Horse-racing complex "Bitza". Meet and Come

The Bitsa equestrian center today is the largest KSK in Europe, all of which are located within the city. Its construction was started in connection with the preparations for the Olympic Games in Moscow. The official commissioning date is 07/04/1980.

equestrian sports complex bitsa

The facility is located on an area of โ€‹โ€‹46.3 hectares in the sports and recreation zone, which has the status of public, which is part of the natural territory subject to protection. According to the law, it is not subject to any reorganization.

History of creation, existing objects

The following facilities were erected on the territory of the complex: indoor arena for up to 2,000 spectators, an anteroom, stables, show jumping and dressing stadiums for 5,000 seats, a veterinary clinic, administration building, a gym, workshops, warehouses, an autonomous heat station, a hotel and other facilities with a total area of โ€‹โ€‹32 404 sq. M. m

For those who just want to relax, the Bitsa equestrian center can offer:

  • Gym for games, multifunctional.
  • Pool (25 m).
  • Shooting gallery
  • To the sauna.
  • Russian wood-fired bathhouse.
  • Massage room.
  • Solarium.
  • Cafe and restaurant services.

Horseback Riding

The main advantage of the complex is not that it allows competitions to be held at a level that meets international requirements, but that it trains athletes in all major equestrian sports , starting from the age of ten .

Ksk bitza reviews

Due to the fact that the priority areas of activity carried out by the Bitsa equestrian center are equestrian sports, respectively, and professional, the main directions of KSK's work are:

    1. Pony club, created as part of a children's sports school.
    2. SDUSHOR. It has been operating on the territory of KSK since its opening and specializes in two areas: - The development of mass sports for children.
    - Training for high achievements.
  1. Dressage training, show jumping.
  2. Training of triathletes (dressage, the next day - field trials, the third - overcoming obstacles; moreover, the athleteโ€™s horse does not change all three days).

Education and training takes place on eight special open ground fields, on the territory of two indoor arenas and maneuver.

Horse owners โ€œBitsaโ€ equestrian center offers rental stalls and guarantees, at the request of the customer, high-quality comprehensive keeping of animals.

As additional services, you can pay attention to vaulting, ride a horse or in a chic carriage in the summer and sleigh in the winter, do your own health using hippotherapy.

Bitsa Equestrian Center: Pool

In contrast to the world practice of building facilities of this level, the pool, which started operating on the territory of the Bitsa equestrian center in August 2014, is designed to educate people who cannot swim, and to conduct physical education classes (primarily for children from nearby schools and preschool institutions). Its depth is from 0.85 m to 1.65 m, which is the optimal value for the above purposes.

bitsa equestrian sports complex pool

There is no doubt about going to choose for yourself and family members KSK "Bitsa". Reviews about him are present in the media and in other sources, and the vast majority of them are enthusiastic.


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