Is the design specification necessary

The terms of reference for the design is a legal document that determines the procedure and timing for certain work, fixed by the agreement between the customer and the contractor. The task as a source document for the creation of something new exists in all spheres of human activity, however, it may differ in name, order of execution, main content, etc. An example is the construction project in construction and architecture, the terms of reference for the development of the site, the combat mission, etc.

The term "design" from Latin literally translates as "thrown forward", this process involves the creation of a project - the prototype of a possible or prospective object. Design objects can be a lot. For example, an information system (Internet resource), technical device, construction, control system. The terms of reference for design is applied in the field of human construction activities. Today, without this document, the construction of not a single building or building intended for any other human needs can be done.

Almost always, the development of technical specifications is entrusted to the leading specialists of the organization - the customers of this project. Such a specialist can be a design master, chief designer, engineer. A complex object requires the joint efforts of several specialists at once. Before compiling it, it is necessary to analyze the results of studies conducted in this field of activity, to make accurate calculations of material costs. The terms of reference itself necessarily indicate the start and end dates of the work, the sources of their financing, the purpose of the facility under construction, its main characteristics, a brief description of the proposed work. At the end it is indicated on the basis of what information materials this document was compiled.

The initial design specification is usually issued by the customer. However, he does not need to understand all the intricacies of construction himself. In the event that the role of the customer is not a specific person, but a certain organization, the preparation of the technical task can be entrusted to its employee. Also, a third-party person who performs similar services for a certain material reward may become the developer of the facility.

The design assignment performs a kind of intermediary between the customer and the contractor. Its development is beneficial to both parties. So, it makes it possible to figuratively present the finished object, perform its verification on the main points, make the necessary amendments to the project at the stage of its development. In addition, the terms of reference allows you to pre-notice errors and mistakes in the design at that stage of the development process, when their elimination is still possible and does not require additional costs.

The preparation of this document is primarily beneficial to the customer, since it allows you to understand what he really needs, what he expects from his project. The customer has the right to require the contractor to comply with all points specified in the assignment and monitor their implementation at the implementation stage. The technical design assignment facilitates the work of the contractor himself, it allows him to better understand the essence of the tasks, the purpose of the work, perform them strictly in accordance with the plan, refuse to perform additional work that was not previously indicated in the document. A correctly drawn up technical task is not only the key to success in the implementation of the project, but also allows the customer to save money, and the contractor - time.


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