What can I make a Christmas tree with my own hands?

Time runs unnoticed. It would seem that just recently we celebrated the New Year and celebrated Christmas, but outside the window it is already autumn. With the onset of the first cold weather, there is a desire to start preparing for the upcoming holidays, having pleased yourself and your loved ones with a small miracle. And first of all, the question arises of acquiring the most important attribute of the New Year - the Christmas tree. Without this fluffy beauty, the mood would be completely different. And the holiday will seem fake.

how to make a christmas tree from paper
But the issue of acquiring a traditional tree can be approached creatively. Just connect your own imagination and ingenuity to create a fluffy beauty with your own hands, using unnecessary materials that are idle in the house.

What can I make a Christmas tree craft from? From anything! And it’s better if you do this with your children. They will also enjoy this process immensely.

Key tips

What kind of Christmas tree can be made to please your loved ones and guests, and also bring a feeling of a real holiday? There are some tips you should get to know before you get started.

The first of these concerns form. As a rule, Christmas trees are made in the form of a cone or an isosceles triangle. Moreover, the shape of the New Year attribute does not have to be correct. You can make Christmas tree crafts at an angle and with any number of tiers.

The next tip is about the color of your product. And it doesn't have to be green. You can make Christmas tree crafts white, yellow, silver, gold or even blue. Do not be afraid to deviate from the standard rules, because your fluffy beauty should become a real miracle.

A very important point in the work are fixing crafts. This will need to be thought out in advance. The details of the Christmas tree can be fastened with tape or glue, wire and other materials. It should be borne in mind that this will need to be done carefully and reliably, because the Christmas tree should please with its appearance and withstand throughout the holidays.

Particular attention should be paid to the top. According to tradition, this detail serves as a decoration for poppy trees. For your tree, the top can be any toy, star, ball or just a curved spiral. An ornament in the form of a symbol of the coming year or an angel will look interesting.


What can a Christmas tree be made of? The easiest and fastest way to make is to use paper. Moreover, made in miniature sizes, this craft will be a wonderful New Year's toy.

How can I make a Christmas tree out of paper? To do this, you will need to prepare in advance all the necessary materials for work:
- sheets of paper that can be magazine, book or just plain;
- stapler;
- scissors;
- glue;
- sparkles or spray paint;
- A ribbon or paper clip in order to hang a craft on a Christmas tree.

Getting to work, all the leaves must be put in a pile and fastened with a stapler. Next, draw a contour of the Christmas tree with a pencil and cut it out. The next stage of work consists in arching the leaves and staining them with glue with sparkles or spray paint. The finishing touch consists in gluing a ribbon or attaching a paper clip.

The second method of making a Christmas tree from paper is more troublesome. However, the beauty of the received crafts will delight you without fail. So, for work you will need:
- book pages;
- cardboard;
- glue;
- scissors;
- mini-toys, stars and ribbons for decorating the Christmas tree.

The first stage of the work is the manufacture of a base from cardboard in the shape of a cone. Next, one should put the leaves one on one and make incisions on them, but only on one side. After that, the whole base is glued. In this case, the uncut side of the paper is superimposed on the cone. To cover the top you need to make a “cap”. That's all. The Christmas tree is ready. Now it can be covered with sparkles or spray paint.

What can a Christmas tree be made for a contest of artificial green beauties? Instead of plain paper for making a tree, you can take corrugated paper. Such material will be a valuable find for a home designer. A Christmas tree made of corrugated paper will look unusual and very beautiful. She will certainly stand out among other crafts.

can do craft christmas tree
What can you make a Christmas tree from? The basis of your craft may not be a cardboard cone, but a tube. This item can be purchased at a hardware store or glued from a few leftover toilet paper rolls. With this option, the cone is made of colored paper, attached to cardboard with adhesive tape. At the end of the work, the top of our Christmas tree will need to be decorated with a ribbon bow.

As the basis for the manufacture of New Year's beauty, you can take polystyrene. Strips of paper folded in the form of needles are attached to it.

Herringbone can be made in the form of panels. For this craft, you will need to cut strips of paper, and then twist them into tubes of different lengths. Further, all the details are glued to the base in the form of a herringbone. The finished product is decorated at its discretion.

What else can you make a Christmas tree from? From toilet paper. This production option of the New Year's beauty is the simplest and most economical. At the initial stage of work, a cone is constructed, the material for which is white cardboard. The dimensions of this part may vary and depend on the desired height of the final product. Next is taken toilet paper. It should not have tear strips, that is, the cheapest option is suitable. Toilet paper should be folded lengthwise, and then, picking it up, stick on a cone from the base to the top like an American skirt.

The strip should remain intact. The Christmas tree thus obtained should be decorated with green gouache. At this stage, you can attract children to work.

What can make a Christmas tree toy made of such a thin material? From the same toilet paper. Its piece should be rolled up in the form of a ball, coated with PVA glue, decorated and glued to the tree.

Crafts from cones

In order to bring joy to your family and friends, what can be done for the New Year? Christmas tree made of cones. For many, working with this natural material will be a real pleasure.

It is believed that cone trees are among the most beautiful. In addition, this is one of the best options for those who are considering the following question: “What can I make a Christmas tree from for a contest of homemade New Year trees?”

There are several options. The lightest and easiest of them involves creating a cone of the desired size and gluing cones to it. Work should begin from below, gradually moving to the top of the cone. What can you make Christmas tree toys from cones? The finished craft is painted or decorated with bows, sweets, toys, tinsel, etc.

What can you make a Christmas tree from (see photo below)? The second method of manufacturing a New Year’s beauty involves the use of not whole cones, but their scales.

what can you make a christmas tree toy

The basis of such a Christmas tree will be the same cardboard cone. On it from the bottom part in a circle glued scales of cones, which will play the role of needles. At the final stage of the work, the Christmas tree is covered with green, silver or gold paint. As an additional decoration, sparkles are glued to the tips of the needles.

The cone cut out of polystyrene can serve as the basis for the Christmas tree from cones. It will need to be painted in some dark color. For crafts, you will need a wire.

what can you do for the new year tree

One end is wrapped around the tail of the cones, and the other is straightened. After the required number of such blanks is done, they will need to be attached to the base. To do this, the free end of the wire is inserted into the foam.

Autumn option

What can you make a Christmas tree from for the New Year? From dry leaves. To do this, the material prepared in the fall is glued to a paper cone, creating a wonderful tree. Such a tree will turn out from branches of walnut and cherry, holly and salal, ruscus, etc. Laurel leaves are also suitable as green material.

There are two ways to make such a Christmas tree. The first of them involves gluing leaflets to a cardboard cone created in the right sizes. The crown of such a tree is formed from top to bottom. In this case, the leaves are glued on top of each other.

what can you make a christmas tree from
The next method of manufacturing the "autumn" Christmas tree is somewhat more complicated. At its first stage, the base is made in the form of a regular cardboard cone. Further, holes are pierced at the ends of twigs with leaves, through which a fishing line or thin twine is stretched. This creates a kind of garland. This part is wrapped around a cone pre-lubricated with glue.

Christmas beauty from pasta

What kind of Christmas tree can you make yourself? A Christmas tree made of pasta will look very original. Make it easy. In addition, pasta is sold today in different sizes and shapes, which will make the Christmas tree simply fantastic.

The first stage of work is the manufacture of a cardboard case. The blank must be painted in the desired color. To do this, use acrylic paint, spray or gouache. Next, you need to take pasta of various shapes and with PVA glue stick them to the cone. At the same time, the design of the fairy-tale spruce should tell you your imagination.

Work should continue until the pasta covers the entire body. After the glue dries, the finished Christmas tree needs to be painted in two layers.

Dense cloth tree

What can you make a Christmas tree from? To create a Christmas beauty, sometimes they use felt. This material holds its shape perfectly and does not crumble. Instead of felt, felt can be used. For contrast, it is advisable to take the material in two different colors.

First of all, a cardboard cone is made. Further, circles of various diameters (from the smallest to the largest) are cut from felt. Christmas tree tinsel is glued to the bottom of the cone with glue or double tape. After that, felt circles are strung on the tree blank in which cross-cuts are made previously. The fabric parts fit tightly onto the cone. The top of such a Christmas tree is decorated with a felt cap or tinsel, previously greased with glue.

Christmas beauty from threads

With your own hands you can make a "woolen" Christmas tree. To do this, you need to charge yourself with a positive attitude and begin to create beauty. First of all, you need to twist a sheet of paper or cardboard into a pyramid, fixing it along the contour with glue or tape. Next, take thick woolen threads (always fluffy) and wrap them in circles on the base from the bottom up. It is important that the product is neat and even.

from which you can make a Christmas tree photo

Threads should not fit on the adjacent row. For those who make such a Christmas tree for the first time, things may not go at first. There will certainly be “harmful” threads that will constantly come off. How to get out of this situation? For convenience, the edge of the thread can be attached with a pin. After finishing work, a conditional garland should be placed on our Christmas tree. It is made of thin threads.

The decoration of the top of the New Year's beauty will be a small pompon. To make it, two circles with a diameter of 3 cm should be cut out of cardboard, in the center of which there is a 1 cm hole. Threads are wound on folded parts. Then they are cut along the contour and bandaged in the center.

What can you make a Christmas tree toy from threads? It is better to decorate such trees with multi-colored pins. Bright buttons of various diameters can also serve as decor.

Christmas tree made of plastic bottles

Often in the house you can find unnecessary containers. If these are plastic bottles (preferably green) with a volume of 0.3 to 3 liters, then they can be used to create a Christmas tree.

what tree can be made
At the first stage of making a New Year tree, our material should carefully cut the bottom. This can be done with an office knife or scissors. It will take one big bottom. It will support our product. The rest can be thrown right away.

Further, the prepared bottles are cut into strips, the width of which is from 2 to 2.5 cm. The neck must be intact. As a result of the manipulations, a peculiar plastic flower will be obtained.

At the next stage of manufacturing the Christmas tree, each strip of the bottle is once again cut along the edge through 0.5 mm. These will be our Christmas needles. Small cuts will make the New Year tree fluffier and more beautiful.

Further, the prepared branches should be strung on the "trunk". They will serve as a stick, the length of which should be equal to the intended height of the Christmas tree. Billets from larger bottles should remain at the base, and containers of smaller capacity should be strung up. The top of the tree is covered with a plastic lid, hammering a nail into it for reliability.

Christmas beauty from cups

What are the original Christmas trees made of? New Year's beauty can be made of plastic cups. This material should be green.

At the first stage, eight cups are laid out in a semicircle and fastened together by a stapler. This will be the first row of our product. Next, seven cups are laid out. This is the second row of the Christmas tree. The process continues further. Fewer and fewer cups fit into each row. Further, all the parts are fastened together and fixed with staplers. Collected in a circle and located one above one, they will become our Christmas tree. Next, the Christmas tree should be decorated. To do this, you can put a toy or a ball in each cup.

Feather herringbone

Those who decide to make a New Year's beauty from this material do not need to gut old pillows. Feathers of them for crafts will not work. You can buy the necessary material only in special stores selling goods for needlework. This will be the first stage of work. Next, the feathers need to be sorted by size and a little fluff. So it will be easier to work with them in the future.

When using this lightweight material, the product must be decorated before it is formed. Small plastic beads are suitable for this. They can also be purchased at a craft store.

which Christmas tree can be made
Beads gently stick to the very tips of the feathers. The resulting workpieces after drying are glued in the direction from bottom to top on a cardboard cone. The result is a fluffy winter tree, which for greater resemblance to a real Christmas tree can be decorated with artificial snow.

For resistance to the base, a cardboard circle can be glued. A small hole is cut out in the middle of it, into which a cardboard tube painted brown is inserted.

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