Dark matte manicure: design ideas, tips, photos

Matte manicure is a relatively new phenomenon in the beauty industry. It seems to many that such a coating makes the manicure more restrained, modest, but in reality the result is truly stylish, expressive, attractive. From the article you will find out why a dark matte manicure for many years now has not left the leading position, as well as its varieties.

About matte finish

Around the mid-2000s, a new bestseller appeared on the shelves of cosmetics stores - matte nail polish. It was presented mainly in a dark palette: Marsala, dark blue, black, aqua, saturated raspberry and the like. After a few years, a phenomenon like shellac becomes available to every average woman. As we know, gel polish cannot be applied to nails without a topcoat. And it, in turn, is both glossy and matte. So, using the second, many fashionistas were able to "transform" the standard French manicure, making it red, black and so on. But dark lacquers are considered the most relevant solution for a matte top. They become more saturated, expressive, vibrant and catchy. Dark matte manicure is a bold decision. What are the varieties of such nail art?

Just color, nothing more

Such a minimalistic and restrained solution, sometimes much more relevant than a complex and intricate design. The fact is that dark varnishes by themselves look self-sufficient and expressive. Enhances these qualities matte finish. As a result, we get a very bright and attractive nail art, which at the same time remains restrained and appropriate in any life case. A photo of a dark matte manicure without additional design is presented below, and you can see for yourself its beauty. Choose a shade of varnish at your own discretion: Marsala, navy blue, sea, purple, coffee or even black. Any decision will be winning.

Matte Manicure in Marsala Color

Variations on the theme of "French"

Yes, French manicure is so firmly entrenched in a leading position in the beauty industry that our great-grandchildren are likely to love it. And now his technique is the basis for the creation of unique nail art, which cause delight and bewilderment at the same time. Can the jacket be dark? Of course, yes, and this is no longer news. Dark matte manicure, which consists of two colors that harmonize with each other, is a bold solution for stylish and confident women. Most often, the basis of such nail art is a black shade - this is an unshakable base. Against this background, any other dark color will be relevant: blue, sea, burgundy and others. The matte finish makes the manicure even more vivid and catchy, gives it a mysterious charm and mystery.

Red and black matt french

Gradient - a great solution for a dark palette

A smooth transition from one color to another, or simply a technique called ombre, was originally the prerogative of the hairdressing industry. We are all familiar with this type of hair coloring, when the roots become dark and the ends lighten, and the transition from one tone to another is smooth. Similarly, you can paint and nails, and to do this using exclusively dark colors. The most advantageous and universal solution is to take black varnish as a basis, since it is combined with all the others. Next, the nature of your matte manicure in dark colors will determine the color that you choose as a complement. Choose blue - nail art will turn out to be cold, mysterious and mystical, red - will immediately be associated with the image of the Evil Queen from a fairy tale, brown - you will get an incredibly gentle, and at the same time rich result.

Blue and black matte ombre

Classic glitter - festive mood

Even against the background of a dark matte manicure, you can create a masterpiece that will be appropriate for any holiday. And all this makes it easy - just add a sparkle. Use any accessories that you like: glitter, rhinestones, sequins and so on. Against the background of dark nails, they will look especially elegant and elegant, as well as harmoniously complement any evening toilet. Often women choose similar nail art for everyday wear. It gives even the most rigorous look a touch of luxury and makes it more relaxed.

Shine and shine

Satin chrome - design from the future

Dark varnishes, especially if covered with a matte top, blend perfectly with chrome inserts. How to achieve this effect and which colors are best to choose? Yes, everything is simple. The basic dark shade can be anything from brown, which is considered pastel, to black. And chrome decor elements can have either a golden or silver shade. Note that if your nails have a decent length, then it would be more advisable to use a mirror pigment at their tips. This will turn out a kind of variation on the French - very bright and original. If the nails are short, then try to highlight the root with a shiny insert - the result will be non-standard and minimal. Dark matte manicure with chrome design is an excellent solution not only for young girls, but also for more mature ladies. And all because he is restrained and elegant, even despite all his futurism.

Dark matte manicure with gold

Graphics in drawings

There is no point in talking about this type of nail art for a long time, since the word "drawings" speaks for itself. The dark colors of the varnishes, the matte finish - this is the ideal basis for creating a graphic and clear pattern, which is built on straight lines and geometric shapes. Such an image can be both extremely simple and intricate. The drawing will reflect your mood and character, keep this in mind when choosing a suitable sketch. In general, such nail art looks original and youthful, but at the same time harmoniously fits into any image.

Patterns on a dark matte finish

Some tips

Before you decide to apply a matte finish on your nails, remember - it is very moody. Firstly, this top is less durable than glossy, chips and scratches appear on it faster. Secondly, it literally takes all the blows. That is, the slightest scuffs, scratches - all this will be viewed as ink on white paper. Therefore, it is best to do homework with gloves, keep the nails and be prepared for the fact that the manicure will have to be updated in a couple of weeks.


If you want to make the perfect manicure for long nails - matte dark varnish will cope with this task with a bang. Nail art will be bold, expressive, unique and attractive. It can be minimalistic, and can be complemented by a design in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, pattern or sequins. Matte dark manicure on short nails looks no less advantageous . With such a coating, the pens will look not only neat and tidy, but also stylish.

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