Instructions on how to remove extended nails at home

A 21st-century girl cannot imagine her life without going to a nail salon. And it is right. But after the master’s successful nail extension procedure, one in three is in no hurry to remove them there. Why? Because it is not always economically profitable. And, of course, the question always arises: "How to remove extended nails at home?" It all depends on how and how they were built up.

how to remove extended nails at home

Acrylic Down!

Acrylic nails are perhaps the easiest to remove. This material hardens when the monomer and powder interact in air. How to remove acrylic extension nails ? A special fluid will be required. It is called "Remover." It is desirable that the firm of acrylic powder and remover match. This will guarantee that the material is really easy to remove. But the liquid of any company is also suitable.


  1. Remove the length with the help of special nippers (they are called “boat” or “cutter”).
  2. After that you can remove the thickness with a nail file (hard, 100/100).
  3. Then a cotton pad or cloth soaked in a remover is applied to each nail.
  4. After the fingers are wrapped in plain food foil to speed up the process.

Remove foil and wipes in the same order as applied. The time of the procedure is from 15 to 30 minutes. It all depends on the remover and instructions for it. Before removing extended nails at home, remember that the special fluid should not touch the skin. It may cause burns or irritation.

When the material becomes soft, it can be removed with a file or an orange stick. In an extreme case, a pusher. It is very important not to pick up or pick up material that has not softened. Better to repeat the procedure.

how to remove extended nails

Goodbye gel!

How to remove extended nails at home if using a gel? Here you will have to work hard with a nail file. But only if there is no machine for manicure. Even the simplest model can greatly facilitate the procedure. In addition, reduce the time to work.

So, how to properly remove the grown nails from the gel yourself:

  1. Remove the length, as is the case with acrylic.
  2. Then you can begin to remove the thickness.
  3. The top can be removed at high speeds of the machine or with a very stiff file (100/100, 120/110).
  4. The closer to the natural nail, the less turns or softer the file (150/180, 180/180, 200/220).

how to remove extended nails
It is important to act carefully and as carefully as possible. Near the cuticle, the material is removed with a soft file or small revolutions of the machine. If you touch the skin and tear it, there is a risk of infection.


Before removing extended nails at home, think in advance what you will do later. If you build up again, it is more advisable to contact the salon or the master. Usually, removal is done for free if then the nails are done again. If you want relaxation for your plates, then think in advance which baths can strengthen and improve your nails. Procedures for nutrition and strengthening - a mandatory final step in the removal of artificial material. Thus, they will become strong and attractive.


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