Canada starts at the embassy. Embassy of Canada in Russia

The house starts at the doorstep, and immigration begins with a visit to the embassy. This statement is only half true. Rather, it will be said that the country begins with an embassy. The Canadian Embassy in Russia is the territory of another state. This is the place through which every immigrant or traveler who wants a visa will go through.

Embassy of Canada in Russia

Canada starts at the embassy

Canada is one of the most popular countries for immigration, because there are the most favorable immigration programs, as well as a high standard of living for the general population. This is a small American dream in similar to Russian conditions. The Government of Canada is very loyal to immigrants and provides them with all sorts of material and legal support. However, the path of a Russian immigrant begins in his native country.

There is a main embassy of Canada in Russia. The city of Moscow is ideal for hosting the main representative office there. However, the capital is not the only city where there is a piece of Canada. In St. Petersburg, there is the Consulate General of Canada. True, at the moment it is closed, but the Canadian side notes that this is a temporary measure.

It is too early to talk about what this measure is connected with, but it can be argued that the main Canadian embassy in Russia is overloaded. Passing the line is now very problematic. You can’t just take and visit the embassy. It is necessary to receive a personal invitation, and only then the passage will be open.

Embassy of Canada in Russia: address

The embassy described is located in the capital of Russia, the city of Moscow. And more precisely, in Starokonyushenny Lane, d. 23.

Embassy of Canada in Russia address

This location was not chosen by chance, because it is the very center of Moscow. The embassy is within walking distance from the metro stations Kropotkinskaya and Smolenskaya. It is also interesting that the road to it will take the same amount of time, and it does not matter which of these stations go out, since the building is located between them.

Having received the invitation, you need to prepare all the necessary documents in advance. The absence of some of them will force to make a visit for the same purpose again, and in the absence of a passport, the entrance to the territory of the Canadian Embassy in Russia will be completely closed. If there is no passport, you must present any other identification document. A photograph on it is required. For Canadian citizens, pre-registration is desirable but not required.

What should not be taken to the embassy?

For residents of St. Petersburg, in connection with the temporary closure of the Consulate General, as well as for residents of other cities, it is recommended to leave luggage in lockers. Entrance with hand luggage is strictly prohibited on the territory of the embassy. This rule does not apply only to small women's handbags.

The camera is also better not to take, because it is almost impossible to justify the need for its presence at the reception. However, if you can put up with this, then the next need is completely surprising. Canadian representatives recommend not taking any electronic devices with you. Even mobile phones are undesirable.

This is not expressly prohibited, but each telephone must be carefully checked. And such a procedure can take several hours. In addition, it is forbidden to carry food and water. Nobody has time to get hungry there, and water is available on the territory, and it’s free. At the entrance, standard screening procedures are provided. This is a necessary measure.

Embassy of Canada in Russia

Embassy of Canada in Russia: working hours

Like any other organization, the embassy has its own working hours, as well as public holidays. It is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00.

The consular department has its own working schedule. You can get into it from Monday to Thursday. Do not forget that the consular department of the Canadian Embassy in Russia is open for visits from 9 to 12 hours, then there is a long break, and the doors of the department are again open from 14:00 to 16:00. On Fridays, the consular department has a different schedule: from 9 to 13 hours.

embassy of canada in russia city

You can not get to the described territory during the holidays, namely:

  • for the new year;
  • Orthodox Christmas;
  • Good friday
  • Easter Monday;
  • Victory Day;
  • Russia Day;
  • Canada Day
  • Thanksgiving Day;
  • Russian Day of National Unity;
  • Catholic Christmas;
  • second day of Christmas.

This list is not final. In the event that a federal holiday is announced in the Russian Federation or Canada with a day off, it will also affect the work of the embassy.

Remember that your visit to the Canadian Embassy in Russia must be planned in advance. All inquiries should be sent to the email of the named institution. It is most convenient to familiarize yourself with the list of electronic addresses on the official website of the embassy, ​​there is always up-to-date information.


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