Skiing technique

Alpine skiing is a winter sport. There are several varieties of skiing , such as: New School, Giant Slalom, Slalom skiing, Ski Acrobatics and Mogul. There are also various types of skiing, but first you need to learn how to just ride them.

The technique of skiing usually begins with a rack. This is what is needed above all. With the right stance, the weight should be distributed evenly, the legs should be spread on different sides and bent at the knees, the hands should be relaxed and bent at the elbows, the back should be flat and the head slightly raised. Also, your gaze should go forward. In this position, you will be able to control your body while riding.

The skiing technique also includes the next point. Once you have learned to ski properly, you should learn to fall. Remember that no one is safe from this. But it will be better if you learn to do it right. By learning this, you can prevent yourself from various injuries. In the case when you feel that you will inevitably fall, it is better to fall the way you want than how it will turn out. When you fall, you should tighten your muscles, then you will not eat far. The best fall option would be when you are lying on your chest with straight legs. So you can protect yourself from knee injuries. And be sure to remember that while you roll down you should not get up in any case. People who do not follow this advice often get a lot of injuries. Also, take care of your hands during a fall. Do not pull them to the side when falling. Do not spread your fingers on your hands, otherwise you will earn fractures or dislocations. It will be better if you clench your fingers in a fist. If you can’t rightly fall right, don’t worry, you will learn how to do this over time.

The technique of skiing also consists of the ability to climb the mountain. When climbing, you should put your skis perpendicular to the slope line and take side steps based on sticks. If you put the skis across, you can stop.

Climbing a steep slope, do not forget about the slope line. This line has one of the largest slides. If you put the skis across, you can stop in place, putting the skis along, you will immediately go. Undoubtedly, over time you will feel this line on any slope.

When turning, you need to help yourself more with sticks. When turning, first you need to keep the skis stationary, and rearrange one leg slightly to the side, then you need to transfer the mass to the set leg and rearrange the other.

Another downhill skiing technique also consists of braking. When braking, the heels should be moved apart in different directions and the skis should be pressed strongly into the snow. Do not forget to evenly distribute body weight on skis.

Remember, if you are a beginner, it is best to try riding on gentle slopes first.

How to choose skiing? You should know that skiing can be of the following types:

- sports skiing (used in competitions);

- skiing

-special skiing

For a beginner, of course, it is better to use skiing.

How to choose the length of skiing? The easiest way to choose downhill skiing is to see if they reach your nose. If your weight is less than normal - a little shorter, higher - a little stiffer. Also, do not hesitate that a store consultant will help you choose the length of the alpine skiing.

The technique of skiing is not so complicated. And with daily training, you will quickly master everything and understand all the subtleties of this winter sport. Alpine skiing will bring you and your family a lot of pleasure and pleasant moments.


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