How to make a device for collecting apples with your own hands

When it comes time to collect fruits from tall trees, the most beautiful and ripe are so high that even with the help of a stepladder it is impossible to reach them. Of course, at the same time, you can use a long stick, with which help the fruits get off. Some summer residents shake the trees, but the apples are damaged and lose their attractive appearance. An alternative solution is to use an apple picker. If it is not at hand, and you don’t want to spend money on the acquisition, then you can make such a tool in a short time yourself. As a result, it will be possible to obtain a fruit remover, which will not differ in terms of efficiency of use from what was produced in a factory.

The choice of design features before manufacturing

If we consider fruit stands, then they can be divided into several groups. The first of these is tools that are equipped with cutters at the end of the bar. With the help of this supplement, it is possible to cut the stem, and the apple will fall into the container, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the cutter. Such a device for collecting apples has a movable knife, which is driven by a special traction. Working with such a device is quite tedious, since the cutter is located on the rod, or rather, on its long shoulder. This creates extra weight, which is quite decent. A device for collecting apples can belong to the second group, whose instruments resemble a mechanical arm equipped with fingers. The latter are made of wire. After the apple or pear is captured with the help of special fingers, the latter are clamped by traction, and the fruit is in the container. This action is performed using traditional twine. This is what allows you to tear the fetus. As a minus of this tool, one can distinguish that, together with a pear or apple, the branch itself can break off.

apple picker

The third group of fruit raisers

If you are going to make a device for collecting apples, then you can take as a basis the third group, which is the most common by design features. Such structures are made of elastic lightweight plastic or fabric. And the shape of the product is a bowl equipped with petals. A special container should be attached to a wooden pole. Apples are removed by a fairly simple rotation of the pole around an axis that is oriented along. The foot is then trimmed by the tool petals.

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Preparation for the manufacture of a fruit ring

A device for collecting apples from a tree should be made only after you have chosen one of the proposed ideas. The third variety will form the basis of the simplified design of the tool for the assembly of fruits. First you need to prepare a plastic bottle. If you are going to collect quite impressive fruits in size, then the volume of the container within 2 liters is suitable, while for medium-sized apples or pears, a bottle with a volume of 1.5 liters is suitable. Each summer resident will surely find such bottles available.

DIY apple picker

Process technology

If you are going to carry out a device for collecting apples with your own hands, then the bottom of the bottle must be cut off, and then make an angular cut. It will be convenient to use both a knife and scissors. The above cut along the bottle can be made on the opposite side.

After the bowl has been prepared, it must be attached to the pole, the last of which can be a long light rail. Fixation can be done using wire or self-adhesive tape. After this, it can be considered that the fruit picker is ready for operation. To use it, the tool must be brought down from the bottom of the pear or apple, and then rotate around the axis. This will allow you to cut the leg of the fetus using the cutout, which is located on the instrument. The apple will be in the bottle, which at the same time is capable of playing the role of a collecting container and the function of a cutter. A similar device for collecting apples from a plastic bottle can be used without lowering the container for some time. One bottle can fit several fruits.

device for collecting apples from a plastic bottle

Making a stand from a bottle and fishing line

Before you make a device for collecting apples, you need to decide on the design features of the future tool. The basis can be the same plastic bottle, a mop handle, which is sometimes replaced with a PVC pipe or ski pole, as well as a fishing line. The length of the latter can vary from 2.5 to 3 meters. You will need scissors and an awl.

how to make an apple picker

Manufacturing process

To begin with, it will be necessary to make the so-called enough, which is made from a plastic bottle. The bottom of the container must be cut so that it looks like a crown. Two holes are made in each petal, for this you can use an awl or hole punch. The next step is to give the product tenacity. To do this, use a fishing line, which is pulled through the neck into a container so that its upper end is threaded into each hole in a circle. You need to bring the line back through the neck. This will allow you to get a bottle that is bottomless. Two long ends will come out through the neck.

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At the next stage, the holder will be fixed, in the role of which a full PVC pipe should be used. Double fishing line from the bottle must be passed through the hole in the holder, leading out from the back. If the mop handle has a removable handle, then this is a good solution. The ends of the fishing line are to be fixed to this part of the holder. Two holes are made in the handle, into which the fishing line is threaded, the ends are fixed on the other side by a stretch. The handle is then put back on the handle. If you make devices for collecting pears and apples, it is important to assemble the entire structure so that the plastic bottle is tightly attached to the holder. The cropped edges of the bottle are bent. In this case, you need to make grasping movements. This is the principle of fruit collection using this tool. If the mop is deprived of a removable part, then you need to eliminate its end, while you should step back 10 cm. On the sides you need to make two holes where the ends of the fishing line are threaded. After they need to be fixed among themselves, and then connected.

Recommendations of an experienced summer resident

For a PVC pipe, several bottle caps can be used as a handle. If you use ten covers, making a hole in the central part of each with an awl, then the free ends of the fishing line can be passed through the caps, fixing them on the last. For stability of the covers, you need to glue them together or make a knot by placing it on the inside of the first cover. This will allow you to get a fairly convenient removable handle made of caps. In this case, it is necessary to use the same technology as in the case of the handle from the mop.

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If you decide to make a device for collecting apples from the ground, then you can use one of the above technologies. However, it may be necessary to place the bottle not along the holder stick, but at a certain angle. This will allow you to collect up to four apples in one container, depending on size, and then pour a bucket of them. One of the listed devices is simple enough to make yourself. To do this, you don’t even have to visit the store in order to purchase materials.


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