Production of the In'Garden company ("Ingarden"): gel varnishes. Palette, customer reviews

The procedure for applying gel polish to the nails is no different from applying a standard conventional coating. But unlike the latter, the drying of which involves a long time, the former dries in a UV lamp. In just a few minutes, you can safely go about your business without fear of scratching or ruining a fresh manicure.

Shellac producers are many. The offered goods differ in quality and cost. And the article will focus on the Ingarden brand, whose gel polish is in great demand in the cosmetic market.

How to use

You can make a neat manicure even at home. It is enough to purchase such decorations as stickers, ribbons, rhinestones and more. But before, an independent manicure performed at home had a drawback - fragility. With the advent of gel polishes on the cosmetic market, everything has changed. Now the manicure created using the innovative shellac coating lasts about two weeks, and most importantly, it can be done independently.

Application of gel varnish "Ingarden" at home

1. First, give the necessary shape to the nails, remove the burrs and cuticles. The edges and base should be given more attention.

2. Wipe your nails with a cloth dampened in a special degreasing agent. It can be replaced with ordinary alcohol.

3. Apply a base coat. Try to keep the layer as thin as possible. For the longevity of the manicure, paint the outer and inner parts of the nail plate well. Depending on the power of the UV lamp, we place the nails for about a few minutes. Ideally, it should be 36 watts.

4. The first layer of shellac application should be thin and practically transparent. Make sure that the coating does not touch the skin. Place the UV lamp nails for 5 minutes.

5. For brightness and saturation, a second time shellac is applied in a thick layer. Again polymerize the nails in a UV lamp for 4-5 minutes.

6. Apply a fixative. Thanks to him, the manicure acquires a glossy shine. Then for the last time we put the nails in the UV lamp.

applying varnish gel Ingarden
The final moment of home manicure will be the application of oil on the skin around the nails to soften the cuticle.

Nail design using gel polish

Having studied the technology of self-applying shellac, you can begin to consider the design for manicure. One of the simplest options is gluing stickers or rhinestones to the surface of the nails.

manicure nail gel polish
A winning option would be a French or moonlight manicure made with gel polish. You can also try to depict flowers or abstract shapes.

Palette of gel varnishes "Ingarden"

Fans of this brand have long noted the nutritional properties of innovative coatings. A unique formula, consisting of several types of resin, silicone and useful components, strengthens and repairs damage on the nail plate.

gel polish palette
Special attention was also given to the Ingarden palette of gel varnishes. The range includes more than 140 different shades. Even the most selective client will be able to find the perfect tone for their nails. The following shades are especially popular: "Ripe grapes" (No. 34), "Dazzling French" (No. 24), "Tenderness" (No. 25), "Salsa" (No. 20).

How to remove gel polish

In order to erase shellac from nails, you will need a special liquid (you can also remove ordinary varnish), foil and cotton pads.

We divide each disk into 2 parts, and then cut it in half. Then we impregnate them with a special liquid for removing shellac, apply to the nails and tightly fix the foil. After 15 minutes, remove the softened gel polish with an orange stick . If shellac is difficult to remove, repeat the procedure.

What experts say nail service

The opinion of those who know firsthand what Ingarden gel polish is invaluable. The reviews of the masters have often helped make the right choice for customers.

According to experts, the product can not be classified as budget cosmetic products. The price segment is average. For 11 ml. varnish coating will have to pay about 500 rubles.

Ingarden is a gel polish that is pleasant and convenient to work with. In texture, it resembles jelly, with each color being well pigmented. It is possible to cover nails in both 1 and 2 layers. After the first application, you can notice a slight peeping of the free edge of the nail, so feel free to apply the second layer. The polymerization time in the UV lamp is approximately 1 minute.

gel varnish ingarden reviews
The density of shades has never caused bad reviews from professionals. They also noted the convenience of the brush and the stability of the bottle. Despite the many positive aspects in the use of Ingarden products, gel polish has its drawbacks and moments unfinished by manufacturers.

Some masters noted that sometimes removing the cover is a lot of trouble. It all depends on the removers. Some brilliantly remove shellac, others a little worse. But according to professionals with extensive experience, in order to remove the coating without problems, you need to use the base and top of another manufacturer.

What do customers think

A professional assessment is important, but what do ordinary customers think about Ingarden gel polish? Reviews of girls doing coverage at home are more negative. Maybe the fact is that they have little experience? They also complain that if you paint your nails more than 2 layers, then the gel is almost impossible to remove. Therefore, remember: no need to overdo it.

Unfortunately, even the "Ingarden" light shades are applied unevenly, and sometimes even striped, and this was noticed by professionals.

There are reviews that gel polish does not adhere well to nails and peels off already for 3 days. Agree, for a quality manufacturer this is not the best feature. Maybe the problem lies in the wrong application technology? After all, poor degreasing of nail platinum leads precisely to this result.

ingarden gel polish
After examining the feedback from customers and specialists, we conclude that Ingarden (gel polish) is a rather capricious product. In general, buyers need to gain experience, and masters to choose the right shade.

Summing up, we conclude that the American trademark Ingarden, despite a small number of shortcomings, can soon turn into a premium brand cosmetics.


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