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Follow fashion trends in the field of nail art? Then you should be aware that unusual designs on nails are in fashion today. Fancy patterns are created not only with a brush and paints, but also with the help of foil, broken glass, broths and rhinestones. All kinds of decorative elements play an important role in complex designs.

Broken glass

unusual pictures on the nails photo

This simple design looks very impressive. Unusual patterns on the nails are made using broken glass. You can buy a foil suitable for you already in a cut form or cut the necessary geometric shapes yourself from a single leaf. How to make a stylish and simple design? Before you begin, you need to prepare your nails. Gash them with a buff and degrease. After that, cover the plates with the base and primary color. In our case, white varnish is used, but you can choose any other. On a dry color, distribute pre-cut pieces of foil. Fit the parts tightly to each other so that the gaps are minimal. Using this technology, you need to decorate two nails. To create fancy lines on the remaining plates, you will need to use thin manicure tape. Cut it into strips and place it on your nails in a predetermined order. The resulting pattern must be fixed with the finish.

Golden sliders

unusual pictures on the nails photo

Unusual patterns on the nails can be done using stickers. Such a design can be done even by a beginner. For work you will need gold stickers or sliders. It is advisable to purchase foil stickers, they will look spectacular. How to make a beautiful design? Prepare your nails for work, washing them down and degreasing. Then apply base and base color. The design will look good on both white and black backgrounds. Photos of unusual beautiful drawings on the nails, you can see above. Cut from pre-prepared workpiece stickers. Glue them to unpainted varnish. In this case, you will have the opportunity to move the parts, if the first time to place them successfully fails. When the design is ready, cover the nails with the top.


unusual patterns on the nails

In nail fashion, as well as in clothes, all kinds of inscriptions are popular today. Make them very simple. Start work with the preparation of the nail plates. Saw them and degrease. We will paint the nails in two colors. We apply white varnish on the plates with the inscription and future peas, black on all the others. Unusual patterns on the nails are easiest to do with a drawing pen. If you don’t have such a device in your arsenal, you can paint with a brush. On the white nails, make undermining. Use a thin line to write. Gold varnish duplicate the shadow. After that, you can begin to create a bold black line. The matter remains small. Take the dots and place the dots in a chaotic order on the thumb. On your little finger, as you wish, put either dots or glue large rhinestones. As a decor for the thumb, you can use volumetric elements, for example, a romantic bow. The finished design should be finished.


You can see the photo of the unusual pattern on the nails above. This design is very popular with fashionistas. Geometry attracts attention no worse than the acid-green color. How to repeat a similar manicure? You need to start with the preparatory work. We file and degrease the nails. Then apply the base. It is advisable to immediately paint nails with camouflage. After the preparatory work, we proceed to create a simple drawing. We completely paint a pair of nails in green. On one of the fingers we draw two rectangles above and below. If you wish, you can draw not thick rectangles, but thick diagonal stripes. With the help of manicure tape in gold color, we frame geometric shapes. Completely green nails do not disregard. They also need to stick manicure tape. It remains to decorate one of the nails in white. With a thin brush, draw a stroke along the contour of the plate. Then we take the brush thicker and draw a zigzag.

Volume applications

unusual jacket with a picture on the nails photo

Drawings can be created not only with a brush, but also with the help of various accessories. You can see the photo of the novelty of the unusual pattern on the nails above. This design successfully combines a matte surface and gloss of decor. Repeat a similar result will turn out even with an inexperienced master. We file the nails and degrease them. After that, apply the base and color in two layers. We cover the nails with a matte top. The drawing on each nail needs to be laid out separately and intermediate drying done, so that heavy broths and rhinestones do not change their location during operation. On the index finger we make three rows of rhinestones, On the middle nail we attach a large rhinestone and vertically add small broths. On the middle nail, near the cuticle, you should make a complex design of shiny squares. Shiny balls that should be scattered across the entire surface of the nail will help balance them. On the little finger near the free nail, glue a large rhinestone, and then supplement it with two rows of small pebbles. On the thumb should be laid out a simple pattern of a large rhinestone and framing small broths.

Web on the rub

unusual nail designs

Beautiful unusual drawings on the nails can be done by combining several techniques. For example, to create drawings on the rub. How to create a similar design? Prepare your nails for work, file them, degrease and cover with a base. After that, apply a black gel polish and cover it with a top without a sticky layer. Apply glossy powder to the finish using the applicator. You can use any available rub. Both holographics and a pearl surface will look nice. After the rub is applied, fix it with another layer of the top. The manicure is ready, you can start drawing. Using a thin brush, draw a cobweb on all nails. Try to make the lines evenly thin. When this stage is completed, you can begin to draw spiders. Plant them on two nails. First draw a point-body, and then extend the legs and head out of it. The finished design should be covered with a top.

Unusual french decoration

unusual beautiful drawings on the nails photo

Love the classics, but has it already managed to annoy you? Transform your favorite manicure. For example, repeat the result that you see in the photo above. An unusual jacket with a pattern on the nails looks quite original. How to do it? Begin with the standard procedure for filing and degreasing. After this, you can begin to apply the base and create a jacket on all nails, except for one or two. It will be easy to make a French manicure if you purchase special strips in advance. When the classic manicure is ready, arm yourself with a thin brush and start transforming it. Circle the nail plate around the perimeter, and then duplicate the line of the jacket. On one of the nails, draw a diamond, and paint the remaining space with white. Two nails that need to be painted white, convert using lines. You can take as an example the option presented above, or come up with your own linear pattern. Finish the finished design.

Line drawings

linear drawings

Do you like unusual designs on nails? Nail design can be done in just a few minutes. How? Prepare your nails for work. Saw them and degrease. Apply base and color. Armed with a drawing pen or with a thin brush, proceed to drawing. You can depict everything that comes to mind. Draw triangles fancifully intersecting each other, arrows with magnificent plumage, crosses and squares. As additional elements, you can use points of different diameters. If you think such a design is boring, you can complement it with rhinestones. Finish the finished result.


rainbow unicorns

All girls, regardless of age, love fairy tales. Therefore, the design with a unicorn will appeal not only to schoolgirls, but also to some creative adult ladies. How to make it? Prepare your nails for work, file them and degrease. After that, cover the plates with a base and white varnish. When the primary color dries, enter two additional. Apply a blue and pink tint with strokes. With a thin brush, draw two arcs and add them with dashes, cilia. Finish the result and glue the decorative elements in the form of a cone onto the sticky layer. They will act as horns for the unicorn.

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