Ernestine Shepard - a role model

Professional bodybuilder, fitness center trainer, model. You wonโ€™t surprise anyone with such a biography today, unless it is a 77-year-old woman. Many will exclaim: โ€œDoes this happen?โ€ Of course yes!

Meet Ernestine Shepard

This charming American with a dazzling smile became famous thanks to a peculiar achievement worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. In 2010, her name was recorded in the famous collection due to the fact that she was recognized as the oldest woman in the world of professional bodybuilding. And although to this day she has not been able to keep her record, this does not detract from her successes.

Ernestine Shepard

In 1937, the heroine of our article, Ernestine Shepard, was born in Baltimore. Her biography was no different: an exemplary wife and mother, an ordinary secretary in elementary school. According to her, she led a sedentary lifestyle and considered herself lazy. Ernestine Shepard in her youth never went in for sports.

How it all began

According to the record holder herself, everything happened during the selection of a swimsuit. She suddenly saw in the mirror a plump woman with a flowing figure and decided that something needs to be done with this. And at that moment she was no less than 56 years old.

In the decision to change her lifestyle, she was fully supported by her older sister, with whom they were very friendly. They began with hiking in the vicinity of Baltimore, aerobics and rare visits to the gym. The sisters quickly became involved and devoted more and more time to running and doing athletic gymnastics, constantly complicating the training program. Gradually, the first results appeared, which only inspired further work and eventually led to bodybuilding competitions.

But not everything is so smooth

Everything worked out perfectly. It was obtained not only a great shape, but also came success in sports, and even at that age! But a tragedy happens: Mrs. Shepard's sister suddenly dies of aneurysm.

Ernestine Shepard Biography
This event shocked Ernestin so much that she started to get depressed, and she abandoned classes. And only after some time she found the strength to resume training and promised herself to become famous for her beloved sister.

Success in sports

Shepard pays particular attention to running. She took part in 9 marathon races. In 2007, a woman decides to become a professional bodybuilder. She addresses Johnny Schamburger - Mr. Universe, winner of the BB Championship at the 1995 Pan American Games - and begins training under his leadership. After 7 months, she participates in the East Coast Championship and takes first place in her class, leaving behind younger rivals. Then there was another victory in the competition and participation in various competitions in BB. But she considers the most important victory over the numbers in the passport and the word "impossible."

Ernestine Shepard photo


How does Ernestine Shepard feel today? Photos prove that everything is wonderful in the life of this amazing woman. She continues to lead a busy life, and every day is scheduled in minutes.

According to the athlete, the daily routine is of paramount importance for health and success. Ernestine's day begins at 3 a.m. with meditation. Then follows a multi-kilometer run and training in the gym. Mrs. Shepard never tires of talking about how important rest and recovery is for an athlete. This is a dream after dinner and going to bed no later than 22 hours.

Ernestine Shepard photo

Ernestine Shepard adheres to a balanced diet, thanks to which she boasts a bumpy press. Its menu consists of brown rice, chicken breasts, raw proteins, cereals, lots of vegetables and fruits, and Ernestine eats 4 times a day, mainly steam and baked foods. The care of nutrition is entrusted to the husband of the athlete, who personally prepares her food.

After Ernestineโ€™s training, Shepard conducts fitness classes with older women, among whom there are over 80. There are always a lot of people at her classes, some come to this fitness center tens of kilometers away. Now in her group, not only women are training, but also men. She became a role model. Its success motivates people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. But most importantly - looking at her, you understand that it is never too late to start.

Ernestine Shepard in his youth

But that is not all. The athlete is invited to various TV shows and fashion shows, where she shows clothes for older women.

Personal life

Ernestine has been living with her husband, Collin Shepard, for over 55 years. Today, the husband is more than ever concerned about the number of fans of his wife. They have a son and grandson. By the way, the latter wants to see in his grandmother not a bodybuilder, but the most ordinary grandmother.


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