Spelled pasta - healthy food on your table!

Macaroni is the most common food in Russia that will never disappear from store shelves. Most products are made from wheat flour with additives (corn, rye flour, starch). The useful properties of such pasta are small, and therefore, when buying, it is recommended to give preference to products from whole grains or from spelled.


Spelled (spelled, two-grain) - an ancient grain crop, the forerunner of modern baking wheat. Its characteristic feature is ears of a slightly reddish color, the grains of which are protected by a hard film that prevents the appearance of pests. In modern agriculture, spelled is grown without the use of fertilizers, which ensures the preservation of nutrients in grains.

Due to its unique composition, spelled is called "black caviar of cereals," because it is noticeably ahead of wheat in terms of volume of vitamins and useful microelements. The grains contain vegetable protein (25-37%), unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, B vitamins, amino acids and trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, copper and others). The beneficial substances in grains do not break down even after heat treatment. So spelled pasta is not inferior in its properties to bran products and whole grains.

Spelled Pasta

Indications for use

Spelled pasta can replace a number of diet foods. This cereal variety is recommended for people with a weakened immune system, suffering from obesity, intestinal disorders, respiratory system diseases, chronic overwork, high blood pressure, as well as those who are constantly experiencing mental and physical stress.

The inclusion of spelled products in the daily diet helps in the following:

1. Normalization of the intestinal tract and relief of manifestations of diarrhea and gastritis.

2. Bringing normal blood pressure and endocrine system.

3. Prevention of the development of atherosclerosis, lowering sugar levels.

4. Increasing the elasticity of the skin and improving the general condition of the body.

Spelled pasta can also be part of the prevention of cancer and contribute to the restoration of human reproductive functions.

Spelled foods in the diet

Spelled Pasta Recipe
Spelled is a cereal that can be presented in the form of flour, cereals of different milling, pasta (noodles). The spelled flour has a creamy tint, and it can be used for regular and sweet pastries. Boiled porridge made from milk is a wonderful diet dish and is suitable even for children from 3 years old.

Spelled noodles have a dark color and are used in a large number of dishes - from soups to casseroles. To prepare it, you need a large amount of boiling water. After cooking, spelled pasta must be washed with cold water and add oil so that they do not stick together. A great complement to this product is a variety of gravy and sauces.

Spelled pasta. Recipe with a la pesto sauce

For 1 large portion of the dish, you need to boil 200 grams of pasta in boiling water for 10 minutes, then put it in a colander and rinse under running water. Then they add 1 tbsp. tablespoon of olive oil and mix gently.

Spelled Pasta

A la pesto sauce is prepared as follows:

  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of olive oil.
  • 50 g of hard son (parmesan).
  • 5 tbsp. tablespoons finely chopped fresh basil or 2 dry seasoning.
  • 50 g of pine nuts.
  • 3-4 drops of lemon juice.
  • 2 cloves of garlic.

All products are mixed in a blender, and the resulting sauce can be seasoned with spaghetti pasta.

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