Orange manicure: beautiful ideas for beginners and professionals

Orange manicure is a guaranteed way to draw attention to your hands and set a playful mood for the whole image. This bright and cheerful shade is the best suited for warm days. Not sure how to make an orange manicure? Photos of interesting, original and beautiful options for nail art using this color are waiting for you later in the article.

For newbies

If you uncertainly hold a brush for painting on nails or prefer not to spend a lot of time on manicure, then you will like these ideas, to realize which are no more difficult than just painting nails.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the β€œspecial nail” technique. Its essence lies in the fact that one finger needs to be designed differently than all the others.

orange manicure
The easiest way to do this is to paint one nail with varnish with lots of sparkles. This will create an interesting contrast with plain varnish and make the manicure more elegant.

Another beautiful solution is a drawing on one nail, made with a brush or created using a special tape for manicure.

orange manicure


It should be noted that special decorative elements for nail art are very easy to use and allow you to quickly make interesting designs.

For example, this orange manicure has a special grace not only due to the harmonious combination of different colors, but also thanks to the carefully applied manicure tape and rhinestones glued at the base of the nails.

orange manicure photo

Transparent varnishes with large sequins also give room for imagination. They can completely cover the nail plate, and you can leave only a translucent shiny coating.

orange manicure photo

Orange manicure: french style ideas

Now there are a huge number of French versions. All that remains of the original idea is the rule of contrasting β€œsmile”. This opens up scope for imagination when working with orange. Depending on the desired effect, it can be either a basic shade or a contrast.

Brightly, but at the same time, a rather restrained manicure looks in which the line of the "smile" is made in orange.

orange manicure ideas

If desired, it can be supplemented with small flowers, which will turn out if you carefully set the points with a toothpick or a special tool for nail art with a round head.

But this brighter orange manicure on short nails is made on the contrary, and resembles bright candies.

orange manicure ideas

French is also often decorated with fancy patterns. For example, butterflies on the tips of nails are quite popular. This is a complex pattern, but you can make a simplified version using stickers.

orange manicure on short nails

Juicy fruit

What is orange associated with? It is likely that the first to come to mind are juicy oranges and tangerines. So is it any wonder that with them it turns out a very interesting and perky orange manicure. Photos of "delicious" nail art will prove the truth of this statement.

orange manicure on short nails

Of course, such a manicure will not work without painstaking and very accurate work, but the result is worth it.

If you are not ready for complex drawings, there is one way to make a fruit orange manicure simple and quick. For its implementation, you will need ready-made decorative elements in the form of fruits, made of polymer clay fimo.

orange manicure with a pattern

They just need to be attached to still wet varnish. Be sure to then use the topcoat, otherwise the fruit will quickly fall off.

Fashion gradients

The ombre effect or smooth transitions of color is not the first year in fashion. An orange gradient manicure can look just amazing, as well as become the basis for other patterns.

One of the most popular color schemes is the use of shades in one gamut. For example, from yellow to orange:

orange manicure with a pattern

Glitter varnish looks very appropriate together with such juicy shades and hides flaws that are inevitable when creating a gradient.

You can complicate the task, and make the transition between 3 different colors, adding red to the mix.

orange manicure with a pattern

Drawings against a gradient background look very interesting. For example, thanks to the gradient substrate, a simple palm and gull pattern looks very original.

orange manicure with a pattern

Or you can go the simpler way. Glitter varnish, decorative elements in the form of shells - this nail art reminds of a vacation by the sea.

orange manicure

An interesting detail: the gradient can be located not only on one nail, but on the whole arm. Those. the thumb can be tinted, the rest can be darkened, and the little finger will be painted almost red.

orange manicure photo

Sophisticated Orange Manicure

The ideas that are presented below are only possible for experienced craftswomen.

For example, when creating such a nail art, it was necessary, first of all, to work on clear borders of colors and neat contours of each section.

orange manicure with a pattern

Then work on his decoration followed: a subtle outline of the lines with glitter varnish, gluing of rhinestones and manicure tape.

The highlight of this manicure is a complex application of beautiful pebbles.

orange manicure with a pattern

But a delicate marble effect, a thin line of the nail and a neat path of rhinestones favorably complement it.

Orange manicure with a picture of flowers looks very gentle and feminine.

orange manicure with a pattern

But, as with previous designs, you will have to work hard to create such a neat picture. Of particular difficulty is the subtle transitions of shades on the flower petals.


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