Why is it hot and cold in winter in summer?

We are used to the fact that the seasons are changing. Winter is replaced by spring after it - summer, and there is autumn already ... For us this is a common occurrence.

Change in temperature

In winter, we freeze from the cold. And in the summer it’s hot for us. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of heat. However, the transition period when the temperature becomes most comfortable for us, as a rule, does not last very long. And there comes a hot, dry summer. A fairly sharp change in the temperature regime occurs.

It's hot in summer

As a rule, we are busy with our daily affairs and do not think about why this happens. Why is it cold in winter, hot in summer? What influences such a change of seasons?

Why is winter cold?

From school years, we all know that our Earth revolves around the Sun and around its own axis. Naturally, during the movement of the planet is either approaching the Sun, or vice versa - moving away from it.

We have such a stereotype that winter comes when the Earth is at the farthest distance from a source of heat and light. But it is not so. After all, there is another important factor - the tilt axis of the Earth.

winter cold summer hot

It passes through the North and South Pole. It turns out that when the angle of inclination moves the northern hemisphere away from the star, the day becomes short, the rays of the sun glide along the tangent and warm the surface not so well. As a result of this, winter comes to us.

Why is it hot in the summer?

But in the summer everything is quite the opposite. As soon as the northern part of the Earth is at the closest distance from the Sun, it receives a huge number of rays, daylight increases, air temperature increases very quickly, summer comes.

hot dry summer

In the summer, the rays of the sun fall on the earth's surface almost perpendicularly. Therefore, energy is more concentrated and heats the soil very quickly. Because the summer is hot, a lot of sun. In winter, the sun's rays seem to glide over the surface, they can not warm up neither the soil nor the water. The air remains cold.

It turns out that in the summer the energy flow falling on the Earth’s surface is much stronger and larger, and in winter it becomes smaller and weaker ... Temperature indicators depend on this. In addition, we know that in summer the daylight hours are much longer than in winter. So, the Sun has a lot of time to warm the surface of the Earth.

Belt change of seasons

If summer comes in the northern hemisphere, then in the southern hemisphere it is winter, because at that time it is far from the Sun. The same thing happens in the second half of the year: in the southern hemisphere it becomes much warmer and even hot, and in the northern winter.

Meanwhile, in different zones of the Earth completely different climatic conditions. This is due to the proximity or distance from the equator. The closer to it, the hotter the climate, and vice versa, the farther away from it, the colder climatic conditions.

summer weather

In addition, many factors influence the weather. This is proximity to the sea, and altitude relative to the level of the oceans. Indeed, in the mountains it’s quite cool even in summer, and on the peaks, even in the heat there is snow.

Of course, the equator is an imaginary line running through the center of the earth. But it is located closest to the Sun, regardless of the inclination of the axis of our planet. It is for this reason that regions near the equator are constantly weary of excess energy. The temperature here does not drop below twenty-four degrees. It's not only hot in the summer. In our understanding, there is no winter at all. The sun's rays fall to the surface near the equator almost at right angles, which gives the earth's surface in this region the maximum amount of light and heat.

Climate warming

Summer weather always pleases us with warmth, plenty of sunny days, long daylight hours. However, every season an abnormally hot weather is established for some time in regions uncharacteristic of such temperatures. This instantly causes talk of "global warming." Scientists argue a lot about this issue. Some draw directly threatening pictures of the future of this phenomenon. Others see nothing wrong with that. However, still everyone is trying to unravel the cause of this phenomenon. There are a lot of assumptions. But there is no single reliable and correct. Therefore, you just need to enjoy the summer heat and the sun, the sea and flowers, the river and hot sand. After all, summer is passing so fast. And too hot weather can be tolerated, it's worth it. But how much wonderful things awaits us at this time, nature attracts us to relax and enjoy life.

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