Lyudmila: the meaning of the name, character and fate

There are Slavic names that were formed from two or more roots, for example, from the words "dear" and "people" the name Lyudmila was formed. The meaning of the name is one of the main factors affecting the fate and character of a person. Of great importance are the circumstances of his appearance or formation.

The name Lyudmila appeared in the Middle Ages, but for many years it was lost and forgotten.

Abbreviated forms: Lyudok, Lyulya, Milasha, Milusha, Mila, Lyusya, Lyuda.

The article will discuss the meaning of the name of Lyudmila, the nature and fate of his bearer, the secret of his origin will also be revealed and the holy patrons will be described. So how does a name affect a person?

The meaning and origin of the name Lyudmila

This name is Slavic, which means it is "dear to people." But despite such a simple meaning of the name Lyudmila, in history he has a very mysterious fate. Its secret lies in the fact that in Russia it appeared only at the beginning of the 19th century, thanks to literary works. Lyudmila was sung in his ballad by Vasily Zhukovsky. But the name won universal appreciation only after the publication of Pushkin's poem Ruslan and Lyudmila. Romantic works gave the name a special charm and charm. Its nationality and antiquity contributed to its wide distribution in the circles of the aristocracy. What does the name Lyudmila mean? The meaning of the name acquired a primordially Russian and ancient shade, as if an imprint of antiquity appeared on it. It has become recognizable and loved.

Picture by Alexei Konev "Ruslan and Lyudmila"

Its popularity peaked in the 60s of the 20th century, it ranked third in terms of prevalence, losing to Galina and Valentina.

Currently, it is not so fashionable. But there is always the hope that the popularity of ancient Russian names will return, and the name Lyudmila, which is of great importance in Russian literature, will again become popular.

Patron saints

The patroness of the name is the Great Martyr Lyudmila of Czech. She was born in a rich and noble family of pagans, but in her youth she was baptized by Saint Methodius (Enlightener of the Slavs).

She took part in the spread of Christianity, for which she was executed. She is revered as the patroness of the Czech Republic, all mothers, grandmothers and teachers. Canonized her in 1144. In her honor, composer Dvořák A. wrote the oratorio Saint Ludmila.

Holy Great Martyr Lyudmila of Czech

Name day in Orthodoxy is celebrated on September 29, in Catholicism - September 16.

In Russia, Lyudmila Vladimirovna Petrova is considered the patroness of the name. She worked as a teacher all her life, in the 30s of the 20th century they began to persecute her for helping priests. After numerous exiles and arrests, she was shot in 1937.

Childhood Lyuda

The meaning of the name Lyudmila for a girl plays an important role in the formation of personality, her behavior and character.

The baby does not cause any trouble to parents, everyone loves her. In childhood, the girl fully justifies the meaning of the name Lyudmila - she is sweet to people. She soon becomes independent, but treats her elders with great respect. She is less friendly with her sister, but she is more tolerant of her brother.

It reacts very painfully to quarrels, especially between parents.

The child’s favorite game is “mother-daughter”, where she shows all her tenderness, kindness and sensitivity. Since childhood, she has manifested such a feature as possessiveness. She is very jealous of her things, toys, territory.

She gets along well with her peers, does not seek to become a leader among friends, but also does not allow herself to be offended.

The girl justifies the meaning of the name - she is "sweet to people"

Lyudmila studies very well, thanks to her memory. She is assiduous, patient, striving to receive only good grades. Lyudmila has very good musical abilities.

The girl has developed organizational abilities that are sure to find application - she becomes either the head of the class, or an activist, or responsible for some events. She is very fair and enterprising.

Even in school years, the fate of Lyudmila and the meaning of the name are closely related. For a girl in her teens, traits such as vanity and selfishness are characteristic. Lyudochka pays great attention to her person and is not at all embarrassed by this.


In adulthood, Lyudmila is inquisitive, well remember information. Their excessive activity leads to the loss of common sense and often to reckless actions.

Lyudmila is a little rude, but with age this goes away, and she becomes very charming. She has many friends and girlfriends whom she will always provide assistance. She is active, sociable, her house is full of guests.

Lyudmila is very temperamental, but she always tries to keep everything under control.

She reads a lot, constantly develops herself, studies all her life. She is always in motion, both in the physical sense and in the spiritual.

Name Lyudmila: the meaning of the name and fate

The name affects not only the character of a person, but also on all areas of life. The name Lyudmila gives the woman excellent intuition, but a very unstable psyche.

Lyudmila will always come to the rescue

For almost the entire conscious life, she is confronted with internal contradictions: kindness, charm, tenderness, but at the same time perseverance, courage, and pride are inherent in her.

She will always come to the rescue, help with advice, but at the same time she will go over her head to get what she wants.


The meaning of the name Lyudmila and her character are also manifested in the professional sphere. She strives for success and always and everyone wants to prove that she is the best. Due to her character, the following professions are suitable for her:

  • nurse;
  • paramedic;
  • artist
  • cutter;
  • visagiste;
  • the hairdresser;
  • fashion designer;
  • actress.
Lyudmila Gurchenko is a vivid example

It is important for her to show creative abilities in her work, she will not sustain painstaking monotonous work. Lyudmila, it is important in the work of constant communication with people, she needs to know that she benefits the community.

She can achieve success in business, but often because of hasty rash decisions, she loses large sums of money.


The bearer of the name clearly knows her mission in life. She often achieves good results. She has a well-developed intuition. For the sake of earning, I’m ready to take risks. She analyzes and calculates everything, which allows her to often win.

The career ladder is easy to climb and almost effortless. She is valued as a specialist for her analytical mindset and clarity. But often rudeness and restraint prevent her.


Most often, Lyudmila gets married early, but in marriage they have to face difficulties because of their pride and independence. Only a strong-willed man can tame her, if she does not meet this, she will be left alone.

Lyudmila is usually a good housewife. Her house is full of guests.

Often Lyudmila's personal life does not add up. Her desire to please everyone works only to the detriment.

Name Compatibility

Men with names are most suitable for marriage: Gennady, Sergey, Alexander, Ilya, Eduard, Eugene, Alexei, Pavel, Victor, Anatoly, Maxim.

Lyudmila passionate nature

An unsuccessful marriage will be with men - carriers of such names: Valentine, Cyril, Leo, Valery, Konstantin, Vyacheslav, Semyon, Matvey, Timur, Peter, Mark, Artem, Roman.


Women bearing this name are very sexy and know how to use it. They know how to give warmth and love. They are very jealous, they will not share their chosen one with anyone. They must be able to conquer. They love men's society very much, but they will never be easily accessible.

Lyudmila - passionate nature. They are not afraid to take the initiative. It is important for them to feel superior to their partner.


From early childhood, Lyudmila is prone to asthmatic diseases, she needs to protect her bronchi and lungs all her life. In adulthood, very frequent problems with the ears occur.

Lyudmila are attractive and know how to use it.

Bearers of the name are very wayward and sometimes impulsive women, their nervous system is quite unbalanced, this becomes the cause of cardiovascular diseases. In old age, all Lyudmila need to take care of their legs.

Effect on the nature of the time of birth

So, if Lyudmila was born:

  • In winter, she is a little tyrannical, proud, demanding of herself and loved ones. At work, everyone is afraid of her and try to stay away from her.
  • In the fall - she has journalistic abilities, is very sexy and hardworking.
  • In the summer - she loves men very much, with them she finds a common language faster than with women. She has excellent memory.
  • In the spring - she is impressionable, merciful, compassionate. Failures takes to heart, worries about them for a long time. Very vulnerable and sentimental.


The planet that patronizes Ludmila is Venus.


The color that brings good luck is brown, yellow, green.

A good time of the year is autumn, a happy day is Friday.

Mascot plant - hazel, chrysanthemum:

  • Hazel is a symbol of strength, endurance, courage. The plant protects from evil spirits and the evil eye.
  • Chrysanthemum is a symbol of family happiness and the beginning of a new life.

Mascot animal - fighting rooster and persian cat:

  • The fighting cock is a symbol that personifies good and evil, death and life, the light and dark principles. But in Christianity it is a symbol of the beginning of a new day, rebirth, the triumph of light over darkness.
  • The cat is a symbol of good luck, pride, intuition and cunning. The cat personifies grace and natural beauty.

Stone: yellow sapphire and jade:

  • Sapphire will help to be kinder to people, patient and softer. He will cheer up, relieve depression and fatigue.
  • Jade - will bring success and good luck, protect from evil eye and evil spirits, helps those who are self-improvement. If the jade suddenly darkens, this portends grief and misfortune.


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