River Station Togliatti: interesting attractions and excursions

In the summer, sometimes I really want to walk somewhere in Togliatti, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the scenery! The city, located in the Samara region, has many beautiful places where you can have a good time. One of them is the Togliatti River Station (Komsomolsky District). Here you can just walk along the promenade or buy a ticket for a walk, a tour of the Volga.

Pastime on the waterfront

Near the station building is the promenade. Here people have a good time with friends and children. There is a cafe on the promenade. You can look into it to rest from a walk, have a snack and enjoy cold drinks.

For fans of shooting with weapons on the embankment of the Togliatti River Station, a shooting gallery is working. And what kind of walk does without ice cream, a huge cotton candy on a stick and lemonade? You can buy these favorite treats at points of sale.

river station Togliatti

There is a playground on the promenade. Parents rent bicycles, inline skates and electric cars for themselves and their children. Families have fun and health while riding along the promenade. The Togliatti River Station also allows children to frolic on an inflatable trampoline.

A great way to relax and unwind after a hard and busy day is to play billiards. The river station building has everything you need for a comfortable game. They usually come here with friends to compete and show such qualities as prudence and assertiveness.

Walking along the Volga

The river station of Togliatti offers river walks to residents and guests of the city. Many people like this kind of pastime. Walking along the river provides an opportunity to relax from the bustle that reigns in the city, admire the grandeur of the Zhiguli Mountains.

To enjoy the river scenery, you must purchase a ticket at the station. Prices are pleasantly pleasing. You can go on a walking trip through the reservoir on a small "ohmic" for 1 or 2 hours on any day of the week - both on weekends and on weekdays.

Togliatti river station schedule

Many people go on a river trip as a family. The ships always have a friendly atmosphere, pleasant music plays. During the trip, you can be on the deck or sit at the table. Children will certainly enjoy riding the ohmic. Only good impressions will be left from the walk.

Excursions in Shiryaevo

Residents and guests of the city have the opportunity to visit the village of Shiryaevo. Organizes trips on motor ships of the Togliatti river station. Schedule of excursions should be clarified with employees. Trips last for 10 hours. On the way you can admire the Zhiguli mountains. Experienced guides tell many interesting stories.

Upon arrival in the village, tourists visit the museum complex. It includes the house-museum of Shiryaevets, the manor of Vdovin and the house-museum of Repin. Adventure lovers go to the Samarskaya Luka National Park and climb Mount Popova. At its peak is the sign of the Volga Bulgaria. It indicates that several centuries ago an ancient state was located here.

Excursion in Usolye

Another attraction of the Samara region is the village of Usolye. It was founded in the 16th century. The ships from the Togliatti River Station depart here. The duration of the excursion to the village of Usolye is 8 hours. The program includes acquaintance with the history of the Usolsky Territory in the Ulyanov Museum.

river station Togliatti Komsomolsky district

During the excursion, which is organized by the Togliatti River Station, tourists also visit the Usolsky estate of the Orlov-Davydovs, which is the oldest surviving in the region. On the estate there were farm buildings, a park and a palace complex. The famous architect Dementy Gilardi took part in the development of the development plan.

Residents and guests of the city, visiting the Togliatti River Station and using the services offered, have an interesting time. Someone just relaxes on the promenade, and someone gets acquainted with beautiful and interesting tourist routes, discovers something new about their hometown and the region.

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