Sonic: comics, story, plot development

Everyone knows the blue hedgehog named Sonic. Comics about him were created on the basis of the world famous game, invented by order of SEGA. The developers of the holding tried to surpass the success of the popular arcade about the super brothers Mario.

sonic comics

Comics and games

After the release of the game, which won the mass consumer, Sega AM8 became known as Sonic Team. The developer and creator of the gameplay, Yuji Naka, quarreled with the management of the manufacturer because of its policy on the market for game consoles and moved to the United States. The subsequent parts of the game were published at the Sega Technical Institute and comics based on this arcade began to be released. Thanks to the collaboration of Jan Flynn with artists Ben Bates, Jamal Peppers, Stephen Butler, Matt Herms and Tracy Yardley, the first Sonic comics were released at Archie Comics. Soon, the adventure story of a brave hedgehog became very popular.

Sonic Comics in Russian

Readers demanded continued releases. In 2006, along with the talented writer Tanya Del Rio, who was also an artist, Jan Flynn continued to compose new comics.

History development

The brave super-hedgehog Sonic, comics about which became very popular among readers, was gaining new challenges in each version of the game. Anime lovers and young players were waiting for the story to continue. The Sonic the Hedgehog comics, as the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series is called, have been released regularly. The authors invented the latest adventure stories of friends. In 2008, the work of Jan Flynn and his team won a place of honor in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running comic book based on the game.

Comic story

Starring Sonic. This is a super-hedgehog that has the rare ability of high-speed movement when folding into a ball. Sonic was originally alone. But as the computer game develops and in the process of adventure, the main character makes new friends. In the story, the hedgehog and company are a group of fighters for freedom from the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik. In games and comics, Sonic saves animals from bondage, which the bloodthirsty doctor caught in order to construct monster robots. The fanatical and evil Ivo Robotnik (he was given the nickname - Dr. Eggman) is found as the last test in every episode of the Sonic game. Comics portray Eggman as a cunning and treacherous villain. According to many critics and users on gaming sites, Dr. Robotnik is the most insidious and merciless negative hero.

Sonic's friends appear in the story: the echidna Knuckles, the fox Tails, the hedgehog Amy Rose, who is in love with the main character, and the rabbit Krim. Each of the comic book characters has superpowers.

  • Echidna Knuckles. The animal can fly in the air, break walls and burrow into the ground, as well as swim. On Knucklesโ€™s hands are enlarged knuckles, similar to brass knuckles, thanks to which he received this nickname. By nature, he is smart, honest and persistent. Knuckles differs in its seriousness from the cheerful, reckless Sonic. Knuckles is believed to be the strongest character in the comic book. The animal became friends with Sonic in 1994 and since then has been a constant hero, decorating the stories of the blue hedgehog.

sonic and amy comics

  • Miles fox "Tails" Praer. Tails is a nickname that translates as "tailed." Surname Prauer is a pun and means โ€œmiles per hourโ€ in Russian. The fox has two tails and is very good at flying. The absolute hero and role model in Miles' eyes is Sonic. Comics show Miles as a fanatically devoted friend.
  • Amy Rose is a cute hedgehog with pink hair. She is in love with Sonic and calls herself his girlfriend. Amy Rose's weapon is a huge hammer. An interesting tandem called "Sonic and Amy" - comics position their relationship as friendly. Amy Rose is trying to win the heart of the blue hedgehog, but he is embarrassed by her persistence.
  • A hedgehog named Shadow entered the comics later than the rest. He was originally an ally of Dr. Eggman. Then he became an opponent of Robotnik and acts either alone or with assistants - the bat Rouge and the robot E-123 Omega.

Sonic X Comics

  • Rabbit Krim got her name thanks to cream wool. Her superpower is the ability to fly with the help of long ears. Cream loves ice cream and hates violence. He has a good upbringing and is polite even with Dr. Eggman, despite his dislike of him.

New comics

Since September 2005, the Sonic X comics were released. After Sonic tried to take away Chaos emeralds from Eggman, as a result of an unsuccessful attack, Robotnik's secret technique was activated, and the whole company found itself on Earth, and on a planet parallel to the usual world.

It was originally intended to release 4 episodes based on the American anime "Sonic X", but fans of the comic, with their requests and positive feedback about the continuation, contributed to the release of subsequent episodes.

Much has been changed when translated from Japanese in the anime "Sonic." Comics in Russian were adapted according to the interests and preferences of the domestic public.


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