If a faucet is dripping in the bathroom, how to fix it with your own hands?

Probably, the technical device and the features of the water pressure system cannot be called the most interesting topic. But the problem is that quite often, owners of apartments and houses are faced with the fact that a faucet is dripping in the bathroom. You must certainly find out how to fix it, because in the absence of a desire to spend money, you can work on solving the problem yourself. Well, if you have the opportunity to use the services of specialists, otherwise it is best to be smart.

Features of repair of a two-valve crane

dripping faucet in the bathroom how to fix

Today almost nowhere can one meet a standard faucet, it was replaced by faucets, with which you can get water with a certain temperature. The design of such devices, of course, is different. Two-valve models are popular, but often there is a worm gear under such handles , and an important element in this case is a round rubber gasket, which is designed to block the outlet. Most often it is she who becomes the reason that the faucet is dripping in the bathroom. How to fix this problem will be described below.

There is only one way out, it consists in dismantling and disassembling the crane, as well as the subsequent replacement of the gasket. You can buy a ready-made consumable item in the store, if this is not possible, then the gasket can be made even by yourself, using leather or dense rubber.

First, the valve body is unscrewed (this must be done counterclockwise), then the worn gasket changes to a new one, it is important to wind up the seal that is at hand under the stop edge. At the final stage, the housing must be returned to its place by tightening with a key. What to do if a faucet is dripping in the bathroom? How to fix a girl such a device? You will learn about this in detail by reading the article. Moreover, all the manipulations are not too complicated.

Grinding saddles

dripping a faucet in the bathroom how to fix a girl

If you notice that a faucet is dripping in the bathroom, how to fix it should be decided immediately, because in this case you are faced with a daily waste of water. It is worth remembering that the problem is not always resolved by installing a new gasket, while the plumbing can last only a few days, after the owners again encounter old problems. Most likely, this indicates that the time has come to grind the saddle, it is the place in which the rubber gasket rests.

Failure of the cone

dripping faucet in the bathroom how to fix half turn

Sometimes it happens that the gaskets are installed recently, but the crane still starts to leak, this indicates that repair of the valve seat is required. This zone is in the place where the gasket rests. Here, even recesses and cracks can form. You can get rid of them with the help of a cutter, it is a special cutter in the body, rotating manually or using a drill. In this case, all the irregularities can be smoothed out and the gasket can be changed, which will last a long time.

Features of the repair of ceramic faucet

dripping a faucet in the bathroom how to fix a gander

If a faucet is dripping in the bathroom, how to fix it, you should find out, such work must be done often enough. If your apartment has a ceramic version of this device, then disks that have through holes are responsible for the water supply in this case. Sometimes their position coincides, while the water begins to penetrate outward, if you turn the handle, then the water flow is blocked. In the presence of such a plumbing fixture, you only need to tighten the locknut on the housing stronger, perhaps this will solve the problem for a long time.

Single lever mixer operation

What to do if the faucet drips the faucet in the bathroom, how to fix it? It is not easy for the woman to do this, but it is still possible. Most often in bathrooms instead of two-valve single-lever mixers are used, in them the pressure is regulated with the help of only one lever. Inside can be ball or disk cartridges, which are considered more durable, but more expensive than gaskets. And outwardly different models may have many common characteristics, but the internal structure is different. Before purchasing a cartridge, you need to find out which one should be bought, and the replacement at the first stage is best left to a specialist.

Ball Valve Repair

If a faucet is dripping in the bathroom, how to fix a gander, you probably have already begun to think. If you have a spherical variety of the device in front of you, then repair can not be called too simple a procedure, but you can be guided by certain rules.

First, the water supply is shut off, and the remaining water is drained from the system. Next, the screw that holds the lever of the mixer is loosened. In order to remove the lever part, it is necessary to loosen the element that opens the threaded connection, it should be unscrewed by moving it clockwise. The dome of the crane must be removed by removing the gasket and the plastic part underneath. If plaque is found on the gasket, it should be removed, but if the seal is worn, it must be subject to replacement.

What to do if a faucet is dripping in the bathroom, how to fix it? Do it yourself is not as difficult as it is. Thus, at the next stage, the removed ball can be inspected; if there are defects, they should be eliminated by replacing the spare part. Seals for fixing the ball must be removed and inspected, if necessary, they can be replaced with new ones. Once the repair has been completed, the system can be checked for leaks.

Work with a slewing crane

dripping a faucet in the bathroom how to fix it yourself

What to do if a faucet is dripping in the bathroom, how to fix it? The half-turn view is the easiest to repair. To solve the problem, you need to turn off the water supply, and at the next stage, you should proceed to dismantle and disassemble the crane. The fixing bolts are unscrewed, as for the supply of cold and hot water.

As soon as the mixer is removed, it is necessary to remove the plug, you can unscrew it by hand, performing counterclockwise movements. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the bolt on which the crane handle is held. It must be removed along with the decorative cover. In order to exclude the possibility of damage to the coating, it is best to do it by hand.

The next step will be to unscrew the axlebox, this can be done using a wrench. The crane is disassembled, which will allow you to get to the defective gasket. If a faucet is dripping in the bathroom, you should know how to fix the gasket. Sometimes this part is different for some models, so it is best to go to the store with the old one so that there is no mistake when buying. When installing a polyethylene gasket, you can completely solve the leakage problem, so after installing this element you need to twist the axle box and set it to its original position.

For reference

dripping a faucet in the bathroom how to fix it

If you have a half-turn valve with a gasket in place, then it will be very easy to repair it, as well as a ceramic version of the device. It will be necessary to disassemble the mixer, remove the axle box, replace the gasket and install the product back. If you replace only the gasket, but do not begin to touch the axle box, then the problem will be solved only partially and temporarily. Experts recommend completely replacing the axle box, because the problem of failure can consist in it. You need to purchase it the same way, having on hand an old spare part, so as not to get into trouble. To carry out these works, you will also need a Phillips screwdriver, as well as a wrench.


dripping faucet in the bathroom how to fix the gasket

It is not always that when a crane breaks down, there is a need to visit the store, sometimes, if the box is preserved, you can find a repair kit in it. Among other things, if you find instructions there, you won’t even have to use the services of professionals for the first time.

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