Girl cheating: the main signs, what to do?

Do girls often cheat? Psychologists have a disappointing answer to this question - often. But why? There may be many reasons, but the main one is dissatisfaction with the partner. It should be remembered that each consequence should have its own reason. Treason cannot be accomplished by stupidity. A person must be responsible for every act he performs. How to find out what a girl has changed? Read about it below.

The reason for cheating

what to do if your girlfriend cheats on you

People fall in love, and this feeling captures them as a whole, especially girls. They idolize their boyfriend and make him an idol. But after a month, pink glasses from the eyes fall. It seems the guy has changed. But this is not so. The euphoria just passed, and the new partner does not seem as mysterious and attractive as before. This is what makes many girls cheat. They want feelings to always be in full swing. Many do not like gray everyday life, and they try to color them as they can. This is especially characteristic of those ladies who go to boring work and at the same time do not have any hobbies. They live their love, enjoy it and are nourished by it. But it is impossible to imagine a relationship in which every day will be a holiday. Yes, a guy gives flowers from time to time and leads to a restaurant, but this is not enough for a girl. She wants more. She wants to flirt, catch admiring glances on herself and know that she is in demand among the opposite sex. This is especially often manifested in girls who are not yet 25 years old. They did not play enough and did not walk up. They want to get enough of love and know it in all aspects. It is this desire for discovery that drives them to treason.


what to do if a girl cheats

Do you think your girlfriend is cheating? Checking this will not be easy, especially if your lover is very careful. But still there are signs that speak for themselves. Any normal relationship is based on trust, and if it disappears, this can serve as the first signal. For example, when lovers do everything smoothly, none of the partners have passwords on the phone or computer. They just aren't needed. A guy can always use a girl’s phone as his own. But when passwords appear, the wall grows. A girl can argue this with the fact that she wants to have more personal space, but why does she need it? To be able to flirt without a twinge of conscience and without reproaches from the outside. Yes, personal space is necessary, but this should not interfere with an open game. So if your lover unexpectedly put a graphic key on your phone or changed your password on a social network - this should be a signal that trust is collapsing.

Loss of interest

You used to walk with your lover every evening, but now she doesn’t want to see you more than twice a week? Of course, this is not a reason to think that the girl is cheating, but still this is a signal that something is changing in the life of your passion. She does not devote enough time to you and always finds excuses. Perhaps she got a new girlfriend and goes with her to the club? Or maybe the girl signed up for dance courses, where did you not go? Then think, with whom does she communicate in her free time? Perhaps, interesting people appeared in her surroundings with whom she wants to spend more time than with you. Yes, it hurts and offends, but if you do not change the situation, then most likely the girl will cheat on you. Believe me, she will have such an opportunity, even if you live in the same apartment. If a person has cooled, this is immediately evident. A girl may refuse to be close to you; she will not want to kiss and hug in public. All this should serve as an occasion to openly talk with his chosen one.

Divergence of interests

what to do if your girlfriend cheated

How can I find out that a girl is cheating? If lovers do not have common interests, then the relationship is doomed to failure. Perhaps you like to go fishing at the weekend, and your girlfriend is interested in horse riding. There is nothing wrong with this, except that you see little. And if this is so, then nothing prevents the girl from finding herself a more suitable partner with whom she can discuss her hobbies, and not just over a cup of coffee. If your girl went to yoga, figure skating or began to go to karaoke, and she does not take you to these classes, arguing that you will not be interested, this all causes vague doubts. As they say, trust, but verify. There will be nothing wrong if you talk about your distrust with her friend. Perhaps she will tell you that your girlfriend has a boyfriend. It’s better to find out right away than after the irreparable happens.

Change in appearance

how can I find out that a girl is cheating

How to find out that a girl is cheating? The main signs will be visible to the naked eye. If you have been dating a girl for a long time, and she is confident in you, then she will be able to afford some “liberties”. For example, she will not be painted every time she goes outside, shoes with heels will not be worn every day, but only on a special occasion, and, in general, she may not go to a beauty salon for months. But the situation will change dramatically when a new gentleman appears in the field of view of your girl. She will try to quickly put herself in order. Will make a new hairstyle, sign up for a manicure and update the wardrobe. The lady can argue her actions with anything, for example, the arrival of spring and the desire to change something in her life. But think, is it really so? Of course not.

You still do not understand how to find out what a girl has changed? Signs may be quite obvious. The beloved will be late until late on a regular basis, and she will come home happy and excited. She can talk incessantly about all kinds of nonsense in order to avert suspicions from herself. But if the tides of such happiness do not happen once or twice a month, but periodically - this is a sure sign that someone outside of your home makes her happy.


how to find out that a girl changes the main signs

If you do not entertain your girlfriend, she will find a person who can do this. Women love romance and interesting adventures. Of course, they may not happen every day, but at least once a week you need to get out somewhere. If the guy does not plan the general leisure, then after a short time he will be wondering: "How do you know that your girlfriend is cheating on you?" After all, everything will be obvious. The girl leaves the house, says that she went for a walk with her friend and spend the night with her. But the beloved does not make such whistles from time to time, but every week. She may say that she went to ride with a colleague or went to a party with a school friend. And everything seems to be harmless. But after such walks, the girl does not return home, and the next day she says that she simply did not want to wake you, so she stayed with her mother.

A lady can miss not only entertainment, but also warmth and affection. If you disappear all day at work, and in the evening you only have the strength to lie down on the TV, the thought of treason will come to the girl very quickly. And to realize such a desire these days is very easy.

What to do?

how to find out that a girl has changed signs

But it is one thing to suspect a beloved of treason, and another to catch her red-handed. If you are convinced that the grounds are not baseless, what should I do? If your girlfriend has changed, there's nothing to be done about it. Of course, it is possible to scold her for this, but it certainly will not help the case. Even if misconduct was committed meaninglessly, for example, after a large amount of alcohol consumed, this is still treason. You can entertain yourself with the thought that the girl took this step by accident, but she will not accidentally jump from the roof? When a person drinks too much alcohol, all his true desires break out. And if the girl lacked sex or adventure, she went to look for them. What does the guy have to do? You can seriously talk with your beloved and find out from her the reasons that prompted treason. Perhaps everything can be solved through a frank conversation. For example, she will tell you that you are too cold for her, and then you can change and establish a former relationship. And passion flares up with renewed vigor.

Will revenge help?

learned that the girl is changing what to do

What to do to the guy who found out that the girl is cheating? What should definitely not be done in such a situation is to tell your soul mate about your own love affairs on the side. The most terrible thing that can be done in anger is to express what you will later regret all your life. You can’t raise your hand at a girl, even if she has caused you terrible mental pain. Believe me, each person in the end gets what he deserves. But not a single person has the right to take on the role of providence. You can insult a girl, but who will make it easier for you - you or her? That's right, nobody. It does not make sense immediately after you learn about the betrayal to go and sleep with anyone. Of course, you can find yourself a mistress for one night in the club, but in the morning you will feel even worse. Drinking is also not worth it. You should think carefully and decide what to do with the relationship next, after you cool.

Is it possible to forgive treason?

This question is asked by many. What if a girl cheats and can she forgive it? Of course not. If a person does not choose you or chooses between you and someone, then this is not your person. A loving girl will never think about replacing you with someone better. Yes, she can tell you about it, but she won’t change it. If you have already repeatedly noticed that the chosen one is wrong to you, there is no point in continuing this relationship. If a person has committed an offense once, the second time it will be easier for him to decide on the same step, especially if he knows that he will be forgiven. So do not encourage betrayal, but immediately burn bridges.

Or am I to blame?

It is often difficult for men to accept adultery. For many, it is tantamount to betrayal. Although, in fact, the way it is. What if a girl cheats? Of course, the easiest way is to be offended by your chosen one and assume that all women are bitch. And you can still think about yourself. After all, the girl found another man who, according to all her criteria, suits her more. Think about who she cheats with and what your opponent has that you lack. Of course, these should not be reflections like self-flagellation, but constructive criticism. If it’s hard for you to see the flaws in yourself, talk to friends. Perhaps they will tell a lot of interesting things. For example, that you are too arrogant, rude, or maybe you devote all your time to work. Think about what you need to change in yourself and take treason as an opportunity to grow above yourself and not to step on the same rake in the future.

How to live on?

What if your girlfriend cheats on you? You need to come to terms with this thought and let it go. The girl who cheats is simply unworthy to be near you. Why love the one that cannot frankly tell you that it does not suit her, and quietly runs to the left. This is pretty mean and humiliating for both her and you. It will be difficult at first, but you can handle it. You need to find yourself some activity. Perhaps work, sports or a favorite hobby will help you. Take a break, talk more with friends and try to get out of your head all thoughts about your ex-lover.

Should I immediately look for a replacement?

The stupidest thing a man can do after a girl cheated on him is to plunge headlong into a new romance. A person must understand that he attracts the same people. To change the situation, you must first understand yourself. Take time out and get your life right. Only a harmonious person deserves to have a faithful girl next to him. If you don’t love yourself, how can others love you? Become an interesting person first for yourself, and only then demand love from someone. It makes no sense to quickly start a new novel. Another lover will quickly get tired of you, and she will not be able to heal a spiritual wound. It will only get worse. Do not rape your soul, give it time to suffer and get sick. Only after you get rid of obsessive thoughts about the ex-girlfriend, you will be ready for a new relationship.


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