What can you play at home together? Fun games at home for two participants

It's no secret that children need attention. Sometimes adults wonder why a healthy, well-fed child is acting up. He just wants to attract attention in this way. It is worth playing an interesting game with the child , as instead of tears a smile appears in him, and a joyful laugh sounds in the house. Adults also sometimes do not mind playing. It is important to choose the right entertainment program for each age group.

what you can play at home together

What can you play at home with your child up to 2 years old

With the baby you need to talk a lot, show him home items, in a playful way to tell what it is. Some children are afraid of noisy household appliances, begin to cry when mom turns on the vacuum cleaner, mixer. Before you start using these home helpers, you need to play with the baby in the sounds. Tell your child that now the vacuum cleaner will make noise like this: "Rrrr." Let the child repeat these sounds with you. Before you start using the mixer, chew along with your favorite child. Such an entertaining game will appeal to the baby and will teach you not to be afraid of noisy appliances.

What can you play at home alone with a child of this age? Children of this age category are happy to collect and dismantle the pyramids. The game has an important function - it develops motor skills and thinking. Show young children how to fit suitable shapes into a drawer with a hole. The kid will certainly get carried away with this.

He will not be able to have fun with one game for a long time. After calm, play with him noisy and fun. You can swing the child on a home swing or right on his foot, while reciting familiar verses. If the mother needs to do household chores, she can put the baby in the high chair and play with him in the "Magpie-crow", in "Ladushki". Let him show with his fingers how he cooked forty gruel, how flies flew and sat on his head. Here's what you can play at home alone with the baby.

2 to 7

Children of this age already need more complex games. Girls like to play with dolls. Sit next to your daughter and show how to feed the dolls from the toy service, put them to bed. Kids of this age really like role-playing games. You can buy a child a game kitchen complex. There is a toy fridge, stove and even kitchen appliances for children. The baby will repeat everything after mom and grow up as a real hostess.

games for two at home

Boys like cars, airplanes. Some since childhood have shown the makings of real designers. With such children, you can play Lego, showing how to build a particular structure. Younger children buy large parts of the designer. For a son of 6-7 years, you can purchase parts and smaller ones. He will build a garage complex, bring his own vehicles there, put the little men who are also included, as he wants.

Kids also enjoy fun games at home for two. Hide in turn with a child an object, playing in the "cold-hot." Cheer your favorite child and hide and seek. It is amazing how many places in the apartment there are for this entertainment. If it happens in the country, then in the vast more.

funny home games for two

From 2 to 7: continue to have fun and develop

There are board games for two at home. Children like children's lotto with pictures, mosaic, threading the lace through figures of animals, plants. You can buy a baby a whole toy farm and show how to cope with it. It is interesting for the two of us to compose a story and play it in roles using figures or characters of a puppet theater.

Children of this age buy educational computers. With electronic intelligence, it is also interesting to play together. He will teach the kid to pronounce letters, write and read correctly. In a game form it is easy to learn the words of not only Russian, but also foreign languages.

The child will also play magnetic alphabet with pleasure. And the mother at the same time can continue to do business, telling the child what word he should make, and encouraging for the correct answer.

7 to 12 and older

games at home for two children

Now about what you can play at home together at that age. It can be puzzles. Buying them, you need to proceed from the nature of the child. Some almost for hours can collect large pictures from small details. For others, such an activity quickly bothers. For the latter group of children, it is advisable to purchase a puzzle consisting of several large parts. Collect the picture with the child, helping him.

Schoolchildren like games like Mafia and Monopoly. They can also be played together, as well as checkers, chess. This lesson is suitable not only for children, but also for adults. If two friends do not know what to do, then they can compete by playing these intellectual games.

Such a pastime trains memory, teaches logical thinking, like the next game. For her, depending on whether children or adults participate, 4-7 of any items are taken. One person remembers their location on the table and turns away, while the second at this time changes position or swaps 2-3 objects. The one who turned away must see and tell about the changes.

We play fun and wisely

At an older age, children are more and more attracted to computers. You can play with this miracle of technology, but try to have your son or daughter spend a little time behind him. Play computer games for two with your child. For example, in the Chronicles of Narnia. Together, you will pass tours faster and complete the task. After calm games - active.

board games for two at home

If the family has more than one child, then you can come up with games at home for two children (or more) right on the go. Let them compete after staying at the computer, who will squeeze 10 times faster or unscrew the old shelf with a screwdriver. This is more suitable for boys. Girls can cook something delicious for dinner. This is how the game will be combined with benefit.

Adults in games also often become children. Some worry when they lose. Two adults can play card games. There are many of them. Darts help show the accuracy of the eye. You can practice agility by playing Twister. At the same time, legs and hands are placed in circles of the same color as roulette showed. Domino is a great game for two adult participants. If two girlfriends are gathered, they can try to sing each other. That one, then the other will drag out the ditty.

Games for two at home: summarize the above

As you can see, for each age category there are their own games. Very young children enjoy playing with pyramids, soft toys. You can offer children musical lessons - to sing a song with them, to dance. Children of the older age group are thus unlikely to be entertained. They like intellectual pursuits. They are attracted to the computer. It is important not to allow the child to sit at the computer for a long time, but to try to distract him with other interesting activities. You can play cards with him, craft a model of a ship, an airplane together, and then test them in action by launching into the sky or sending a house in the bath to sail. Many people like the Young Chemist sets (astronomer, nerd). Adults will also find entertainment. You can start with the mobile game β€œTwister”, and end with a quiet one - chess or card.

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