How to hang a chandelier on a concrete ceiling: instructions

One of the last stages of apartment renovation is the installation and connection of lighting sources. Despite the popularity of drywall and stretch analogs, the classic in the form of a painted ceiling will always be popular. With its device, the height of the rooms remains unchanged. While drywall and tension, due to the frame, they eat precious centimeters. And if these options involve the installation of a hidden guide rail for lighting, then what to do with the classic version? How to hang a chandelier on a concrete ceiling? Let's take a closer look.

Mounting Methods

There are three methods for fixing chandeliers to a classic ceiling :

  • With a hook. This is one of the popular methods that allows you to mount quite large fixtures, including on the leg.
  • On the hanging bracket. This method makes it possible to install lamps designed for low ceilings. These lamps are not massive, have a small height, are pressed close to the ceiling.
  • On the cross bar. This method is designed for weighty designs.

The question "how to hang a chandelier on a concrete ceiling" largely depends on the chosen model of the light source.

Floor slabs and wiring

Concrete structures are canvases with hollow channels.

how to hang a chandelier on a concrete ceiling
A cable for lighting is laid in these openings. In new buildings, three-wire grounding wires are provided. This feature does not allow the option of mounting with a two-key switch, since it is possible, of course, to attach a chandelier to a concrete ceiling, but you will need to use a four-core cable. For this process, it is better to contact a professional electrician. Or abandon the idea of ​​a two-key switch.

Lighting Choice

The abundance of lighting devices sometimes makes it difficult to choose a lighting source. And besides, the market is flooded with many poor-quality Chinese products. In the selection should take into account a number of nuances:

  • Design. Most often, it is under him that the lighting is selected. It can be a set of ceiling lights and sconces, or just a chandelier.
  • How many buttons do you plan to connect to. If only 2 wires are installed on the ceiling at the installation site, then the 2-key connection should not be considered. And accordingly, it is better not to purchase multi-path lamps. Otherwise, large bills for electricity will come in the future. Or you will need to install the appropriate wiring.
  • Ceiling height. Massive chandeliers will look out of place in low rooms, and, conversely, on high ceilings a small lamp will be lost.
  • Dimensions of the room. If the room is large, it is better to provide two sources of lighting. When zoning can be used as the same model, or different from each other.

Given these features, you can choose the right kind of lighting. In this case, connecting the lamp is not difficult, and it will fit into the design ergonomically.

Features of modern lamps

Nowadays, lighting is striking in its variety and options.

how to hang a chandelier on a concrete ceiling hole
There are models with built-in fans, various lighting modes , remote control via remote control, using more lamps with 12 watts of consumption. All these products can have additional connection blocks in their design. In such cases, installation instructions are requested from the seller. And if you are not sure what you can connect with your own hands, it is better to call an electrician who knows exactly how to hang a chandelier on a concrete ceiling.

Training and safety

There are several important points at this stage of work:

  • It is better to deal with electricity in the daytime. This will simplify the work. No additional lighting in the form of flashlights, and, accordingly, an assistant.
  • Prepare a tool. These are: a drill or a puncher with the desired type of drill / drill, indicator screwdriver, an ordinary screwdriver and a key for assembling the chandelier, a fastener, electrical tape, pliers.
  • Before installation, turn off the electricity in the shield.
  • Remove old lighting, if equipped.
  • Dissolve the ends of the wires. Connect the electricity. Determine phase and zero using an indicator screwdriver. When touching the bare end and pressing the button on the tool, the screwdriver lights up - phase, no - zero. Insulate the ends.
  • Determine the wiring location in the ceiling space. Floor slabs have hollow channels that are used to lay the cable. For these works, a special electronic detector is used. Experienced owners always make or request a wiring diagram when wiring. In the future, this allows you to avoid many problems even with simple operations (such as "drive a nail into the wall").
  • Since hanging a chandelier on a concrete ceiling is, by and large, quite simple, but the process itself is unsafe, you should not forget about the disconnection of electricity from the shield at the time of dismantling, installing and connecting the chandelier. This avoids the risk of electric shock.

Chandelier assembly

Depending on the complexity of the design, you may need instructions for assembling the lighting device.

how to attach a chandelier to a concrete ceiling
A difficult process can be when you need to hang a chandelier on a two-key connection system. This installation allows you to further adjust the degree of illumination in the room, turning on all the lamps or part of them.

To do this, choose a model with this connectivity or upgrade the existing option a little if:

  • In the lighting device, leave a two-wire wire for connecting to the network - it can be replaced with a three-wire one (phase, phase, zero).
  • The lamp has a three-wire cable, but one of the wiring is designed for grounding (it is yellow in color with a green stripe). If the house is old, grounding is usually not provided for chandeliers. Therefore, this wiring can be used to connect to the second phase.

If you need to hang a chandelier on a two-gang switch, then one group of horns is connected to the first phase, the second to the other.

how to hang the chandelier to the concrete ceiling

Having assembled and prepared the lighting device, proceed to the installation of the fastener. Consider all types.

Hook fasteners

Previously, for lamps, this kind of mount was used. In such cases, after dismantling the old lighting, a new chandelier should be hung on existing fixtures. If this type of fixation is not provided, then you should first purchase it. The market today allows you to choose the best option for any occasion. Here are a number of products:

  • Hook with petals. This view is suitable if the hole has fallen into the void in the stove. During its installation, the petals open and securely fix the hook.
  • Ceiling anchor, hook anchor, ring anchor. A drill corresponding to the diameter of the anchor is selected, a hole is made, the fasteners are inserted, the element is tightened.
  • Spring folding dowel with ring, barbell, with hook. A hole is drilled according to the diameter of the element, fasteners are inserted, and twisted. In this case, sometimes use a mortar of plaster for greater reliability. The hole is filled with a mixture and then the dowel is installed. Time is given for solidification.
  • Steel screw with a ring, L-shaped hook with a plastic dowel. It is mounted according to the previous version.

Since you can hang the ceiling chandelier, as we already mentioned, you can quickly enough, however, the process itself is fraught with the risk of electric shock, it is better to pre-insulate the wires coming out of the ceiling.

Fixture "suspension bracket"

A bracket for fixing and fasteners for it are included with the lamp.

how to hang a ceiling chandelier
But it is better to buy more powerful dowels. This will be a more reliable option, especially if you are not particularly sure that you know exactly how to hang the chandelier on a concrete ceiling. The hole for each hole is first marked with a pencil. It is drilled, dowels are inserted, a fixing strip is applied and fixed with self-tapping screws. In this fastening method, mortar can also be used for greater fastening strength. It is important to fasten the strap until the bolts are screwed onto it to secure the chandelier. The cross bar is mounted in the same way.

Final stage

After installing the fastener, you can begin to consider the question "how to attach a chandelier to a concrete ceiling." For this:

  • The electricity in the shield is turned off.
  • The insulation is removed from the wires of the ceiling cable.
  • A terminal connection is made either by twisting and electrical tape.
  • The chandelier is attached to the fastener.

There are a number of features for each type of chandelier.

do it yourself
For models with hook fixation, the lamp is hung on it and the wires are connected. And then they close it with a special decorative cap. Lighting with bracket mounting: the mounting cover from the lamp is fixed, wires are connected, the lamp is attached to the cover. After installation, you should check the connection, including the keys in turn. If the circuit did not occur, then it was possible to correctly hang the chandelier with your own hands.

Copper and aluminum cable

In old houses you can still find an aluminum cable, and modern lamps are equipped with copper wires for connection. In such cases, the connection is made only using special terminals.

hang a new chandelier
Otherwise, the installation will not meet the fire safety standards. And this, ultimately, can lead to sad consequences. So, we examined how to properly hang the chandelier to the concrete ceiling with our own hands. The complexity of installation is only a mismatch in the number of wires of the ceiling cable and the wire of the chandelier. These problems can be solved if you have confidence in your abilities. But since working with electricity is associated with a health hazard, it is best to trust a professional.


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