It's great that the split system was installed on time

What is summer? This is the sea, the sun, the beach. And for working people, especially in large cities, this is also an unbearable heat, which not everyone can escape from. The solution to the problem is to install a split system. With the advent of air conditioning, many office workers feel much more comfortable in the workplace.

Types of air conditioners

Depending on the destination, there are three types of air conditioners. Household, with power up to 8 kW, used for cooling air in buildings;

installation of split systems
semi-industrial, whose power is more than 8 kW, and industrial ventilation systems, as the name implies, used mainly in enterprises, the capacity of such systems reaches 25 kW. Depending on what area needs to be ventilated and cooled, a split system of the appropriate type is installed. There are monoblock type air conditioners and split systems. The difference is in the number of blocks used. Monoblock air conditioners include one unit (window, mobile), split-system - two or more. As a rule, they consist of outdoor and indoor units, interconnected by an electric cable and pipes used to circulate freon.

Air conditioner manufacturing

Currently, the production of air conditioners, especially split systems, is very well established. They are very popular. There are several companies involved in the production and sale of air conditioners. Depending on the cost, in general, air conditioners can be divided into several classes. The higher the class, the higher the service life of the air conditioner and its quality is somewhat higher.

service split systems
Premium brands are Daikin, Fujitsu General and Mitsubishi Electric (service life 10-15 years); business class - Toshiba, Aermec, Hitachi, McQuay (10-12 years); middle class - Panasonic, Sanyo, Acson, Hyundai (8 - 10 years); economy - (Midea, DAX, Pioneer, Galanz (6-8) and the lowest - popular Samsung, Beko, Vitek (4-6 years). The main supplier of air conditioners is China, since there is a lower cost of production. The choice of air conditioner largely depends on its technical characteristics.

Where to get

Currently, air conditioning can be purchased at any home appliance store. Store managers will advise every potential buyer. Many stores have services that provide not only the delivery of goods, but also full service. In the market for the provision of installation services, you can easily find companies for which the installation of a split system and repair, respectively, are the main activity.

repair split systems
When selling an air conditioner, each company without fail enters into a contract for warranty service of split systems, which stipulates all the nuances of technical regulation. Delivery of the air conditioner is carried out within 2-3 days from the date of purchase of the goods. Installation of a split system is carried out on site in the presence of the owner, in case of any defects, the suppliers of the goods are obliged to replace the goods. For a specified service life, suppliers are obligated to conduct annual maintenance and repair of split systems if necessary. With the help of air conditioners, you can maintain a certain humidity and temperature in the room.


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