Spray "Selenzin" from hair loss: reviews of trichologists, composition, instructions for use

In the article, we consider the spray from hair loss "Selenzin." Reviews of the drug will also be presented.

The remedy can be attributed to homeopathic. Due to the presence of active ingredients, blood supply to the scalp improves and intensive nutrition of the hair follicles is provided. Active hair growth is noted, extensive foci of progressive alopecia disappear. Before buying such a remedy, you must consult your doctor to determine the etiology of the pathological process.

selencin hair loss spray reviews

Alopecia has been found recently frighteningly often and it is not surprising that today there are a huge number of special cosmetic kits designed to solve this problem. One such remedy is the comprehensive preparation “Selencin” for hair, which allows you to stop the processes of diffuse loss and make up for the lack of vitamins and other important elements in the body. You should not think that shampoos or masks alone will help in this pathological situation, since the treatment of alopecia should occur not only externally, but also from the inside. It is after this approach that a person can notice significant improvements.

The Selencin series consists of several drugs that must be used clearly according to the instructions. These are tablets, spray, shampoo, mask, lotion and conditioner. It should be noted that such products make up the usual set of hair care products. The products work comprehensively, and its use contributes not only to hair therapy, but also to improving the appearance of the skin. The main thing is to use the Selencin hair spray according to the instructions.

What is the problem?

The phenomenon of hair loss is considered quite normal, but only in cases where this occurs within the normal range. It is believed that from 50 to 100 hair can fall out in a person per day, and the body is quite capable of regularly recovering such a loss on its own. Often, the formation of bulbs and the growth of rods slows significantly with age, as a result of which the usual daily hair loss threatens to develop into total baldness.

However, there are often cases where hair loss occurs as a result of certain disorders or diseases. Frequent stresses, the development of hormonal imbalance, and the wrong lifestyle can be attributed to such phenomena. Baldness can begin in any person, no one is safe from such misfortune. And it is necessary to eliminate this with the help of special cosmetics and medicines.

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The ingredients used in the manufacture of this pharmacological product are quite diverse. What makes the Selenzin spray unique? The following active elements are present in its composition:

  1. Vitamins A, D, E and F - solve the problem of follicles, significantly accelerating the processes of their formation and growth. The vitamin complex effectively softens curls, makes the rods strong and strong.
  2. A complex of proteins that restores the hair structure, eliminating a variety of damage, including from frequent drying, moisturizes them, helping to retain moisture in the hair structures for a long time.
  3. Avocado and Shea Butter Extract - known for the fact that they contain various fatty acids that are necessary for body care. They make hair smooth and radiant, like silk, giving it a mirror shine.
  4. An extract of Asian centella, which improves blood flow in the capillary vessels, enhancing the flow of oxygen to the scalp.
  5. Sea buckthorn oil extract, which stops hair loss and significantly enhances their growth.
  6. Highlander multicolor root extract - a substance that actively strengthens the hair shaft and prevents the occurrence of premature gray hair.

Pricing information for Selenzin will be provided below.

The principle of the spray

The action of this medicinal spray is not only aimed at thickening the hair rods, but also helps prevent their excessive loss. If you apply the spray "Selenzin" with alopecia, then first the loss will be significantly reduced, and in the future it will stop altogether. Let's figure out in what cases the drug is prescribed?

Indications for use

Spray "Selenzin" is designed specifically to activate hair growth. Natural biostimulants, which are included in its content, improve the nutrition of hair follicles, activate their growth, increase their lifespan, and contribute to the regulation of metabolic processes in the skin of the scalp. This product is indicated for hair loss of a non-hormonal origin.

What else does the instructions for use tell us? Spray "Selenzin" is easy to use.

Mode of application

Spray lotion must be applied to the roots of the washed hair with a thin even layer and massage the scalp with light movements. This tool is very quickly absorbed, it does not need to be washed off with shampoo or water.

The course of application to achieve the best effect should be at least 2 months.

Precautionary measures

When a spray is used to strengthen “Selenzin” from hair loss, it is necessary to ensure that it does not get into the eyes. If this happens, rinse them thoroughly with water. This cosmetic product is not used for individual intolerance to the components included in its content and is used exclusively externally.

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The price of "Selenzin"

The cost of a medical spray in different pharmacies is not the same and can vary between 500-650 rubles per bottle, depending on the region.

Composition benefits

Simultaneously with the recommended intake of the drug "Selencin" inside in the form of tablets, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of toning and cleansing the hair. For this, shampoo is used, which, like the spray, consists of natural active elements. The composition of this product contains extracts of burdock, nettle, caffeine, menthol, biotin, collagen hydrolyzate. Caffeine has a tonic, firming effect, biotin favors the nutrition of hair follicles, collagen has a pronounced firming property. Burdock and menthol normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, reduce oily hair. Hair stops falling out, bulbs that are in an inactive state wake up, and hair enters the phase of active growth.

After washing the hair with Selencin shampoo, a firming spray is used, which contains a unique component anageline, which stimulates the formation of keratin molecules. Hair with regular use of the spray becomes elastic, strong, their loss is significantly reduced. Extracts of medicinal plants reduces the fat content of the scalp. Nettle extract contains a huge amount of microelements and vitamins that contribute to hair restoration. A special element that stops hair loss and stimulates their growth also contains Selencin spray for hair loss, reviews confirm this.

Application rules

It is recommended to apply the product according to certain rules:

  • the spray is applied before bedtime, then the effectiveness of its use will be more noticeable;
  • spray applied to the roots and dry strands;
  • with light massaging movements, the lotion is rubbed into the skin of the head;
  • Do not flush the product is not necessary.

The visual effect appears after 6–8 weeks of use, therefore it is necessary to use the Selencin spray regularly for two months or more.

selencin spray composition

Effect of use

Using this pharmacological product for the treatment of alopecia, the following positive results can be observed:

  • hair loss decreases and gradually disappears;
  • the strands become strong, the hair stops breaking and breaking off, which is especially often observed after dyeing, daily drying with a hairdryer, hair straightening and other negative chemical or thermal effects on them;
  • acceleration of hair regrowth;
  • rejuvenation, normalization of hair structure, the disappearance of premature gray hair;
  • the use of this medication is very effective after chemotherapy or radiation.

Disadvantages and advantages

According to reviews, the spray from hair loss "Selenzin" has some undeniable advantages, which include:

selencin spray application instructions
  • pleasant smell due to the presence of natural coffee extracts;
  • absolutely natural composition;
  • This product was developed by Russian specialists and is manufactured in Russia;
  • the cost of the drug is lower than imported means of identical effect;
  • convenient packaging with dispenser.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • fairly quick spending of funds;
  • liquid consistency;
  • lack of effectiveness in alopecia due to impaired hormonal levels in the body;
  • You can buy it only in pharmacies.


Spray for stimulating hair growth "Selenzin" on the domestic market has many analogues that are not inferior to him in quality and perfectly help to eliminate hair problems. The number of such preparations in the form of a spray includes:

  1. Specifique Stimuliste is a French-made hair spray. Actively stimulates new hair growth and slows hair loss.
  2. Neoptide lotion antichute - spray made in France. It is a neoptide lotion manufactured using innovative technologies.
  3. Alerana - a product in the form of a spray based on minoxidil. It is made in Russia. This product is used for severe alopecia of any form.
  4. Intensive Herbal lotion-spray BaiMeeSot - Thai herbal spray-lotion for hair loss.
  5. Capillus - a spray based on plant extracts. Production - Uzbekistan. Makes hair smoother, shiny, eliminates external causes of hair loss.
  6. Generolon is a Croatian spray containing minoxidil.
  7. “Hair Strength” is a strengthening spray with leech extracts of Ukrainian origin.
  8. “Esvitsin” is an economical cosmetic remedy for alopecia, produced in Russia.
    Selenzin Hair Growth Spray

Reviews of trichologists

On medical sites you can find many reviews. Trichologists describe the spray from hair loss “Selencin” as a highly effective non-hormonal drug. According to experts, despite the natural composition, this cosmetic product can significantly slow down pathological processes, which is due to the strengthening of the structure of hair and their bulbs. According to doctors specializing in the treatment of hair problems, this remedy, thanks to its natural components and vitamins, allows you to preserve the moisture necessary for the long-term existence of hair, protect them from negative external influences, which today are a significant factor for the development of baldness.

Experts note that the Selencin spray lotion is most effective for hair loss after severe stress, after illness and anesthesia, as well as due to insufficient care. With the development of hormonal problems in the body, this drug will not be able to have a positive effect, since under the influence of hormonal imbalance the hair can fall out severely and it is necessary to treat it only with the help of some medications taken orally after a thorough diagnosis of the patient's condition. Reviews of trichologists about “Selencin” hair spray contain information about the numerous clinical results that have been observed by patients of different ages and gender.

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It’s hard for consumers to name the exact price of the Selenzin hair complex, as many people notice in the reviews that the product can be purchased from different suppliers. Each one adds a certain margin, so the final cost can vary greatly depending on the store.

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