Do-it-yourself metal stoves for a bath: construction features

The stove in the bath is the main element that provides heat and steam. It can be made of brick or metal. Both the first and second options can be built independently. It is only necessary to correctly draw the drawing of the structure and select the appropriate material. In this article we will look at how metal stoves are made for a bathhouse with their own hands.

do-it-yourself metal stoves for a bath
The advantage of this design is the rapid heating of the room, although it can be somewhat uneven. During operation, you must carefully follow the safety rules. That is, the structure should be at least 50 cm from the nearest partitions, and a protective structure should be built between the wall and the furnace.

Do-it-yourself metal stoves for baths are built quickly. It is only necessary to have some skills in material marking and welding. A housing of this design can be made of sheet metal or pipe. In this case, the product can be combined, that is, some of its parts can be rebuilt from brick.

metal stoves for a bath
Do-it-yourself metal stoves for the bathhouse are built taking into account the fact that they should be as tight as possible. In order for them to look beautiful, you can overlay them with brick. In principle, the construction of a sheet metal structure will require much more welding than a pipe structure. The metal from which the main element will be made must be heat resistant. The diameter of the pipe for the furnace should be at least 50 cm. Before the construction of the structure itself, the right place should be chosen. It should be noted that a light foundation is also needed for this design.

metal sauna stove
Do-it-yourself metal stoves are built quickly from metal. You just need to cut a piece with a length of 1.5 m, and the product must be divided into parts, the lower of which should be much shorter than the upper. In the pipe, it will be necessary to make a cutout for the blower. Its dimensions are 20 * 6 cm. A sufficiently thick metal plate should be installed above the presented hole. At the same stage, the grate should be fixed in the blower. This is done by welding.

In the furnace made of metal for the bath, the obligatory arrangement of the furnace is provided. To do this, simply cut out the corresponding hole in the pipe to which the door is made of the same material. It should be hinged and have a latch. Naturally, such a design should have a chimney. It can be made from a pipe of smaller diameter. Make sure that the room has excellent ventilation. In addition, the design of the furnace should be so correct as to prevent the appearance of carbon monoxide inside the bath. A special platform for heating stones should be placed above the firebox. In principle, it will be enough just to weld a piece of the grill. Naturally, all parts of the furnace should be separated from each other.

A stove in a metal bath can be made from a metal barrel. There are no special differences in the manufacturing process. The furnace can be optionally equipped with a water tank. This design performs several functions at once, therefore it is more efficient.


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