Pillow toys: patterns and manufacturing instructions

So cozy in rooms where pillow toys lie everywhere! Patterns allow you to make these cute little things with your own hands.

Types of Pillows

Typically, these designer products come in several forms:

  • small decorative sofa little arms;
  • cushions under the back;
  • pillows, toys for sleeping;
  • large outdoor products for games and recreation.

As can be seen from the list, these items can serve not only as an interior decoration, but also be necessary and necessary. But toys-pillows bring special joy to children. The patterns of some products presented here will help you make different models with your own hands.

toy pillows patterns

Square Designer Pillows

Even a novice dressmaker can decorate a child’s room. After all, you can make square or rectangular pillow toys. Patterns of such products are easy to create independently. It is only necessary to draw a geometric figure of the desired size in two copies, in addition to build squares for the limbs of future toys.

The eyes of designer animal pillows are made either from buttons or using the applique technique. It is best to embroider the mouth with silk threads or a mouline thread - simple threads can shed during washing.

In some cases, more details will be required. For example, for an elephant, a belt simulating a trunk should be made. Still need big ears for this pillow toy. Patterns of parts are done by hand. You can not use stuffed material for the ears and sew them into the side seams of the product.

A giraffe will need small triangular ears and horns. And you can also embroider specks on his body and sew a tail from the belt behind.

Round pillow

It is very simple to sew products in which there is a minimum of parts. Everyone will be able to make patterns of sofa cushions-toys that imitate only the heads of animals.

pattern pillows toys photo

Usually ears, eyes are sewn to a round product. It is also necessary to make a toy a nose, sew cheeks, embroider a mustache. A hare, for example, is made with long narrow ears. And the lion, among other things, at the edges of the head fix a fur trim that imitates a mane. A giraffe will definitely need such a detail as small horns. The kitten can be additionally sewn near the ear a bright bow.

Knitted pillows

Some needlewomen prefer knitting over sewing. You can make an exclusive interior item in any way, if there is a pattern of a pillow toy. A photo of crocheted little thought shows how interesting such products can be.

patterns of decorative pillows of toys

Elephant Pillow

It’s enough to just sew a flat toy. To make an elephant, you need a minimum of skills, and in any case, it will look creative and cute.

elephant pillow toy patterns

For the manufacture of products of this type will require patterns of decorative pillows, toys. The main part is embedded in two copies, and they must be asymmetric. To do this, pieces of fabric are folded with the front sides inward, the outline of the template is transferred with a pencil or small pencil, and two bases are cut at once.

The material should also be stitched from the inside, folding its parts face-to-face. But it is necessary to leave a hole unstitched through which the workpiece can be turned out and filled with a synthetic winterizer or other filler. After stuffing, the hole is sutured and decorative elements are attached to the toy: nose, eyes, tail, mustache.

toy cushion patterns

In our case, the elephant needs big ears. In order to fulfill them, it is necessary to cut four parts at once - two asymmetric ones. Do not put filler in your ears. But the hole in the place of attachment of the ear to the head is still left so that the part can be turned out with the front side. Having tucked the edges of the cut inward, you need to grab it all with a needle, using the “forward needle” seam. After steaming, the part is sewn to the pillow with a blind seam.

You can change the order of work. First make the ears and sew them to the base with the front side. After this, you can already sew the sides of the toy elephant.

"Owl" - a pillow toy

The pattern of this product consists of several elements:

  • Firstly, this is the basis - an oval with ears. Two such asymmetric parts should be cut.
  • Secondly, these are wings. They need to be made in two pairs, that is, only four parts.
  • For the legs, you also need to make four parts - two pairs.
  • All other elements are cut one at a time, since they serve as decorative attributes of an owl-pillow. The beak is made triangular and sew it before the eyes with a sharp top down.
  • The pupil is sewn onto a white circle - a white eye.
  • Protein with a pupil is sewn onto ocular circles, they are given in conjunction, and this part has the shape of an eight. Sew it in such a way that it slightly overlaps the base of the triangle key from above.
    owl toy pillow pattern
  • A large circle or oval will be sewn in front of the abdomen of the bird.
  • After all the decorative elements of the owl are attached to the front half of the base, the legs are sewn together (be sure to leave holes!), Turned out and lightly stuffed with filler.
  • The wings are also stitched in pairs, you can put a dense fabric inside. Turning the parts to the front, they should be ironed.
  • Halves of the base are connected with one seam and wings are attached to the bird's body.
  • The last to sew paws.

Working according to the instructions, even a novice craftswoman will easily master the technique of making pillow toys. More experienced needlewomen can independently develop their own models. Fantasy will help create original crafts.

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