The establishment - what is it? Value and Representatives

There is such a strict aristocratic and bourgeois word "establishment." What does this mean? Although today it is not often used in speech, let's still figure it out.


It came to us from the English language: the tracing-sheet was simply removed from the word “establishment,” which in translation means “foundation” or “establishment”. This is the meaning of the word "establishment."

In what cases is used

The establishment is called the ruling circles, the political and financial elites, the elite, the elite of society, shaping and influencing public opinion.

establishment what is it

Despite the fact that this term is applicable to all those in power without exception, its original and “natural” purpose is to define and designate a group of people from the political environment. “Political establishment” is an established phrase that was used when they wanted to outline a circle of people in the conversation who are “making” politics and are in state power.

In the USSR and other communist countries, the term "establishment" (due to understandable ideological considerations) has never been used anywhere. However, the phenomenon itself existed, but the term “nomenclature” was used to designate it. By him they meant the bosses of the ruling Communist Party.

Role in the state

establishment value

The meaning of the word "establishment" is more or less clear. But how is it integrated into society?

In any country or even in a tribe, the concept is structured according to the established hierarchy in this enclave. So the establishment is that which is always at the very top of this structure. This, so to speak, is a separate society in society, or rather, society over society.

Moreover, it is often impossible to personalize it in detail (when it comes to a full-fledged state), it is so branched, blurry and deepened into all branches of government, including the management of the economy, finance, trade, supervision of the performance of their functions of state bodies, as well as in the media.

Separate caste

The establishment - what is it? This is the estate, caste of all types of power, which completely influences and determines the present and future of the country, respectively, and formats the life of its population (although people themselves often do not realize this).

However, the establishment may arise in any cultural sector or economy. It can even exist in an ordinary production enterprise. And everyone will know that under this word executive and financial directors, engineers, top managers, chief financiers, accountants and lawyers are “coded”. In a word, people in leadership positions.

meaning of the word establishment

It should be noted that in countries with a corrupt model of governance, the establishment circle also includes oligarchic clans and “auxiliary” branches serving the interests of the government (prosecutors, television, law enforcement agencies, etc.).

History knows many examples of riots and revolutions, the purpose of which was the overthrow of the established establishment. Sometimes it worked (but then the revolutionaries themselves eventually became the same "establishment"), more often than not. Because they bore nothing but nihilism.

European establishment

Its significance in the politics of all (and not only) European countries is enormous. It is represented by leading and prominent politicians, presidents, prime ministers, and managers of various departments of the European Union. Of course, among them are Jose Manuel Durao Barroso (President of the European Commission), Baroness Ashton of Apholland - Catherine Margaret Ashton (EU Representative for Security and Foreign Affairs), Herman Van Rompuy (President of the European Council), Angela Merkel (Federal Chancellor of Germany), Stefan Fule (EU Enlargement Commissioner), Anders Fogh Rasmussen (NATO Secretary General), Martin Schulz (President of the European Parliament), as well as David Cameron, Francois Hollande, Donald Tusk and others.

political establishment

The American establishment - what is it?

A completely different kind of elite is emerging in the society of this country. These are people with a privileged education, extraordinary intelligence, a prominent social position, financial condition, and not leading an idle lifestyle.

They are united by the same concepts and perceptions of personal, social and social values, people with immoral (in their opinion) outlooks on life and norms of behavior are closed to their formed caste. So, they do not accept racists, anti-Semites, homophobes, snobs, mercantile cynics, and rich and old rich money (nouveaux riches and money-grubbers) scattering money right and left. Their purpose is to create and transmit to society new codes and standards of behavior, including social and national tolerance, a “calm” attitude to ownership of material values, the desire for charity and real (rather than formal, as it was with the old elites) service to society.

The new US establishment was formed by Bill Gates, Stephen Jobs, Tina Brown, Tim Russert, Al Gore, Ken Burns, David Geffen, Maureen Dowd, Stephen Jay Gould, John McCain, Bill Bradley, Lou Reed, Steve Case.

Here is more or less everything about the term "establishment." What it is and who they call it, you now know.


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