DIY sliding door on casters. Accessories, installation instructions

A cozy and beautiful house - who does not dream of such happiness? Each person wants to have his own personal space where he can retire, take a break from all worries, and think alone. Naturally, for this, the house has a separate room in which you can hide. Of course, in such a room there must be a door. What will it be - you decide. It all depends on the features of the interior, the size and design of the room. However, now sliding doors on rails and rollers are becoming very popular.

Product Advantages

do-it-yourself sliding door on casters

Among the advantages of the presented design, we can distinguish the following:

1. The possibility of self-manufacturing and installation.

2. Saving free space.

3. The ability to install the design without a threshold. This makes your home safer for young children and more convenient for people with any restrictions on movement.

4. A huge selection of web design, its size and color.

5. Excellent appearance (it is more modern and neat).

6. Convenience and ease of use. Even small children can open and close such doors. Designs are also very convenient for the disabled.

You can independently mount sliding doors on casters. Do it yourself in one day. However, there are some subtleties that can change your decision to make such a design.

Product disadvantages

accessories for sliding doors

Such designs have certain disadvantages:

- Restriction of the possibility of installing furniture near the doorway.

- Reduced noise absorption. Although this disadvantage can be easily eliminated with the help of special strips.

- The need for additional free space on the wall where the door leaf will be hidden.

However, all these disadvantages can be easily fixed. They are not so significant. Therefore, many manufacturers recommend installing sliding doors on casters. With your own hands, you can completely carry out the installation and fasten all the fittings.

Varieties of construction mechanisms

sliding plastic doors

The presented doors can be installed in different ways. The point here is which design you have chosen. You can fix the doors in this way:

1. The door will walk tightly along the wall.

2. It will hide in a special niche that was made specifically for this purpose.

3. The canvas will go straight into the wall.

Each design has the right to life. However, when choosing, you should take into account design preferences, the amount of free space and the complexity of the mechanism.

What tools and materials are needed to work

casters for glass sliding doors

If you want to install sliding doors on casters, you should only do them yourself if you have all the necessary tools and materials. For work you may need:

- MDF or plastic, from which you will make paintings of the future design. It should be 5 cm larger than the doorway.

- Accessories (rollers, guiding parts). Note that all the trims on which the door will ride must be metal.

- Screwdriver and screws.

- Drill.

- Accessories for the door leaf.

- Pencil for marking.

- Building or laser level.

- Ruler.

- Cassers, as well as nails for attaching them.

- Glue or epoxy.

Sliding plastic doors weigh a little, so you can choose less serious fasteners for them. Wooden doors are much heavier, but better isolate the sound. In this case, the accessories for sliding doors should be more durable and reliable.

Web preparation

sliding interior doors on rails and casters

For work, you can use not the new material, but the old door. But it will need to be properly handled. Please note that you may have to use some old paintings to make sliding doors on casters. With their own hands, they can be constructed only after careful planning. They should be lightweight, so do not additionally insulate or upholstery the internal doors.

The old canvas should be pre-treated: clean the old paint and sanded well. If you are using new material, you need to precisely mark it. Before that, it is better to draw a diagram on paper. After the canvas is prepared, it should outline where all the fittings will be placed. Dimensions should be removed in advance.

Prior to installation, the canvas should be decorated. To do this, you can use a special adhesive decorative film or veneer. If the door is glass, then the material needs to be marked and cut out the part of the required size, preferably in the workshop.

How to choose fittings?

Sliding plastic doors or other structures cannot operate without fittings. However, it should be chosen correctly. Rollers and guides are the main parts of the structure. They must be of high quality and strong. Here, when choosing, the weight of the door leaf should be taken into account. On one door, most often about six rollers are installed.

It is necessary to take into account not only the weight, but also the size of the door, as well as the mechanism for opening it. For example, you may need one roller mechanism or two. If the door is cascading, it is important to choose the right guides. They should have two gutters. If the door leaf is very heavy, the guides should be on the upper and lower sides.

How to choose a pen?

lower roller for sliding doors

You already know that the accessories for sliding doors must be of high quality. This also applies to pens. This element is different for swing and sliding doors. The handle can also be a lock for paintings. It can be classic or special (crossbar). In the first case, there should be such a mechanism that will snap vertically.

You must also consider the features of the installation of the handle. It should be cut deep into the canvas. Otherwise, it will prevent the doors from closing tightly. However, note that this element may interfere even if the canvas will hide in the wall.

What type of clips to choose?

sliding door roller

Sliding doors on casters (their price ranges from 1400-14500 rubles) fit perfectly into any interior and are very functional. However, you need to determine their design. That is, you need to choose which clips you will mount:

- Top. They include wheels (two elements) with bearings. Thanks to their special design, they provide a silent blade movement along the guide elements.

- The lower ones. They are mainly responsible for how long the installed doors can last. And thanks to this component, you can adjust the design.

As you can see, the lower roller for sliding doors should be as strong as possible, high-quality and reliable. Therefore, give preference to popular manufacturers with a good reputation and positive user reviews.

Design Installation Features

Installation of the product can be done independently. All work consists of several stages:

1. Marking the doorway. Here you need to correctly and accurately draw where the guides will be screwed. To do this, you can measure the door or put it against the opening. Take into account the height of the wheels.

2. Fixing guides. To fix, you can apply screws. They are twisted with a screwdriver. You can use the brackets. It should be noted that you can screw the guide to either a wooden block or directly to the wall.

3. Installing the roller mechanism. This must be done only after the guide is locked. Note that you must first insert a bolt into the carriage, with which it will be mounted. Take into account that the casters for glass sliding doors, as the heaviest ones, must be more massive and strong. The carriages must be fixed with brackets.

4. Installation of the canvas. After all the moving hardware is installed, the matter remains for small. The cloth needs to be lifted, to unscrew brackets in its upper part and to establish on rollers.

5. Installing accessories and checking the mechanism. At this stage, you will need to adjust the course of the canvas. This is done in its lower part. If the door moves easily and without interference, the installation can be considered completed and correct.

Thanks to these instructions, you can make sure that self-installation is not difficult. However, you need to do it with an assistant.

Features of sliding doors without threshold

Such designs have certain advantages. You do not have any partitions (thresholds) under the canvas. This provides additional safety for movement. In addition, during the repair you do not have to spoil the flooring. It will remain intact. A feature of this design is the top mount of the canvas. A set of rollers for a sliding door at the same time needs only one.

Installation of such a product is not difficult, but has certain features. For example, metal strips are screwed to the web in a strictly vertical position. The same rail is fastened with anchors from above. If you install the door yourself, it will be difficult for you to keep it on weight. Therefore, it is better to put something under the product. Before installing the web, the rollers should already be bolted to it.

Useful Tips

So that the installation work does not become a difficult test for you, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances of this jewelry work. The following tips will help you do everything quickly and correctly:

- During the installation process, try to use the building level all the time. By eye, you can’t do everything for sure.

- If your floor is crooked, then during installation you need to focus on the ceiling.

- Do not purchase constructions that are too heavy, as they will wear out and break faster.

- Do not use plastic casters for sliding sliding doors. They are less durable than metal, and will last relatively short.

- During work, try to comply with safety rules. Otherwise, you may be injured.

When operating sliding roller doors, it is necessary to treat the structure with care and accuracy. Do not overload the system, for example, do not allow children to ride on them. In addition, keep the guides clean. Periodically, the rollers will need to be lubricated. Do not abruptly push or close the sash.

That's all the features of roller doors. Good luck


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