Work in the Biglion company: employee reviews about the employer

Sites with coupons that allow you to save money have come to Russia relatively recently. Prior to this, they made a real “boom” in the United States, where the famous Groupon brought billions to its founders.

Biglion partner reviews

Of course, the domestic Internet services market cannot be compared with the American one - Russians are not ready to give as much money as people in the West do. Nevertheless, we also have a number of large companies for which the coupon business has become a target.

Biglion is one of the market leaders

Such a company is Biglion. Feedback from employees working here is quite diverse. Some call the employment in this company a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and the opportunity to move further up the career ladder; others note that the company does not value employees, so there is no point in working here.

work in "Biglion" employee reviews

In the framework of this article, we will study (in order to understand what work at Biglion implies) feedback from employees, as well as general information about how everything is arranged here.

What does Biglion offer?

Let's start with general information. Biglion is a catalog of coupons that offer discounts on services or products. A person buying such a coupon pays, say, 100 rubles to get a 50 percent discount on some service. That, in turn, can cost 1000 rubles. Due to the services of Biglion, a person saves 500 minus 100 = 400 rubles.

Biglion Employee Reviews

In turn, a coupon company (that is, a store or any other institution providing services) benefits as a customer who comes from Biglion coupons. It turns out such a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Biglion company catalog (employee reviews confirm this) contains thousands of coupons for different sites. There are shops, hotels, salons with services and much more. In order to successfully maintain such an amount of information and at the same time search for customers, the company needs a solid staff of employees.


On the site "Biglion" (Moscow) reviews of employees are not posted. But here there is information about vacancies, which may be interesting to applicants. There is also a brief motivating text that new employees are valued here, that human resources are the most valuable for Biglion, and that active and purposeful people are happy to be here.

So, if you are interested in any particular vacancy, you can open the list of cities in which employees are looking for. At the time of writing, Moscow, Minsk, St. Petersburg and a number of other major cities of Russia were present here. If you select one of them, you will see free vacancies. For example, choose Moscow. Here we see several posts that people are looking for in Biglion. Reviews about the employer show that getting them is not so simple - you need to go through a number of procedures, such as a double interview, and be approved by HR managers. Read more about this below.

As for the vacancies, here you can see the positions necessary for conducting an Internet project - several managers ( working with clients, partners and others), copywriter (a person who writes descriptions for products), people for talking on the phone, content manager and others. As evidenced by the company "Biglion" reviews of employees, all work here is carried out in the office. In addition, it is obvious that it is very important for a person who wants to get here to own a computer, have Internet skills and just be knowledgeable in technology. The person who first sees the computer, most likely, will not be taken here.

Biglion employer reviews


For each of the vacancies that are presented on the site, there are certain requirements and advantages - what the applicant should have and, in turn, what he will have to do. It also spells out a mechanism for what should be done for employment. As employee reviews show about Biglion, this is how everyone gets to work here.

If we talk about the position of some manager, then in such a person appearance is most important - the manner of speaking, literacy, and intelligent appearance. Therefore, the company appoints interviews at which it will be possible to determine what a person is. In the case of the device for the position of copywriter, a different approach is applied at Biglion. Reviews about the employer of those who work in this mode show: to get here to work, you need to pass a small test. It consists in writing a short note for 1000-2000 characters. This, in fact, will be the further task - to create such notes-descriptions for coupons.

In addition, candidates are placed in the form of education, age and skills.


In the details for each position, the salary that the employee will receive is indicated. Managers, for example, earn 30 thousand rubles in the form of a base rate and bonuses - as additional income for a job well done. We are talking, for example, about an attracted customer or about a successful completion of a partner’s order.

More feedback from employees about Biglion company shows that for posts like call specialist or copywriter, payment is for the amount of work that was performed by a specialist. For the first, this is the number of successful dialers; for the second, the amount of written text.

From the point of view of salary, we can say that working in Biglion is a good choice. Employee reviews show: they pay here officially - without “envelopes” and other tricks. Payment is made three times a month - there is an advance, a bonus and the main amount of earnings. The income level here is low, but for a novice employee in the field of sales, it may seem acceptable.


reviews of employees about the Biglion company

A plus is the conditions in which employees work, especially in central offices. In large cities, the premises where Biglion is located have a good repair - they are made in a light style, which gives comfort and some inspiration, a desire to continue to work.

The only drawback in this regard is that in small cities where there are company offices, they are not so well equipped, sometimes there is not even room for cooking (warming up) food.

But there is a plus - the lack of a dress code, which was even indicated on the official website.


Our article is about what Biglion is like as an employer. We intentionally did not pay attention to what partner reviews are on the Internet about Biglion, since this shows the efficiency of the coupon model as a whole, and not of a particular company.

Biglion Moscow employee reviews

Well, before what kind of employer Biglion is, it can be noted that at the moment several hundred people work here all over the country. It provides an opportunity for young specialists to realize themselves, gain relevant experience and continue to grow up the career ladder. That alone deserves respect. And the presence of a large number of partners, which is gradually growing, indicates the successful activity of the company in the market.


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