How to make a cardboard thermometer with your own hands: a step-by-step description

do-it-yourself cardboard thermometer

Children from 5 to 8 years old can already be told about various measurements. It is during this period that the child develops the concept of such a phenomenon as temperature, and he can already be acquainted with various devices and measuring instruments, for example, with a thermometer, scales, watches, a protractor and a ruler. At the same time, the child remembers not only how to measure, but also in what units it should be done. At this age, children can consciously use certain concepts. So that the child better understands how this or that device works, parents can make a toy model out of improvised means. So how to make a cardboard thermometer?

What is it for

A similar paper product can be used in lessons and at home. A homemade cardboard thermometer will not break, even if a child drops it. In addition, a similar model of the measuring device will help teach children to determine the temperature and solve various problems. Cardboard thermometers are often used for conducting classes on maintaining a weather calendar. In addition, a paper measuring device can be hung on the wall in a children's room. This will help the child better understand what zero, negative and positive numbers are. As a result, it will be easier for your child to establish a connection between the weather changes outside the window and the readings of the measuring device.

What is needed for this

Creating a thermometer from cardboard with your own hands is not so difficult. This does not require much experience. So, to make a paper measuring device you will need:

how to make a cardboard thermometer

  1. A simple pencil.
  2. Bright felt-tip pen or ballpoint pen.
  3. Ruler.
  4. Sewing needle with a sufficiently large eye.
  5. Thick threads of white and red.
  6. Half board or light-colored cardboard.
  7. Scissors.

It is better to prepare all components in advance, so that you do not look for anything later.

Making a blank

After that, make a marking on a strip of cardboard, which will be a scale: from "minus" 35 to "plus" 35 ° C. Without fail, circle all the numbers and lines with a bright felt-tip pen or a ballpoint pen. Take the cardboard and mark with a simple pencil a strip 5 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters long. Gently cut it out.

To make a more accurate cardboard thermometer with your own hands, you can use a printer. To do this, simply draw a scale with all the marks using special programs. Highlight all the numbers in bright colors to make them more visible. Print the finished scale on the printer. It is worth noting that such a model of the measuring device will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Create a thermometer column

In order for the thermometer to work and show the temperature, it is necessary to create a column of mercury. To do this, take the red and white thread. Tie them together. Then take a sewing needle and thread a red thread into it. Puncture the thermometer scale at the very top. Pull the thread end from the back of the cardboard. After that, thread a white thread into the needle and pierce the scale at the very bottom. On the back of your measuring device, connect the ends of the threads, making a strong knot. As a result, the thread can be moved.

homemade cardboard thermometer

Games with a paper thermometer

You made a paper thermometer with your own hands and now you don’t know what to do next. There are many games that allow you to introduce your child to the device. First, explain to your child how the thermometer works. Move the threads so that the red is above zero. After this, invite the child to speculate what happens in nature at this temperature. For example, the sun shines, people put on light clothes, it’s very hot. When the red thread is below the zero mark, then tell the child what is happening with nature. For example, water freezes, everything is covered with ice, snow falls and so on.

How to make a medical thermometer out of cardboard

All children love to play role-playing games. For the "hospital" you can also make a cardboard thermometer with your own hands. To do this, you need: paper, pencil, pen or felt-tip pen, thread and a needle.

To get started, take a sheet of cardboard and draw on it the contours of the future thermometer. Carefully cut the workpiece and draw a scale on it. It should be the same as on a real thermometer.

cardboard thermometer manufacturing

Take two threads. One should be red, and the second white. Connect them. Pass the red thread to the lowest point of the scale, and white to the top. Connect the ends on the back of the thermometer and cut off all the excess.

The principle of operation of such a model is quite simple. The thread can be moved. Red color indicates body temperature. By moving the thread, you can change the indicator.

How to play with a cardboard medical thermometer

After completing the manufacture of a cardboard thermometer, first of all explain to the child why he needs it and how to use the measuring device correctly. Also tell him what the body temperature of a healthy and sick person is. Teach your child to put the thermometer correctly. Explain to him what the increased and decreased body temperature means . Perhaps in the future, your child will want to become a doctor thanks to such a game. Teach your child to use the meter correctly. At the same time, you can tell us why a real thermometer is dangerous.

The best learning option is co-manufacturing a thermometer. In the process, you can tell the child what it is, why it is needed, how to use it correctly, and also in what units the temperature is measured.

how to make a cardboard thermometer


As you can see, anyone can make a thermometer from cardboard with their own hands. The whole process takes a little time. The result is an ideal fixture for illustrating and educating children. In addition, the manufacture of a thermometer requires a minimum of cost. So, now you know how to make a cardboard thermometer. But this is not enough. You also need to know how to use it correctly. It is worth noting that such paper models of measuring instruments contribute to the mental development of children. Be sure to involve your child in the manufacture of a cardboard thermometer. After all, do-it-yourself crafts, children like more. In addition, this encourages them to be more careful about things.


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