Gel Polish PNB: reviews, palette, application

After such material as shellac appeared in the nail service, the fashion for natural nails returned again. And this is not surprising! Why wear artificial, if you can grow your own, make a beautiful manicure, and then forget about nail files and scissors for several weeks? Unfortunately, CND shellac is very expensive. PNB gel polish became a way out!

gel polish pnb

Price category

This is not to say that the products are very cheap. However, the price of PNB gel polish is much lower than the brand name. It is noteworthy that many private masters and salons began to switch to this particular company, since there is an opportunity to significantly save on consumables. The cost of one colored bottle with gel polish ranges from 450-600 rubles.

gel polish pnb reviews


The manufacturer claims that the material will last on the nails for four weeks. According to the results of the inspection, the masters revealed that the PNB gel polish is really good. With proper application, it lasts exactly 28 days. The consistency of the material is quite thick, the gel polish does not spread over the nails, quickly polymerizes in an ultraviolet lamp, does not chip.

pnb gel polish palette


Despite the fact that the company in Russia is not yet very well known, those who have already managed to appreciate the new means for manicure are enough. Many people liked the PNB gel polish, which was mostly good reviews. Masters note primarily the ease of working with him. Firstly, the material lies well and evenly. He does not "strip", like many budget options. Secondly, it does not crumple during prolonged storage. So, for example, some gel varnishes of other companies tend to exfoliate during downtime. And often lumps are formed in consistency. PNB gel polish was not seen in this. Even if not used for several months, it retains its consistency unchanged. Thirdly, PNB gel polish, reviews of which are mostly laudatory, has a very wide palette. Choosing the right color is easy. Buying a lot at once is not necessary.

start set gel polish pnb


Naturally, there are many shades of long-term coverage. PNB (gel polish) is no exception. The palette is very, very extensive. In total, there are more than a hundred different shades. However, there is no need to purchase a lot right away. Many masters use a little trick. Having bought varnishes of the most basic basic colors, they mix them together in an art palette to obtain new shades. Due to the fact that the consistency of gel polish is uniform, it is quite simple to perform this procedure. It is enough to mix a certain amount of material, and then test the result, controlling the color saturation. As a way to save money at the initial stage, this option is quite attractive.

Starter kit

Often, novice craftsmen purchase ready-made all-in-one kits so as not to torment themselves by choosing the right materials and tools. The PNB gel polish starter kit is called the PNB Complete Gel Polish Starter Kit. It includes such basic components as an ultraviolet lamp (9 W, compact, small size), orange sticks, a base and top for long-term manicure, one color bottle (red). In addition, there were some associated fluids. Namely, a dehydrator for nails (removes oily sheen, dries the nail plate), means for removing the dispersion layer, remover. The latter is necessary to remove persistent manicure without harm to the nails. Of course, you will additionally have to buy nail files, more colored gel varnishes, buffs. To start this will be enough.

Application technology

PNB gel polish in use does not differ from others in this category. It is necessary to disinfect the hands, shape the nails with a nail file, move the cuticle, remove the greasy shine. After that, the base is applied in a thin layer, dried. The dispersion layer is not removed from it to form a strong adhesion of materials. Color gel polish is applied in thin layers until the desired shade of brightness is obtained. Every time you need to dry thoroughly. The last step is to fix the manicure with a top and remove the dispersion layer so that the nails sparkle. You can apply nutritious oil to the cuticle. Have a nice manicure!


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