The value of tarot cards in fortune telling, technical features

Tarot cards - a system of symbols, a deck of 78 cards, which appeared around the Middle Ages, in the XIV-XVI centuries. Currently used mainly for fortune telling. Also, only one single card game is saved using a complete deck of cards. This article will talk about the importance of Tarot cards in fortune telling and about some features of practice.

minor arcana

The interpretation of tarot cards

Pictures on the Tarot cards have a complex interpretation in terms of astrological science, occult sciences and alchemy. For this reason, traditionally these cards are associated with “secret knowledge” and are considered the most mysterious fortune-telling tool. From the point of view of the psychoanalyst and philosopher Karl Jung, the images of the Senior Arcana of the Tarot took on the meaning of the basic archetypes of collective unconscious processes of various eras and ethnic groups, which are a reflection of the deep soul strings of a person. The meaning of tarot cards in divination is largely dependent on the interpreter.

The value of some cards

Map The King of Cups is a sign of dependence on the native land and personal comfortable atmosphere. Crisis periods end, problems pass you by, and in the future there will be only a large bright streak and a positive solution to all issues. The marriage will be very stable, a strong emotional relationship and trust in each other may appear. The value of the tarot card when divining this type of love means that a period of romanticism and mutual declarations of love will begin. A person becomes more attentive, accommodating, gentle and charming. Between spouses deep feelings can flare up with new force.

arcana elder

The Queen of Cups means success in planned affairs with great intuition. In the life of the person to whom this symbol fell, there is a feeling of foreboding, as if a gift to predict the future. In addition, the fortuneteller likes to trust emotions, and not the arguments of reason, often it seems that such an individual is not of this world. He constantly flies in his thoughts and dreams.

tarot divination

General approach to fortune telling

Fortune-telling technology is based on the idea that a random, randomly selected card or several Tarot cards have a definite answer to a asked question that a person made verbally or mentally before choosing cards from a pile. Many modern fortunetellers believe that a technique obviously cannot give an answer to exciting questions, or reveal to a person any specific information (number, codes, sum of money, number of objects or things, etc.), and also answer a question that involves a certain the answer is yes or no. The value of the cards and the interpretation of fortune-telling on the Tarot is largely determined by the professionalism of the tarologist and what the client wants to get as a result. Experts also try to warn against attempts to repeat fortune-telling on the same question within an approximately small time interval, believing that this will make fortune-telling unreliable. The procedure of divination practice itself can vary depending on both the specialist who performs the divination ritual and the significance of the tarot cards in divination.


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