Coffee with cheese: recipe with photo

In the world there are many coffee drinks and cocktails. And this is not surprising. Fans of this drink come up with new ways of making arabica or robusta. It is customary to add milk or cream, cinnamon and other spices, syrups, alcohol and even beaten eggs (protein or yolk) to coffee.

But how can one imagine a drink whose ingredient is a solid food product, such as cheese? Nevertheless, such coffee exists. In the Ukrainian city of Lviv, you often find cheese cava in the menu of local restaurants. Those who tried this drink claim that it has a velvety structure, very aromatic and tasty. But there is no need to go to Lviv to try coffee with cheese. Recipes from the photo of this drink you will read in our article.

Coffee with cheese: recipe with photo

How to brew coffee in order to drink it with cheese

If you are used to pour soluble powder with boiling water, forget about surrogates for a while. To get a drink worthy if not of gods, then at least gourmets, coffee must be natural and preferably freshly ground. You can take any kind of melange to your taste, the proportions of arabica and robusta do not play a big role here, as well as the place from which the grains arrived, as well as the degree of roasting. But fine grinding is desirable.

To make coffee with cheese, in recipes it is prescribed to brew the drink itself first. To do this, use a cezve:

  1. Pour into it 100 milliliters of cold water.
  2. Pour two teaspoons with a slide of natural coffee.
  3. Add a small pinch of salt - so melange will better reveal its taste. If you are used to drinking coffee with sugar, wait a bit to sprinkle it in Turku.
  4. We put the cezve on a very small fire. When the foam cap rises, remove the Turk, wait until it falls off.
  5. We will return the dishes to the fire again. So repeat twice. In no case bring the coffee to a boil!
  6. Pour a teaspoon of cold water into the cezve to instantly settle in the thick, and cover the dishes with a saucer.
How to make coffee for a drink with cheese

Lviv coffee with cheese: recipe with photo step by step

While the drink is infused, pour 50 milliliters of cream into a cup or bowl. Cookware Requirements:

  • it can be put either on fire or in the microwave;
  • it must be suitable for whipping something in it.

That is, it is worth avoiding glass that is too wide or overly narrow. Cream is not such strict requirements. They should be the fat content that is suitable for drinks, and not for the manufacture of creams. Preheat the cream so that it is very hot. But as with brewing coffee, avoid boiling. Add half a teaspoon of powdered sugar to the hot cream. If you like sweet coffee, you can slightly increase the proportions. Stir and add in 50 grams of soft cheese. Only creamy varieties are suitable. Based on the region of residence, you can use the following brands:

  • "Cheerful ladybug."
  • Hohland.
  • "Amber".
  • "Viola".
  • "Friendship" and the like.

It should be borne in mind that cottage cheese, such as mascarpone and Philadelphia, as well as processed ones, are not suitable for our drink. Give preference to very soft products.

Coffee with cheese: recipe with photos step by step

The final step in the preparation of restaurant coffee with cheese

The recipe tells us to mix two liquids. And you need to pour coffee into cream, and not vice versa. Why? Because we brewed natural coffee, and there is coffee in the Turk. Therefore, we pour carefully so that the latter remains in the cezve. If you are not sure of your dexterity, you can use a strainer.

Now comes the final stage. We immerse the mixer whisk (or blender) in the mixture and beat at the highest speeds for ten seconds. The drink could have cooled. Therefore, it is recommended to pour boiling water over the cup in which we will serve cheese coffee. The structure of the drink should be velvet, enveloping, viscous and viscous. In a powerful aroma, both coffee and creamy cheese notes are felt. And to taste, it most closely resembles melted ice cream. Cheese coffee is drunk, and the rest is eaten out with a spoon.

Coffee with cheese

With brie

Now consider simpler recipes. French brie cheese also has good melting potential. It does not creep into pieces, does not gather into lumps, but simply dissolves in hot liquid. Making coffee with brie cheese is very easy. No mixer, no cream or milk needed. If you like black coffee, then this recipe will be a real find for you.

Brew the drink as described at the beginning of the article. If you like sweet coffee, sugar should be added to cezve immediately. Let the drink brew a little. Wait until thick settles. Place a slice or two brie cheese on the bottom of the cup. Pour in hot coffee. Stir with a spoon. Done! The drink will have a delicious cheese shade. The color of black coffee will brighten, but not by much. A surprise awaits you at the bottom of the drunk cup. There will be leftovers of cheese, soft, with a coffee flavor. We eat it with a spoon.

Coffee with cheese: recipe with brie

With Marouille

Coffee and cheese are very popular in France. And in this country, unlike Ukraine, it is prepared with many types of dairy products. Not only brie or camembert is used, but also cheese such as marouille. It is made from cow's milk, and has a very soft flesh and a crust free of mold. Cheese only slightly melts in a hot liquid.

The French make espresso with marouille. First, make coffee - in any way: in cezve or in the car. Then filter the drink. At the bottom of the cup are two slices of marouille cheese. Pour their coffee. Espresso is smaller in volume than Americano. Therefore, in such a drink cheese taste will be more felt. It is recommended to enjoy this coffee with the help of bread sticks. After all, the cheese is only slightly melted and remains at the bottom. Italian "Grissini" is suitable, and if there are none, then straws (salted or with caraway seeds).

Coffee with Marouille Cheese

Coffee with "Amber"

If French cheeses are not available, letโ€™s get by with domestic counterparts. Good old "Amber" has always helped out the hostesses.

  1. First we mix milk and water in equal proportions - 75 milliliters each.
  2. Pour this solution into a cezve and put there two teaspoons with top of ground coffee.
  3. We put the dishes on a small fire.
  4. When the liquid warms up, put a tablespoon of "Amber". Stir the coffee with melted cheese. The recipe tells us not to bring the liquid to a boil.
  5. We wait until the milk foam rises, and remove the cezve from the fire. In this method of making coffee, there is one minus. Coffee grounds do not settle well in a thick drink. Therefore, it should be poured into a cup through a sieve.

Coffee with Peanut Butter and Cheese

In this recipe, it is supposed to first be heated to a temperature of 60-70 degrees 50 milliliters of cream of 10 percent fat content. Add to them 50 grams of soft cream cheese from those sold in the "baths". Stir well. When the cheese is completely melted, put two teaspoons of peanut butter. Stir well too. In parallel, prepare a serving of espresso. For those who drink sweet coffee, weโ€™ll clarify that it is better to put brown cane sugar in it. Pour the cream into the cup. Then filter the espresso. Stir the coffee with cheese and enjoy.

Instant coffee with cheese

Very simple recipe

What if there is no cezve in the household, and you are also a fan of the quick way to cook food? There is a recipe with which you can make a drink similar, albeit remotely, to real coffee with cheese. This method will help you out at work when you have only an electric kettle and a jar of soluble powder on hand. Cut two pieces of semi-hard cheese, for example, the variety Emmental. It should be at room temperature. Pour instant coffee into a cup, put sugar to taste. Pour boiling water and put cheese. Stir and drink, and then eat.


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