The question of where to find a good manicure master is being asked by many of them.

Main features

The main advantage of cosmetic hand procedures is their diversity, because of which sometimes women do not know which option to prefer. The best manicure masters in the world are constantly mastering new trends, while continuing to amaze customers. But to find a good specialist, you need to pay attention to some subtleties.

Beige manicure

Hygiene in the office

Failure to comply with hygiene rules in the beauty salon threatens with infections such as dermatomycosis, hepatitis, HPV and even HIV. To avoid infection during manicure and pedicure, the best manicure masters in Russia must be sure to know. And their work should be accompanied by a high level of service and security. What hygiene rules should be followed by a manicurist and her client?

How to evaluate whether the master follows the rules of hygiene?

Before the procedures, you should ask a specialist how she disinfects the tools - she must do this after each visitor. At the beginning of the visit, the specialist is obliged to look at the nails and skin on the arms and / or legs in order to assess whether a person has contraindications to the procedure (for example, they may be bacterial infections).

The best manicurists in Russia always use disposable gloves and disposable napkins or towels, as well as a disposable film (which will protect against fungus and viruses).

Other important rules that a specialist must follow:

  • Before and after servicing each client, it is necessary to wash hands with soap and a disinfectant;
  • during each procedure, the master must wear protective sterile gloves and a sterile gown;
  • use disposable materials such as tampons, cotton buds, cotton pads, lignin, etc .;
  • other instruments should be disinfected after each client;
  • treat any wounds on the hands or feet of clients to minimize the risk of infection;
  • the specialist must have well-groomed hands and nails - not only because they are her calling card, but also because otherwise they can cause transmission.
Cool design


Currently, the subject of nail extensions, as well as the profession itself, are becoming increasingly popular. Future masters, studying the basics of the profession or improving their qualifications, have the opportunity to choose any course at different academies, schools or training centers. Beckon them with numerous shares. And not all graduates will be recognized as the best manicure masters. In search of a real specialist, it makes sense to ask for a diploma. And then see the reviews about the academy, where the master studied.

Modern tendencies

The profession of a master is becoming increasingly complex. The best manicurists in the world demonstrate not just the ability to beautifully paint nails or apply gel. With the advent of numerous salons, competition has grown. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the acquisition of experience, skills and knowledge of current trends. Based on this, the best manicure masters in the world are selected.

Appropriate manicure or nail extension courses can improve skills and develop them. However, it is worth remembering that training should have the foundation of theoretical training, at least in the form of an introduction. Information on the structure of nails, hygiene and care for them is necessary for proper procedures. And the work of the best manicure masters is evaluated according to photo works, as well as knowledge and skills. The most important thing in this business is practice.

Check training duration

Choosing the best manicure master, you need to check how long he studied. The number of hours is extremely important. The duration of the course depends on its type. For example, a gel nail extension course cannot be less than 12-14 hours. Less time does not fit into the rules of preparing a workplace, the theoretical foundations of manicure procedures, and it is also unlikely that it will be possible to learn the proper use of gel and other materials.

With pedicure

The cost of the procedure should not be the most important criterion for choosing the best manicure master. If a person wants the perfect manicure, before making the choice of a specialist, it will be necessary to check several other things.


The best manicurist should be sociable, creative, with a high culture personality, but, above all, it should be a professional with completed training, confirmed by a certificate. Talent is, unfortunately, not all that is needed. The course in the field of nail extension concerns the rules of hygiene and disinfection, diseases of the skin and nails. The diploma is a guarantee that the manicure is safe and aesthetic.

The perfect salon

Compliance with the rules of hygiene and cleanliness at the stylist's workplace is the first thing that you should pay attention to, because it directly relates to health and significantly affects the comfortable course of the procedure. All other tools necessary for performing manicure must be sterile and tightly closed in the intended packaging with the date. Such a packaged device must be opened in our presence immediately before use. So do the best manicure masters.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the fact that files, gloves, leg dividers, wooden sticks should be disposable. All of them, of course, are used for the first and last time by the best masters of manicure. In addition, the specialist must have a disinfectant liquid.

Brand matters

A good nail stylist works on quality products. Lucky โ€œwithout a nameโ€ should bother customers. This implies not only the potential poor quality and short life of the manicure, but also the fact that the product can cause an allergic reaction. Only professional, skillfully used products are the key to customer happiness and longevity of manicure.

Quality nails


Tell a good manicurist. With this question, girls often turn to friends. An important aspect of good craftsmanship is the quality of the procedure. They say that a good specialist can be found only after he works with a file, and there is a lot of truth in this. Nails should be perfectly filed, be of the same shape and length. Product quality and service quality must go hand in hand, because we want manicure to please the eye for several weeks.

Every self-respecting specialist should be aware of color and procedural trends. This is an industry that is developing very rapidly, new ways, patterns or colors appear all the time. If a client comes with a ready-made idea for nail design, a professional master will easily fulfill it.

The best manicure masters in the photo of their work should have a noticeable desire for excellence and a desire for self-improvement, the acquisition of new skills. Before choosing a salon or specialist, you should not be afraid to ask for a portfolio of completed procedures - this will allow you to tentatively evaluate what you can expect. Photos of the works of the best masters of manicure, as a rule, are on social networks. A specialist who has something to be proud of will willingly put them on his page.


Recommend a good manicurist! How many times do girls make such requests to friends. You should rely on yourself in this matter, as one client will like the master and another may not be suitable. Moreover, there is a lot of advertising on the Internet, and it is worth trusting just your eyes and hands.

It is worth trusting your nails only to reliable and trusted specialists. Compliance with the rules of hygiene and proper disinfection is the guarantee of the health and comfort of the client. Professionalism, going hand in hand with high quality service and product, is the key to beauty and health. Don't be afraid to ask about product brands, education, and specialist certifications. In the end, the best manicurists who value their name are not afraid to provide photos, documents and open any other information that the client requests.

Neat manicure

Manicure and pedicure diabetics

A very important topic that is sometimes forgotten is the correct behavior of a specialist with patients suffering from diabetes. If you have diabetes, remember that:

  • You must inform a specialist about this;
  • you can not wet your feet in hot water (this element is often an integral part of the pedicure) - it is advisable, rather, to make short immersions in warm water;
  • pay attention to the specialist wrapping his feet in a towel, especially between the toes;
  • the manicurist should not be allowed to cover the feet with softeners - they can damage the skin of a patient with diabetes and lead to the formation of difficult to heal wounds;
  • nails should not be too short - well, if they end together with a finger;
  • Do not allow the manicurist to glue the patches on the corns.

What to look for before visiting a salon

Despite the fact that the procedure itself is simple, it requires time, energy and attention. If you are going for the first time to such a procedure, it will be safest first of all to conduct an allergy test to avoid a possible acute allergic reaction. If nothing bad happens, it would be nice to pay attention to the fact that files, brushes and general cosmetic accessories are thoroughly cleaned. This will protect against bacteria and diseases of the nail plate. Women who do not deal with fragile, weak and nails that are in a state of destruction should not decide on a manicure.

Therefore, before deciding to visit a specialist, you should carefully look at your nails. Be sure to pay special attention to the fact that furrows, folds or spots can be visible on the nail plate. If the specialist notices some of the above problems, then you should refuse to perform the procedure. In such situations, simply applying nail polish to mask the problem will not work. Treatment needed.

Creatiff in the nails

It is necessary to act comprehensively and professionally. It is worth consulting a dermatologist who will assess the condition of the nails, decide on the possible treatment and determine whether such procedures can be performed or whether it is better to avoid them.

As a rule, the procedure itself is safe and harmless to the nails. You can enjoy the result for a long period of time, repeat as often as you want. Each time, you can choose different combinations of colors and patterns, depending on the circumstances and mood. Due to this, varnish coating in women causes such an increased interest.


So, only in practice it will become clear which manicure master will be the best. There is a lot of advertising on the Internet, women notice that finding a suitable specialist is not an easy task akin to choosing a life partner. In the reviews, the girls recommend about the following specialists.

Clients write about the pedicure master in Moscow Alina Popova that, thanks to her efforts, the pedicure procedure has now become needed not once every 1 month, but once every 3. All because of the high quality of her service. It easily eliminates corns. Pedov performs Popov using equipment. She was once a training master, the founder of her school. Her visitors note that after she does not go to anyone else. The Potapova school is located in the center of Moscow at the Oktyabrskaya metro station.

There are grateful reviews addressed to Anna Serebryanskaya. It performs high-quality processing of the cuticle, creates a form that lasts up to several months. In addition, she is able to distinguish a bunch of shades of red. And she always recalls exactly what shade the visitor inflicted on her last visit. This surprises the clients and makes them come back to her again and again. In addition, she is easy to communicate. Visitors sometimes chat with her like with a friend. The master is also in Moscow.

Appear reviews and about Anna Didenko. She, according to customers, performs the perfect manicure, doing nails of absolutely any complexity. She manages to make a sweetie out of them. Clients note that her manicure lasts a very long time and even passes a strength test in force majeure circumstances. The master works in Moscow, takes on Bolshaya Bronnaya street, 7.

Job in Moscow

In their reviews, women also note Olya Generalova and Olesya Golubeva. These are the favorite masters of many girls. According to reviews, Olesya is like a sorceress: she is able to perform miracles with nails. She cuts the cuticle with light movements of her hand, which then does not appear for weeks. Also, the master performs the perfect shape of the nail. And he remembers very well what form one loves. Shows meticulousness in choosing shades.

Olya works with Olesya. She owns many manicure techniques and is considered a true gel master. He perfectly understands which one will suit the client, loves rare shades. Olya never injures the nail plate, and the removal performs only hardware. They provide services to girls on Gazetny Lane, 13/1.

In their reviews, clients notice Elena Slavin. She does unedged manicure. And after the procedure, gives the visitor a file that she worked with. And this file is far from 50 rubles, it is very high quality. In addition, it is quite pleasant to be present in the salon where she works. The design there is quite stylish, without too much pretentiousness. Elena has a record around the clock via the Internet. She works on Prechistenskaya embankment, 15/2.

Mentioned in positive reviews and Julia Agafonova. She is able to do absolutely any manicure, and performs everything quickly. Even with an increase in the photo of her works, it looks as if they were processed in Photoshop. The pedicure master performs high-quality, and too sensitive female legs can not be afraid of her hands and files. Clients, by their own admission, do not tickle Julia. And this factor for some visitors is decisive in choosing the best manicure master. Julia works in Moscow on Chaplygina street, 16.


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