How to make and install a kitchen with your own hands?

Each person tries to create coziness and comfort in his house, while choosing furniture for the existing interior. Many do not want to spend much on creating an atmosphere. In this case, you can make furniture yourself. If you think through every moment and take into account the wishes of households, you get a unique and inexpensive design.

In the kitchen, the family spends the most time. It is worth creating the atmosphere, taking into account each feature. Making a kitchen with your own hands is a laborious process, but it is feasible. Such a decision becomes relevant if the dimensions of this room are limited. Each step needs to be thought out and made unmistakably.


DIY kitchen is made according to the project. When there is little carpentry experience and desire, the result will be a beautiful and functional design. At the time of creation of the drawings, financial possibilities are taken into account. In a design project, it is worthwhile to precisely put down all sizes and mark every detail.

do-it-yourself kitchen photo

It is worth indicating the location of such items as:

  • Hob.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Washing.
  • Various kitchen electronics.

Before you place them on the drawing, do not forget about the availability of communications. In addition, there are unspoken rules that should not be violated:

  • the refrigerator should not be located near the stove;
  • on the wall you need to make enough outlets;
  • the sink cannot be near the refrigerator.

It is important to consider the size of each component individually. Masters believe that no matter what decision is made, it is easier to create a kitchen with your own hands from ready-made facades.

They are best purchased at a hardware store or custom made, because special equipment is required. The main thing is to create a frame. Its implementation is painstaking work. When it is created, then hanging doors and making cabinets is not difficult.

How to make a kitchen in a private house with your own hands? Today there are special programs. In them, everyone can create a kitchen with their own hands virtually and after that realize it in practice. They make a schematic representation. As soon as the preliminary stages are completed (zones are thought out, the drawing is created, the facades are ordered and delivered), after that the main work begins. It is better to prepare the necessary components for it.

Materials and Tools

To make a kitchen with your own hands (a photo of the assembly of the structure is available in our article), you will have to stock up with tools:

  • If the constituent elements have to be sawn, then it is better to do it with an electric jigsaw.
  • A screwdriver is suitable for fasteners, they are quick and easy to do the job.
  • Building level.
  • Hammer.
  • Roulette.
  • Drill.

What else is needed?

Also note the list of necessary details:

  • The creation of side panels and cabinets mainly comes from MDF and particleboard, (it is better to choose laminated products).
  • The rear walls of the boxes made of fiberboard (width - 5 millimeters).
  • Material for countertops. It could be anything. There are enough offers on the market today.
  • Washing.
  • Dryer for dishes.
  • Hardware. These are shelf holders.
  • Handles for lockers.
  • Self-tapping screws and screws.
  • Hinges for doors.
  • Skids for drawers.
  • Legs for cabinets.
  • The remaining components that will be needed to create a kitchen.
how to set your kitchen

It is better to try to think through every moment and purchase the material in advance. Otherwise, the search for components during the construction of the kitchen will significantly slow down the work. Have to wait or reschedule something. These are unnecessary actions.

First stage

It is clear that before the headset begins to be built, it is worth preparing its components. It is necessary to cut the countertop and process the sides so that moisture does not get there. Although some make it from special tiles. It turns out beautifully and practically. Before cutting it is better to measure several times. Often create a cut pattern indicating all sizes. Today, many suppliers of building materials produce and sawing to the right size. If you can’t do something yourself, then the help of professionals is always relevant.

It is important that the edge at the countertop is processed. Otherwise, the design will look ugly and can quickly deteriorate when moisture gets in. Do not save on such moments. So we can get a good kitchen.

Assembly procedure

The decisive step is the assembly of all components and installation in place of the kitchen. There are many elements, and in order not to make a mistake, you need to arrange everything in the space of the room as it will turn out in assembled form. There is an elementary sequence by which professionals work:

  • Mounting skids (if it is a retractable structure). Without a level, this operation is not performed, otherwise the elements will not open and close normally.
  • Further work is done with the shelves. It is necessary to fix all the holders, with the specified location, firmly.
  • Mark and make holes on the walls to fix the elements together.
  • Next, the side walls are mounted to the bottom of the cabinet.
  • The cover is being installed.
  • Legs are placed on the lower structural element.
DIY wood kitchen

As soon as each element is assembled, you can begin the installation process and distribution in places. If there was a repair in the room, then first the full finish is completed and only after that the headset is mounted. If kitchen repair is not done with your own hands, then the surface of the floor and wall should be prepared. So they lay the tiles between the cabinets. Sometimes this is done before assembling a wooden kitchen with your own hands. Although many go the simple way - they use ready-made aprons.

What next?

How to make a kitchen with your own hands at home? Next, work begins with the lower cabinets (from the extreme). You need to constantly check it by level. This condition is necessary for the countertop to stand up. There is a Euro tie on sale - it is suitable for fixing the structure between each other. The back wall of the fiberboard is fastened only after working with the cabinets.

do-it-yourself kitchen

The countertop is worth preparing. Holes for the sink and stove are cut out, after which they are easily attached with self-tapping screws to the cabinets. Slices appear. They should not be left like that, because after water they get spoiled. To do this, you need to purchase building sealant in advance. You should not save it, because it is the best remedy for moisture and fungus. Only after these stages do they begin work on the upper building.

There are suggested sizes (distance from the surface of the lower tables to the bottom of the upper). The average is 650 centimeters. But this is an optional size - everyone does it his own way. Do not forget about fasteners. To mount the upper cabinets, you need to fix the canopies on the back wall before starting. Now they are locked into place.


Only after this the doors are already fixed. But to do this alone will not work, since the execution is performed in the open position. The first fastener passes to the door and then to the cabinet wall itself. If there is no one to help, you can try to cope with the task one. Further installation of equipment and other elements is already underway.

the kitchen

Then comes the time for dryers, rails, etc. This item is for chipboard or similar material. Now we know how to install a kitchen with our own hands. If you try, the result is good, and this design will last for many years.

Creating a kitchen from solid wood

To create a beautiful kitchen with your own hands from a chipboard (a photo of examples is in our article) is simple, but many want to have a more noble construction in the house - wooden. It will look good in a large country house. Wood is a natural material that is well suited to any interior and will bring only positive emotions.

If preference is given to an array, then the following options are included here:

  • Oak.
  • Pine.
  • Cedar.
  • Cherry.
  • Nut.
  • Beech, etc.

The assortment is decent - it remains only to make your choice. And thanks to the variety of shades, designers will be able to implement any project. Each material has its own price indicator, so anyone who wants to create furniture from solid wood can do this without any problems.

In addition to a number of advantages, do not forget about some of the minuses. If you make the kitchen from solid pine, it turns out less reliable than from chipboard. It is soft, so it is difficult to avoid mechanical damage - dents and other traces will be inevitable. Also, no drawings are visible on this tree. Pine is a rather primitive option. But its big plus is that it is an environmentally friendly option.

do-it-yourself kitchen

Masters believe that working with any natural material is difficult if compared with particleboard or MDF. Some breeds in the process of exploitation change their shade, which brings negativity from the owners. Of the natural types of wood, only frames are created, and everything else is done from chipboard.

When a person decides to make a corner kitchen with his own hands from natural material, then wooden panels are a good option. For their manufacture, a variety of species are taken - birch, oak or the same pine. The plus is that they do not include the disadvantages inherent in a simple tree. It should be noted resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. At the same time, you can create your own cheap kitchen. These shields will be cheaper than ordinary wood.

If you want to save money, then you should pay attention to plywood. But you need to correctly select the main material.

Additional processing

As soon as all the details of the future headset are completed, they are subjected to additional processing with a stain, and then with varnish. There is a large assortment of these paint and varnish components on the market, but it is better to pay attention to the β€œdeck” one. It provides a high level of protection against impacts. Do not forget about the slices - they are treated with sealants.

Experts believe that working with a tree is a complex process, and not everyone can implement their project. Before starting, a complete plan is created and materials and accessories are procured on it.

Glazing, washing

So that the design does not turn out primitive, for the facades of cabinets you can buy durable glass. You will have to work with it with a special glass cutter, carefully, after making measurements. When you go to a store or warehouse for a purchase, you should immediately ask if there are services for sawing and creating holes. When the technique and the washing change, they are purchased in advance, so that after the kitchen matches all sizes.

how to install a kitchen do it yourself

Glazing of facades is carried out previously. Each layer is glued with sealant. It is worth considering that the facade has a size slightly smaller than the cabinet itself. This is necessary so that the details do not beat against each other. The installation process starts from the very corner. In this work, all communications are also removed. Legs are needed to create a perfectly smooth surface with adjustment.


It is not always possible to find the size of the countertops as required. But this can be solved by joining two or more parts. The kitchen requires lighting, at the time of planning it is worth considering. When deepening the sink into place, it should be noted that often under it is an elastic band - a sealant. When it is left, a gap forms, which will be inappropriate. So the element is simply removed. Small joints can be protected with sealant.

Some nuances

It is important, after creating the finished parts of the headset, to properly install the hob and wash. Sometimes, something may not be suitable. Solve this problem by cutting or expanding. Today, craftsmen create unique designs using sheets of drywall. Of course, it will have to be faced with something, otherwise the service life will turn out to be insignificant.


When creating a project, everyone should take into account any trifle in order to create a kitchen set of his dream. It is worth finding step-by-step instructions and work on it. Everyone is trying to save money, and this is the right decision. Do not go to the store - you can find a good base on which you can save a lot. It is worth trying and making the most accurate measurements. In some places this is done with a small margin so as not to be mistaken.

To summarize simply: making a kitchen with your own hands in a house or apartment is not difficult, but only if all the conditions for this are created. So, everyone can update this room. The main advantage is in saving money. Save up to 50 percent of the price of a new headset.


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