Motor ship "Vladimir Mayakovsky": description, reviews. River cruises on the route Moscow-Petersburg

Going on a trip on a boat is the dream of many, but few can afford to sail in foreign countries. In this case, boat cruises along the rivers of Russia can be an excellent alternative.

motor ship Vladimir Mayakovsky

What is a good rest on the ship?

In fact, this type of vacation can really serve as a worthy alternative to foreign and sea resorts. Moreover, it can be a real discovery for those who love the history of Russia and want to learn more about its culture.

In the summer season, you can often meet motor ships that sail along the Volga, Kama and other navigable water bodies. So, for example, you can choose for yourself weekend tours that last only 2-3 days, go from north to south of the country or even sail to St. Petersburg. Whichever option you choose, almost all trips can be made on a ship named after the Soviet poet.

Motor ship "Vladimir Mayakovsky"

This ship is one of the most famous in Russia. Perhaps this is because the ship floats along the largest rivers: the Volga and Kame. He stops in large historical cities, in each of which you can discover the rich history and traditional Russian culture. Be that as it may, tourists are attracted not only by the surroundings where the Vladimir Mayakovsky motor ship is floating, but also by the decoration of the vessel.

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Let's talk a little about the technical specifications. The ship was going to Germany, it was launched back in 1978. However, do not worry about its technical condition and external data, because in the late 1990s. a complete repair was made. The length of the vessel is 125 m and the width is 16.5 m. This area is enough for comfortable accommodation of all guests and maintenance staff.

The ship can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h, which avoids the inconvenience of fast movement and gives vacationers the opportunity to fully enjoy the views of the river banks. And there really is something to enjoy, because large cities, small villages, forests and fields are spread on the banks of the rivers. Panoramic views of the reservoir are particularly impressive from the upper decks.

motor ship vladimir mayakovsky reviews

Motor cruises are made with complete safety, because the ship is constantly checked for compliance with technical standards and has all the necessary safety features, including boats and life jackets. The staff knows exactly how to behave in case of unforeseen situations.


The ship is fully adapted to travel for every taste and budget. It is designed for a total of 291 people, excluding staff. Cabins of different classes are located on the four floors of the ship, depending on them the sets of services that the Vladimir Mayakovsky ship offers are changing. There are 4 types of cabins, however there is a minimum set of amenities that are present in the premises of all classes. Each room has a bathroom, which includes a shower, toilet and sink, wardrobe, air conditioning, refrigerator and radio. Each cabin is equipped with a viewing window or porthole.

Note that the cabins can be single, double and triple, and the berths can be located both in the same horizontal, and can be bunk. Their type and price depends on the deck on which the room is located. The cheapest options are located on the lower deck, with portholes.

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There are 4 types of cabins: luxury, junior suite, sigma, alpha, gamma and beta. In addition to deluxe and junior suites, the conditions in the cabins are approximately the same. Small but comfortable rooms are cleaned every day.


Note that the cost of motor cruises largely depends on the chosen cabin. However, in any case, they include accommodation, as well as three meals a day. Some guided tours are also included.

The cost of a boat trip for 2017 starts from only 5,500 rubles per person for a 3-day trip to 68,400 rubles in 20 days. The ship "Vladimir Mayakovsky" provides all the amenities. However, keep in mind that these are the lowest prices, and the trip itself can cost you significantly more. Rest in a cabin of the highest class can exceed the mark of 100 thousand rubles for a long voyage.

It is important to note that not all tourists sail along the route from beginning to end. Often they go out in cities during stops, then new ones pick up. This is a normal process. Such a system will allow you to better control the duration of the trip and its cost, so you should clarify the details in the company.


A boat trip would be incomplete without the services and fun activities that you can get right on board. The ship has 2 restaurants and 2 bars on different decks, as well as a sauna and a music lounge, which offers beautiful views of the surroundings. For the convenience of passengers, a medical office, a beauty salon and even a solarium are located on board. Moreover, the ship's employees spend various evenings, as well as master classes. On the upper deck is a conference room, which is often used as a cinema.

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Note that the ship "Vladimir Mayakovsky" offers entertainment not only for adults, but also for children, arranging holidays and doing creative work with them. That is why on board you can meet both very young children and more adults.

The ship enters many large cities, stops there for excursions, the duration of which can be from several hours to a whole day. Settlements vary depending on the route, but often the list of stops includes cities such as Perm, Kazan, Samara, St. Petersburg, Cheboksary, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan and others. Sometimes a longer stay is also assumed, in which case the company rents rooms to all vacationers.


The motor ship Vladimir Mayakovsky collected many flattering words. However, reviews can be found very different. According to vacationers, the ship sometimes has problems with refueling or other inconsistencies with service providers. However, it’s nice to sail on the ship itself, the conditions in the cabins are also quite decent, the staff is attentive to the requests of tourists.

If you want to know better the country in which you live, then you should definitely think about sailing on a boat.


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