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When the Russian Basketball Federation began its development, Sergey Chernov was listed as its president, from whom the Federal Reserve Bank received many benefits and many victories. His merits before the Russian sport are invaluable. After the collapse of the USSR, even in the context of perestroika, RBF President Sergei Chernov did a great job to ensure that the men's team once again takes its place among the basketball elite in the world community.

Sergey Chernov

Merits of Chernov in the world of basketball

Sergei Chernov, whose biography began even during the USSR (born June 5, 1951 in Moscow), became not just a basketball player, but also earned the title of coach and was named an honored worker of physical education in Russia. He also received the title of professor and doctor of pedagogical sciences. Since 2003, Sergey Viktorovich took the honorary presidency of the RSE.

In 2008, the coach became part of the VTB United League as the chairman of the council, and since 2006, as the vice president of the European FIBA. In 2010, the coach was invited to the FIBA ​​Central Bank. These are well-deserved awards for achievements in the world of domestic basketball, because Sergey Chernov played an important role at all stages of the reform of the basketball world of Russia, which began back in the 90s.

Sergey Chernov is a basketball player who owns the initiative of reorganization at the root of the basketball Federation. His goal was to create an organization that combines the institutes for the development of basketball among children and youth, as well as in professional circles, the level of which is not inferior to European clubs and international organizations.

Sergey Chernov basketball

Significant financial investments were received and a modern material base was formed for organizing tournaments of international scale with obtaining high results and gaining prestige by the national teams.

Youth and first steps in sports

Sergey Chernov achieved unsurpassed results as an outstanding manager in the world of sports. He spent his childhood years, like most children of that time. From the biography of the athlete it is known that he was born in a family of ordinary people of working professions. A father from the village of Ulyanki, having graduated from the Moscow Federal University, worked as a factory mechanic.

Despite a radically different direction in life, Viktor Nikiforovich was also a respected person, a leader and became a deputy in the Moscow workers' council, which can also be called a consequence of managerial talent and the ability to get along with people. It was these qualities that were also inherent in Chernov Jr.

The trainer's mother was an accountant at the Krasny Oktyabr confectionery factory. But the grandmother had a greater influence on the upbringing of Sergey. The athlete graduated from the 540th school, where he often liked to watch the training of basketball players of the local section. The attempt to get into the team failed due to the small age of the student.

Sergey Chernov basketball player

But after 2 years the little boy remembered by the coach was invited to the basketball section by Y. Y. Ravinsky, being already a player of the youth football school. In the future, Sergei still combined two sports, until he finally made a decision by choosing basketball.

Athlete's short career

Soon, Sergei became the captain of the basketball team of the Moscow School of Sports. He also played for the youth team, along with him such famous players as Belov Alexander and Mercy Valery took to the field. Soon, a talented young man received the title of master of sports, but his sports career was not so long.

Already at the age of 18, meniscus damage and tearing of the leg ligaments blocked the further path to sports. This was a difficult test, which forced the young man to reconsider all plans for the future. So player Sergey Chernov left the sport, while basketball got a promising coach in return. While still a student, Chernov in 1969 was offered to become a mentor by the then president of the USSR Basketball Federation N.V. Semashko Thus, a new assistant coach appears in the Petrel team.

The first successful coaching abroad

Chernov took up full-fledged coaching after graduating from the institute in 1972. As a coach of the Youth Sports School, he trained more than 15 masters of sports, among them 5 athletes met international standards, and 4 players of the women's national basketball teams were among the winners of the championships at European and world level. Since 1980, he began to replace the director of the same Sports School.

Sergey Chernov RBF

In 1983, Chernov signed a contract, according to which he became the head coach of the men's national team of Mauritania. Under the leadership of the new coach, the athletes won the African championship in a couple of months. Immediately, he created a junior team and opened children's basketball clubs.

Return to Moscow and RBF

Chernov returned to his homeland in 1985, receiving the place of coach of the national women's team. A year later, his team got to the world championship, and the trainer himself was offered the position of Gostrener of the Union. In a new role, Sergey Viktorovich led the team to receive gold from the Olympics. It was the peak of Chernov’s coaching career.

1991 was marked by the new position of Vice President of the Basketball Federation of the Soviet Union and its Executive Director. When the Union collapsed and the Federation was abolished, Chernov was offered to become a coach in the national team again, this time in Kuwait, but he only managed to assemble his team of trainers when he was appointed to the post of head of the economic and financial division of the Russian Sports Federation.

Reforms in basketball and their happy consequences

Since 1993, Sergey Chernov also took the place of executive director. With him, the RBF won champion titles in Europe 8 times and 12 times in the world. At this post, Chernov tried to do everything possible to reform the outdated system of domestic basketball. With his hands in 1994, the Higher, First and Men's Super League were founded, and then in the 96th women's and in 2003 the children's.

RBF President Sergey Chernov

Thanks to Chernov’s changes, domestic basketball has really become professional. Famous players from world teams consider it prestigious to play for Russian clubs, and the National Championship has earned recognition and authority among European and world clubs. Club CSKA invariably falls into the prestigious Final Four of the European League ULEB.

Victories in the world arena

Under Chernov, CSKA in 2006 regained the Euroleague Cup, and this after a 35-year hiatus. Dynamo Petersburg has achieved unprecedented success, which has changed from a newcomer to the owner of the 2005 European Cup. The list of achievements of domestic basketball also includes the Silver Basket, the Northern League Cup, the European Cup that Spartak won, and the Challenge Cup.

However, not only sporting achievements became pleasant consequences of Chernov’s activity as a leader. Many modern basketball arenas, sports centers, palaces and other institutions were built. The idea of ​​publishing the sports periodical "Planet of Basketball" also belonged to Sergey Viktorovich.

Sergey Chernov, biography

Teaching Achievements

From 2006 to 2010, Sergey Chernov also combines his presidency with membership in the FIBA ​​Commission at world competitions. Since 2008, he begins to chair the board of VTB United League, which he sees as a possible replacement for the Super League.

For all his active sports activities, in 2006 Chernov also became a doctor (academic title) of pedagogical sciences, and was chosen as the head of the educational department of basketball theory and methodology of the RSUFKiT. The Higher School of Basketball Coaches was opened immediately. Under the guidance of the manager, seminars are organized for coaches of children's teams, which are designed to solve the problem of training young talents.

Sergey Chernov photo

A youth basketball association (IBA) was also organized for young athletes, including children aged 12–13. For this enormous contribution to the youth’s sports education, the title “Excellence in Physical Culture and Sports” and also government signs for his services to sports culture was given to Sergei Chernov. A photo of an outstanding coach always shows him as an open person, no doubt in his place.

Corruption scandal and resignation

In an effort to improve Russian basketball for the better, one problem was still not solved by Chernov - poor quality judges in some matches of the Super League A. In May 2010, an audio recording was released before the match Dynamo (Moscow) - Lokomotiv-Kuban, which led to a major corruption scandal.

Sergey Viktorovich decided to resign as executive director of the Super League basketball. Soon Super League A itself was liquidated due to the withdrawal of 10 leading clubs from it and a Department was created to organize and conduct the championship of Russia. And in the fall of 2010 Sergey Viktorovich left the presidency due to his active work in the FIBA ​​Central Bureau, where he still works.


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