The best cruise companies: description and reviews

Vacation aboard the liner - today this dream comes true for thousands of Russians. Cruise companies have significantly expanded the range of destinations and price offers, so now everyone can find something that he can not only taste, but also afford. However, the question of which of the companies to entrust their vacation and life is always acute. For the tourist, not only the route is important, but also safety, the level of service, living conditions on board, the attitude of the staff and the quality of food. This article will list cruise companies whose services are valued by consumers around the world. Let's start with Russian firms, and then move on to world-famous stars.

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Atlantis Online

If you are interested in traveling to distant cities and exotic countries, then here you will definitely find everything you want. Not all cruise companies provide their tourists with this choice of destinations. In this case, you can book sea cruises around the world, Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. And for one such trip there is the opportunity to visit dozens of countries and exotic ports, as well as breathe plenty of sea air.

Atlantis-Line is the largest representative of the most famous companies in the world, including the giants of the tourism industry. According to tourists, it was this company that was recognized as the best tour operator and number 1 for sea cruises. All directions can not be listed, but as an example we give some of them. A Baltic cruise with a call to Helsinki, Stogkolm and return to St. Petersburg for a period of 7 days will cost 38 thousand rubles. Traveling to Italy, Greece and Croatia for 8 days costs 32 thousand. You can contact the managers by phone +7 (495) 787-25-10 or by dropping into an office located in Moscow, on the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya 23, p. 1.

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Best River Cruises

In fact, they are in no way inferior to marine ones, on the contrary, they have their own charm. Cruise companies in Russia most often offer a large number of travel options along the rivers of our great country. Such a vacation is especially recommended for those who prefer to combine cognitive relaxation with comfort. And one of the best in this industry is considered the orthodoxy tour operator. A world-famous cruise company offers you a unique opportunity to visit several Russian cities at once, without tiring trips. Judging by the reviews of tourists, they rate the activities of this company very highly. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The price of the ticket already includes food and entertainment, that is, you only have to unpack the suitcase once and enjoy your vacation, regardless of how many countries and cities you visit.

Separately, I want to note the fleet, which is owned by "Orthodox". The cruise company offers you a vacation on one of the nine comfortable ships, each of which is a real floating hotel. They are equipped with a large number of comfortable cabins, restaurants and bars, sun loungers on decks where you can sunbathe, and beauty salons. The trip is built in such a way that every day you go for a walk around the new city, and then returns to the ship, where you will have dinner and rest. Cruises are mostly made from Moscow or St. Petersburg. In six days you can visit a large number of ancient cities, including Yaroslavl and Uglich, Mandrgi and Goritsy. The cost of the trip starts from 33 000 rubles (in a cabin with a window designed for one person).

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Cruise companies of St. Petersburg

It is the capital cities of Russia that are distinguished by an abundance of tour operators who specialize in cruise vacations. Today, it is becoming increasingly popular, as it is a budget option for traveling to a large number of countries. A person who has never traveled abroad can be confused by a large number of options. And such a tour will allow you to visit immediately a dozen cities, so the next time you already know exactly where to go. Let's look at the largest and most famous of them.


First of all, I want to talk about the best cruise companies in St. Petersburg. These include, without a doubt, Infoflot. Founded in 2003, the company did not change its core profile. River cruises were and is her main specialization, and the accumulated experience and knowledge allows us to improve services every year. The company works with all the leading cruise operators in Russia. At the same time, the base of offers totals about 3000 flights to navigation on more than 100 motor ships. The majestic and comfortable “Dmitry Furmanov”, “Alexander Benois”, “Nekrasov”, “Karl Marx” and “Vasily Chapaev” are at the service of tourists.

Judging by the reviews of tourists, they are primarily attracted to the full cycle of tourist services. Comfortable cabins become the second home during the trip. To services of tourists - satellite television and restaurant food, a wide choice of the main and additional excursions and entertaining events. The routes of this company flow along most of the navigable rivers of Russia: the Volga, Kama, Oka, Don, Lena, Lake Ladoga, as well as other waterways of our country. It is Infoflot that annually collects a huge number of grateful reviews for a great vacation.

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Cruise companies in Russia today cannot be distinguished from European companies by the highest level of service. At the same time, the cost of tours compares favorably, and the opportunity to go on a cruise directly from your hometown cannot but rejoice. You are offered a choice of motor ships of different classes with a slightly different package of services. The class "Standard" is the motor ships "George Zhukov", "Alexander Suvorov", "Dzerzhinsky." The list of services includes a fixed set of sightseeing tours, a diet menu. The comfort class offers, in addition to the standard set of services, bottled water in cabins, a buffet breakfast and many additional excursions to choose from. If you like this option, then welcome aboard the ships "Lenin", "Mikhail Frunze", "Kronstadt."

At the same time, the comfort + class is waiting for you on the Nizhny Novgorod and Leonid Sobolev liners. In each cabin there is a refrigerator and a TV, as well as all the necessary cosmetics. Breakfast and lunch are served in buffet style. A choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Bottled water is brought to the cabins throughout the journey. Finally, premium class motor ships are Maxim Gorky and Alexander Pushkin. The list of services includes a public table with drinks and sweets, napkins and slippers in cabins, plus the entire set of services listed above.

The river cruise company offers a choice of a huge number of different directions. Tours from St. Petersburg to Valaam and Kizhi are very popular. Duration may vary, it depends on your capabilities. A stunning experience will give a tour of the Volga and Kama. And if you do not have time, then at your service weekend tours. You will remember this weekend for a long time. Of course, we are interested in the reviews of tourists who have already rested with this company. Numerous responses form a very flattering opinion about Vodohod. Tourists emphasize, starting from a great selection of tours and ending with the coordinated work of the staff - everything is thought out to the smallest detail. This makes it possible to spend your vacation exactly the way you wanted. Each tourist can count on an individual approach. You will definitely choose exactly the conditions that would suit you.

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Cruise fleet Rusich

Another cruise ship company, which is certainly trustworthy. Are you looking for affordable cruise vacation options in Russia? You can assume that your search is over. The company offers a journey on modern ships equipped with the latest technology. The comfortable ship Velikaya Rus, beloved by tourists, is equipped with modern mechanics and a navigation system, as well as fire safety equipment. It was this ship that was built taking into account the narrow locks through which the ship will have to go while traveling along the rivers. No less magnificent is the ship "Rodnaya Rus", which is also part of the company's fleet. These two snow-white liners will become the embodiment of your dreams. In 2006, the ship was modernized. And now it is a comfortable floating hotel.

All excursions guarantee a pleasant stay and at the same time give a lot of knowledge about their native country. In particular, it is the Rusich company that offers you unique tours: “In the wake of the Second World War”, “Eastern Peninsula Mingyshlak”, “Northern Pilgrims”, “Russian North”, “Solovetsky Express” and many others. Tourists emphasize that such a number of educational routes in which experienced guides give a lot of useful information are not provided by other cruise companies. Reviews also indicate that the organization of recreation is well thought out. You will not have to face unpleasant moments when the declared service cannot be provided because the administrators have missed something. Comfortable living conditions, quality food, evening entertainment and pre-planned excursions - all this creates a great impression of the time spent on board.

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Mediterranean travel

An excellent vacation and acquaintance with European countries offers you the cruise company MSC. It is part of the largest holding company, which since 1970 worked as a cargo transportation company, and then began to carry out sea cruises. First of all, the company offered routes in the Mediterranean. Subsequently, new flights and cruise liners were added. However, the Italian flavor remained unchanged. Judging by the reviews, all tourists were able to experience this special lightness with which you are met on board, to appreciate a varied and very beautiful vacation.

The MSC CRUISES cruise company offers its guests family vacation options. Children are very happy here, they are provided with free accommodation in a cabin with two adults. On the cruise liners of this company, Russian groups often gather, with or without accompaniment. In addition to the Mediterranean, there are tours in Africa and the Indian Ocean, Northern Europe, to the Canary Islands, to Morocco and South America, to the shores of the Caribbean islands.

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Indian Ocean Cruises

If you want to go to an overseas island, swim in the warm ocean and enjoy exotic beauties, then an ideal option would be a trip to Goa. Costa Cruise India offers you Indian Ocean tours. You are waiting for the magnificent Maldives, Colombo and Sri Lanka, a sea of ​​adventure and surprises. Judging by the reviews, it is these tours that are the most spectacular and vibrant. The cost of the cruise includes accommodation in a cabin of your choice, full board, access to the pool and gym, jacuzzi and sauna, sports grounds. In order for the evenings to take place brightly, especially for you there is animation, visiting music and dance shows on board. A fascinating journey called “Sparkling Nights” will last exactly two weeks. Its cost is 2600 euros, periodically the company announces discounts up to 50%.

The best companies in the world

The choice of a tour operator is a very responsible occupation, which you need to approach with all seriousness. We will now list the best cruise companies in the world, the rating of which was made based on the assessment of their activities directly by tourists. Royal Caribbean International opens our list. This company was formed through the merger of several Norwegian cruise operators. Today it has the most impressive fleet, consisting of 22 high-class airliners. These are not just motor ships, but huge floating entertainment complexes. The rating list also includes the flagship of the Freedom of the Seas fleet, which houses a pool with an artificial wave for surfers, a water park for children and adults, a jacuzzi that stands for the side of the liner. But that is not all. Imagine the possibility of entering the ice arena, tennis court, soccer or basketball field, theater and a disco - and all this on board the ship on the way to the Maldives.

Celebrity Cruises is another company that provides luxury routes. This is not a cheap pleasure, however, tourists claim that the highest service is fully consistent with the money spent. The company provides excellent food on board, and also focuses on exquisite decoration of cabins and deck rooms. Surprisingly, this is a relatively young company. It was founded in 1990. Today, she can be proud of her achievements, as she has repeatedly received prizes and awards. At the same time, the route network is another reason for pride. Celebrity Cruises liners, plowing the seas of all the continents of the world, offer weekend tours and large-scale trips, standard or very exotic of your choice.

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Budget options

Among the world giants of this segment of the business, there are not too many who adhere to an affordable pricing policy. An example is MSC Crociere, which has already been mentioned. This is a newcomer to the market, which quickly gained a reputation due to its modern fleet, Italian service and fairly low prices. But this is not the only company in its price segment. Princess Cruises is another universal operator that travels around the world. A unique difference from competitors is the presence of a good excursion package when entering the port, allowing tourists to visit amazing and interesting places. The company's fleet is based on 3 liners with a capacity of about 2,000 people, where tourists are waiting for an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Work on liners

Very often it is in Russia that the most famous cruise companies recruit personnel. Jobs are most often posted through the largest recruitment agencies. Therefore, if you are interested in such a job, you should take care of posting your resume. Today, work on liners is one of the most popular programs related to labor activity abroad, which provides consistently high earnings. Extensive geography of routes allows you to see almost the whole world. Such companies as Cruise liners such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Apollo, Cunard, Seabourn, Royal Carribean, Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and many others are consistently selected by staff in the CIS countries. Each of them has a reputation of a reliable employer who appreciates his employees and provides them with decent living conditions and a high level of wages. Therefore, if you want to see the whole world, and at the same time not only do not go broke on tickets, but also earn a decent amount, then this is an ideal option.


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