Shooting range - what is it? Shooting range - a place for training

Shooting range is a specially adapted place for training and target shooting from small arms. It is a room where positions and training targets are located.

A bit of history

Back in Soviet times, shooting ranges managed to gain immense popularity. They could be found in any provincial city, and even more so in the capital. As time passed, many began to lose interest in shooting galleries. Over time, possession of firearms became the privilege of only security guards, the military, as well as special services to maintain order.

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Today, the shooting fashion is back again. In the most visited places: parks, squares, squares - shooting ranges begin to appear, where you can hold a small competition with a friend or boast accuracy in front of your girlfriend. Shooting range, that is, modern, provides the opportunity to shoot with weapons of any kind. It can be either pneumatic or gunshot. A shooting range is a place where hunters, athletes, and just amateurs can practice, who want to feel an adrenaline rush, excitement, or cheer themselves up. Young people love to use gift certificates, giving the birthday boy the opportunity to shoot from any weapon.

Laser shooting range

Today, a laser shooting range is very popular. Its advantage is precisely safety. Based on this, it is used not only in the entertainment sector, but also for the training of special employees.

laser shooting range

The essence of shooting, as in other forms, is the same: a person must hit a target. However, you need to shoot not from an ordinary rifle. The player can choose any weapon: a pistol or an assault rifle (very similar to the original), which is used in the arsenal of different countries and in famous computer shooters. Before you are no longer crumpled beer cans, but real targets, both static and appearing, as well as moving ones. An interactive game plot will allow you to become one of the participants in the film with real actors.

What is the principle of a laser shooting range? The projector displays the image that was on the computer. A special module is built into the weapon, which during the shot begins to form a laser pulse. The camera-receiver fixes it, and then transfers it to the computer for processing. Then, special software comes into play. It converts the signal, calculates the hit on the target and transfers all the data about the shot to the computer.

Pneumatic shooting gallery

pneumatic shooting gallery

A multimedia pneumatic shooting gallery is a display of a target on a touch screen that was transmitted from a computer using a projector. The role of the goal can be played by a regular computer game or program. When a bullet hits the screen, the controller receives information about it using special sensors that are located on the surface of the screen. The game program and the "program" are executed in parallel, during which the coordinates of the bullet hit are calculated. Having calculated everything, the system combines them with the image of the target. In the game, the coincidence of coordinates is reflected either by a hit or a miss. In addition, a program has also been developed that maintains shooting statistics. The database contains all the information: start time, end of firing, the cost of each shot and their number. With this program, the operator can easily maintain the shooting range.

The weapon used in the pneumatic shooting gallery

All small arms are completely safe, industrial production. It is used in airsoft, and it does not require special permission. At the moment, good copies of machine guns and pistols have been created, which correspond to the original in weight and appearance. The weapon is loaded with plastic balls weighing 0.2-0.25 g caliber 6 mm. 90 m / s - the speed of the ball at the exit from the barrel for pistols, for automatic, electric weapons - above 90 m / s.

In the dash, you can use ordinary computer shooters, interactive videos and flash games. Only one condition: a mouse click and the target is hit. There are a lot of such games, and their number is constantly growing. Some can simply be downloaded from the Internet, and for free.

A pneumatic (multimedia) shooting range is not just unique equipment for clubs, entertainment centers, cinemas and parks, it is also a place where you can acquire shooting skills.

A few words about the latest news

Crossbow-beam shooting galleries - the latest novelty among all shooting galleries.

battle shooting range
Some time ago, only professional athletes could get into such a room. For ordinary lovers, the entrance was closed, they could not get in there. In addition, there were not too many such shooting galleries. What served so widespread? Most importantly, the emergence of a new arrow-trapping material. The fact is that it provides the maximum level of security, which is an important nuance of all shooting galleries, regardless of their type. Crossbow-beam combat shooting range can be divided into two types: stationary and mobile.

Is it worth it?

Feel like a real Voroshilovsky shooter, scout or partisan. A shooting gallery is a place where you can develop amazing accuracy and dexterity in yourself. After all, this is important, especially if you serve in some special service. Good accuracy is not a talent given from birth, it needs constant development.

But this does not mean that ordinary fans to shoot the entrance to the shooting gallery is closed. If your favorite character is William Tell or Robin Hood, a shooting range, an attraction is for you. Demonstrating your ability to shoot with a pistol, machine gun or crossbow, you will get real pleasure.

Those who are fond of shooting know what an arrow or bullet is, moving away from it and hitting directly at the target. They know how the blood in the veins boils, and the body is charged with real adrenaline. For those not very experienced, there is an instructor, under the clear guidance of whom you will learn all shooting techniques. After spending some time training, you will soon be able to hit the target, or, as they say, "into the bull's eye." Welcome to the ranks of bold shooters.

shooting range

Do not even doubt the usefulness of shooting. Good accuracy and dexterity is one time, adrenaline in the blood is two, the pleasure received is three.


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