How nice to part with a guy and maintain their own dignity?

Sooner or later, any relationship ends. Feel that this moment has come in your couple? Then it's time to think about how beautiful to part with a guy. But nevertheless, before acting, do not be lazy once again to weigh everything and think it over.

Parting by and without rules

How beautiful to part with a guy
Try to evaluate in advance how much your loved one is ready to break. If there are no serious problems in the relationship and the main reason is your feelings, for sure the separation will be painful for both of you. Of course, you can carry out preparatory work. Trying to communicate less, specifically annoying a partner with your behavior, but not the fact that this tactic will help to survive the separation less painfully. Remember that all your tricks can negatively affect your reputation. Therefore, do not pretend to be a bitch or "snow queen", just talk enough. How nice to part with a guy and keep a good relationship? Rule one - you need to discuss everything in private. If there is a chance that the conversation will drag out, specially choose a limited period of time - so that immediately after a joint lunch or walk, one of you has urgent matters. By the way, you should not leave the guy on the day when he has to deal with some serious and responsible business.

How to tell a guy that we are breaking up and not offending him?

How to part with your favorite guy
Do not embellish reality. Immediately tell the young man about your decision, and if he asks about the reasons, then tell the truth. Try to avoid scandal or quarrel. If he begins to sort things out, answer calmly and in monosyllables. In no case do not blame him yourself. Your relationship is over, why bother? You can thank him for everything that was between you, and wish good luck. Should I suggest staying friends? This phrase is often used in tips on how to part beautifully with a guy. But in reality it has very little meaning. If you really are congenial people, when the pain subsides, the relationship will surely improve. Otherwise, you can agree on anything, but the result, most likely, will not follow.

How to part with your beloved guy: creative option

How do you imagine perfect farewell? Perhaps it is worth arranging a romantic dinner or a walk, and explain during it? This is a good option for a slowly fading relationship. If you feel that your partner is also not as interesting with you as before, the best thing is to spend another pleasant evening and say goodbye forever.

How to tell a guy that we are breaking up
But this method of how to part with a guy nicely does not always work. Often, imbued with a romantic atmosphere and plenty of walking and talking together, I do not want to say goodbye at all. However, perhaps it is better? In any case, if you decide on the last romantic date, you should not appoint him in a public place. It is best to take a walk somewhere in nature, for example, along the shady alleys of the park, or dine at home. But still it’s much easier to part in neutral territory: in this case you have the opportunity to end the conversation and leave at any time.


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