Shooting complex "Object": address, description, reviews

Shooting as an independent sport has settled in our country for a long time. The first competitions in Russia are considered held in 1898 in Khabarovsk. The local population received Berdan rifles as a means of protection against wild animals, causing great losses to farms. It was these competitions that became the beginning for such events in the country.

Fortunately, today there is no need to specifically kill animals or, even worse, to wage war. But sometimes you want to experience the emotions of shooting, or just to practice shooting sports.

shooting complex

At the moment, in Russia, and throughout the world there is a huge number of different shooting galleries, where professionals work. They will teach accuracy and excellent possession of weapons. But just shooting with what shoots is not enough. It is important to have at least a small idea of ​​the different types of weapons. It is he who should first be given attention. And the beginner should know what types of shooting do exist. We will talk about this, as well as about the largest shooting club "Object" in this article.

shooting complex

About modern weapons

Every day the weapon is improved, becoming more reliable. His new types and models appear. First of all, weapons are necessary in a combat situation and during military service.

What they don’t shoot today: pistols, automatic grenade launchers, rifles ... Modern weapons and equipment undergo constant changes and improvements. Thanks to this, they become reliable. The country needs a strong army, it is impossible to provide it without good weapons and equipment. That's all for military purposes, but a fairly large percentage of people prefer shooting as a sport. Many even have weapons, but it doesn’t matter if they shoot real live or single ammunition.

Quite a long time ago, special complexes began to appear, where you can learn shooting from various types of weapons. Let's talk about one of them. The largest world complex "Object" was built in Russia, in the city of Moscow. Practical shooting is exactly the sport on which the "Object" is based. Let's try to figure out what kind of sport it is.

Practice shooting

This sport dates back to the 50s in California, and then became widespread in other countries. Competitions in this sport today are held around the world. Their goal is to ensure the safe, but at the same time accurate operation of firearms by civilians. Somewhere in about 60 different countries, this shooting is being actively implemented. By the way, this sport is recognized as independent relatively recently, namely in 2006. Many shooting ranges are based on practical shooting. The Object ’shooting complex is very popular.

About the biggest dash

This complex is the largest closed not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

shooting complex object on the Ring Road
When implementing this large-scale project, the goal was to provide the latest technology. Comfort and safety - these are the two main advantages of training in this shooting complex. Therefore, one should not be surprised at why the “Object” is so popular among shooters.

Shooting complex "object": address, operating mode

It is important to note that you can practice at the club at any time of the year. This club has a lot of opportunities for sports, active leisure and just a cozy atmosphere. There is a shooting complex "Object" on the Moscow Ring Road, at the 17th kilometer, namely in the city of Dzerzhinsky, on Energetikov street, 50. The current contact phone number can be found on the official website. The working hours of the sports club are: Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., weekends - from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Official site

About the complex

As already mentioned, the creation of the "Object" shooting complex was one of the most ambitious global projects. And here it is created.

shooting complex price object
Convenient, practical and the biggest club is the dream of any shooter. What does it include? To place all the equipment necessary for shooting, and to make the club as spacious as possible, it took 12,000 m2 - this is exactly the area the shooting complex has.

Specifically, the shooting zone currently has an area of ​​3500 m 2 . The complex includes 7 galleries for shooting and its individual directions; own store of weapons and equipment, where there is everything necessary for shooting; a cozy cafe where shooting galleries are broadcast; place for training possession of civilian weapons; large venues as a venue for corporate events; spacious wardrobe, divided into female and male parts. The most interesting is a huge room for children, equipped with modern computers.

It is worth noting that during the lesson there is the opportunity to fire 180 degrees, which, of course, makes shooting even more interesting.

Shooting club "Object" is not only a spacious sports complex, but also convenience at the entrance to it. Near the "Object" is a car wash and a large parking lot with 100 seats.

Prices in the shooting complex "Object"

As for the cost, an hour of classes will cost a considerable amount. The club is quite popular and the best in the world, so the price is justified by quality. In addition to renting the necessary weapons, the price includes training with an experienced instructor. Engage in the "Object" have the opportunity not only adults but also children. Prices of children's courses are approximately equal to adults.

The cost of a shot starts at 20 p. A training course will cost an average of 3.5 thousand rubles.


Shooting sport is not only very interesting, but also useful. A man was engaged in shooting in ancient times, even then weapons became a necessity. Psychologists claim that today shooting is like a self-preservation instinct caused by genes and a great way to realize yourself.

shooting complex object address

But shooting should not be equated with dangerous sports. Over the long history of shooting sports, there has not been a single accident involving a firearm. Most equates this sport with chess, it is so safe.

According to customers, the Object shooting range is a great place to spend time both for shooting athletes and just for shooters. You just need to come to this club and plunge into the atmosphere of shooting sports, because he will not leave indifferent even those who have not the slightest relation to weapons.


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