Home-made sawmill: manufacturing options

The most popular material for any area of ​​human activity is wood. Therefore, every resident of a small village or town knows that it is very difficult to carry out construction work without woodworking equipment. Despite the fact that the modern construction market is flooded with various models of woodworking machines, the zealous owner always thinks about a home-made sawmill and options for making it on his site.

Types of woodworking devices

Depending on the cutting tool used, sawmills are divided into several types:

  • disk
  • tape
  • tire;
  • devices from a chainsaw.

The choice of a home-made sawmill depends entirely on the wishes of the owner, the nature of the planned woodworking operations and, of course, the possibility of material costs for the construction of such equipment.

Features and varieties of circular sawmills

Due to its high productivity, it is disk machines that have received the highest distribution, and besides, such devices significantly increase the standard processing capabilities of wooden products.

Homemade circular sawmill

The main purpose of self-made circular sawmills is high-quality and quick cutting of any type of wood. At the same time, models of this type, depending on the nature of the work and the design features of the unit, can be divided into the following types:

  1. An angular sawmill containing both one and two saw blades. This device is capable of cutting in two directions and has no idle mode. At large industrial enterprises, because of their high productivity, double-disc machines are most often used. At home, you can create a functional home-made disk power - saw bench with your own hands, which will significantly reduce material costs for equipment.
  2. Horizontal sawmill is considered the most popular because of its relatively small size, so it can be moved to various objects. High quality wood processing is achieved due to the high speed of rotation of the disk, which almost completely eliminates material damage and the formation of various depressions on the surface. Sawing is carried out in two directions due to the lack of idling in the unit.
Homemade circular sawmill

The choice of the necessary design depends on the necessary functions of woodworking and its scope.

Disk assembly design

The process of creating a home-made sawmill is quite simple, and even with minimal skills and experience it is easy to implement the installation of such a unit in your area.

The sawmill contains:

  • a motor designed to rotate the disk;
  • cutting disk device;
  • bed with a carriage for moving the engine.

If the carriage is carried out both along and across the table, then it is possible to cut the tree both vertically and horizontally.

Double disc factory sawmill

Device bed

After you have collected the necessary material: construction goats, boards, motor, metal plates and fasteners - you can proceed with the assembly of a home-made sawmill.

The main steps are as follows:

  1. The carrier frame is assembled; for this, prefabricated construction goats are connected by boards.
  2. Next, metal plates that are pre-twisted together must be firmly attached to the base.
  3. Then you need to install a movable carriage with an engine.

The plates must be fixed with a small gap through which a groove must be made. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that the saw does not touch the walls of the base. The next step is to install the cutting disc.

Making a disc

The easiest option and more reliable will be the purchase of a cutting disc in any hardware store. But if there is a suitable workpiece, then you can turn it into a saw blade yourself. Only need to be responsible for the parameters of such a product. The thickness of the workpiece should be at least 3 mm and a diameter of about 500 mm.

The sawing angle must be created about 30 degrees, and the return stroke should not exceed 15 degrees. The teeth need to be made of carbide inserts or drills.

The disk is mounted under the bed, and the shaft end must be placed in the middle of the hole.

The device of the power-saw bench

The main purpose of a homemade tire sawmill is to conduct longitudinal sawing of wood to produce a beam, edged and unedged boards, battens. Of course, home-made structures are made mainly for processing small batches of lumber, as well as for obtaining non-standard billets of a special size.

For the installation of such a design does not need a lot of area, so it is easy to place it on a limited plot of land. There are stationary machines, powered by an electric network. As well as home-made sawmills with a gasoline engine, which can easily be moved to any place of wood processing.

Gasoline-powered tire sawmill

The sawmill consists of the following parts:

  • bearing frame;
  • emphasis of a log;
  • mobile trolley;
  • a motor;
  • carriages;
  • chainsaws and tires.

Self-made bus device

It is better to make the sawmill bed from two steel channels with a height of 14 cm and a length of up to 8 m. The blanks must have a perfect straight shape so that the device works without failures. Rails can be used for these purposes.

To strengthen the structure every 1.5 meters, it is necessary to install special ties from a metal pipe. To give even more rigidity to the bed, it should be placed along the length and the braces should be well fixed.

The mobile trolley is made of a steel plate 4-6 mm thick. The length of the plate will depend on the overall size of the motor used. When the trolley is ready, it is necessary to select the clamping plates and gaskets. They are designed for easy movement of the entire device. To eliminate lateral play, you will need to fix the stop angle to the trolley. Free movement of the cart is carried out on bearings or rollers.

An aluminum profile with two straps is pressed onto the drive shaft of the engine. When you turn on the power of the engine, the force from it is transmitted to the pulley located on the sawing bracket. Pulleys with a diameter of 80 mm can be used from a walk-behind tractor. The force is transmitted to the saw chain via an asterisk, shaft and driven pulley.

Band Sawmill

Basically, a band-type sawmill is designed for sawing logs of various diameters into edged or unedged boards, but more powerful home-made sawmills are great for creating a beam. The design of the band sawmill is appreciated by the zealous owners for the opportunity to minimize the loss of timber during its processing. A rather narrow saw seam allows you to reduce the loss of logs on sawdust.

Homemade Band Sawmill

When deciding to make a home-made tape power-saw bench with your own hands, you need to determine exactly which option is preferable. There are two main types:

  1. Option with a movable trolley that moves during the sawing process along the guides.
  2. The fixed placement of the cutting tool has a major drawback. To move the logs during the cutting process, the dimensions of the entire sawmill will have to be doubled, which is not always rational at home.

It must be borne in mind that the band-type sawmill has a large weight and dimensions, therefore it is desirable to install the structure on the foundation.

Manufacturing Features

In principle, the manufacturing process of the carrier frame of the band sawmill is very similar to a bus device.

The difference from the tire sawmill is that it cuts the wood with a movable cutting tape, which is driven by an electric motor. The tape is fixed on the driving and driven pulleys and moves strictly horizontally.

Sawing cutting tape

To obtain a quality cut, you must constantly monitor the tension of the cutting blade. For this purpose, a special spring-screw mechanism is arranged. On the pulleys, the cutting tape is fixed by means of two locks, which must have a high degree of reliability.

Chainsaw sawmill

The nature of the operation of such a power-saw bench is like a tire-type device. But the main feature of a home-made chainsaw from a chainsaw is that the tool does not lose its primary purpose. With a chainsaw you can perform any construction work or use the saw as a cutting mechanism for a sawing device.

The base of a homemade gasoline sawmill must be securely fixed to prevent vibration. Oscillations are able to create a supporting frame on which the chainsaw is mounted.

Chainsaw home sawmill

Parts of the base are installed in level and always in parallel so that the saw bracket does not have free play. Then the rail is fastened to the base.

A long frame is installed inside the rail structure to fix the log being processed in a stable position. The fastening of the log is made partial or end, so that the tire with the chain can make a cut.

The movable part serves as the installation site for the saw. On the platform, the saw is held by special clamps.

Of course, a self-made sawmill has less functional qualities than factory-made equipment, but a professional tool has a very high cost. Therefore, many lean owners try to make a cutting device with their own hands.

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