Pyramid of logical levels of Robert Dilts. Coaching techniques

The pyramid of logical levels developed by Dilts describes the structure of a person’s personality, as well as organization. We can say that each step is a “shelf” on which the components of the person’s inner world or relationships in the team are laid out and ordered. This development belongs to the field of neuro-linguistic programming, which is actively used in coaching.

Why do we need the Dilts pyramid?

The pyramid of logical levels of Robert Dilts is of great importance in psychology. If something does not suit you in life and the surrounding situation, this model will help you as follows:

  • Allows you to understand why the situation in your life has developed just like that. After an express analysis of your life, you will find the so-called bottlenecks that need to be adjusted.
  • It gives a clear understanding of what problems need to be solved at the lowest level in order to rise to a higher level and take one's life to a fundamentally new level.

logic level pyramid

Level 1: Environment

The pyramid of logical levels is based on a real environment. Everything that is in the internal and external environment belongs to it. First of all, it is the man himself, especially his appearance, clothes and other characteristics. Also these are the people with whom we are in contact, material values ​​and other things. The characteristic of this level implies the answer to the following questions:

  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • What is going on in your environment?
  • Where are you or want to be?
  • What is your place in the environment, does it fit what you want?
  • Who is next to you, who would you like to see, and who would weed out?
  • Which others help you achieve your goals?

Level 2: Behavior

The pyramid of logical levels also considers the behavior of an individual. This applies to the action or inaction of a person, as well as the result. Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What are your actions at the moment and what is their result?
  • What needs to be done to achieve the desired result?
  • What are people who are authoritative in the field of activity in which you would like to succeed?

logic level pyramid

Level 3: Abilities and Opportunities

A person must decide what he is capable of. In fact, he can independently expand or significantly limit his abilities. The main thing is to find a reason and incentive to take action. Questions of this level can be formulated as follows:

  • What are the strengths of your personality, can you achieve results by relying on them?
  • What abilities and skills do you need to acquire in order to achieve what you want?
  • Can you use other people's abilities?

Level 4: Beliefs and Values

The pyramid of logical levels pays special attention to the worldview of man. Perhaps this is the most significant position of the concept under consideration. It is about what is good for a person and what is bad, what is of the greatest value to him, and what does not attach importance to. We can say that this is a kind of basis of personality, from which it is not so easy for a person to refuse even under strong influence from outside. And all because beliefs are, in most cases, the unconscious that controls behavior and determines the course of life. This level requires an answer to the following questions:

  • Why is a specific goal important to you at this time?
  • What is the value of the end result?
  • Will achieving a result strengthen your beliefs?

dilt pyramid

Level 5: Identity and Identity

This is the most important level, which has a significant impact on the lower. It implies a person’s awareness of his place and role in this world. Moreover, the answer does not lie on the surface. The role is not limited to gender, marital status or profession. In fact, this category is broader.

  • How do you feel about people who have goals and beliefs similar to yours?
  • What is the value of your goal for people in your immediate environment?

Level 6: Mission

The Dilts pyramid is crowned with the highest level, which implies a person's awareness of his mission. Understanding what a person lives for is a powerful incentive to overcome obstacles and difficulties that arise in the process of life. Moreover, the mission should not be voiced by complex pompous expressions that do not carry any practical value. It should be formulated in simple and understandable words.

technology coaching

Additional questions

By answering the key questions of each level, you can create an objective picture of what is happening. But in order to come to a final solution to the problem, you will have to answer additional coaching questions on the pyramid of logical levels:

  • What will others do after you reach your goal? Will they be happy about this?
  • How should the perception of others around you change after the goals are achieved?
  • Will the result of your activity carry any value to your relatives or colleagues?
  • Will your mission change after you reach your desired state?
  • Are there any simple steps that you can take in two days to achieve your ultimate goal?
  • How do your loved ones perceive your intentions? Perhaps they will help you make some adjustments to the action plan?

How to work with a pyramid?

All coaching techniques are based on deep introspection. Solving problems is difficult to find on the surface, and therefore have to "delve" into yourself. How to apply a pyramid of logical levels? The algorithm is as follows:

  • Formulate the task and write it down. The fact is that thoughts are usually fleeting and not always taken seriously. But what is written on paper takes on the color of a clear plan and guide to action. Thus, you will have a stimulus and an energy boost.
  • Determine the level at which your problem is.
  • Analyze the situation sequentially from the point of view of each level. Having reached the top of the pyramid, imagine that the goal has been achieved, and try to plunge into this state for several minutes. Then analyze your feelings for whether you felt satisfaction.
  • Move in the opposite direction, to the bottom of the pyramid. This is necessary in order to make additional adjustments to the characteristics of each specific level. This will help you to detail the action plan and identify some new important values ​​for yourself.

coaching questions on the pyramid of logical levels

Why should the task be written?

The pyramid of logical levels in coaching is used quite often. In this case, a prerequisite is the writing of goals and fixing the results of the processing of each specific stage. There is a logical explanation for this, which can be formulated as follows:

  • In the process of writing a text comes the realization of many significant points. This allows you to find a way to solve the problem and get out of this situation.
  • During writing, new nerve impulses arise that are transmitted to the brain. This allows you to more accurately formulate the problem, which will contribute to the speedy search for the right solution.
  • When writing, your goal takes on a certain form, because you unwittingly visualize the future situation. Thus, presenting yourself clearly in a winning position, you get an additional incentive to action.
  • Even a few minutes before or during coaching, the perception of the situation can change. If you have a written description of the problem before your eyes, it will be easier for you to make adjustments.

Understanding logical living standards

The model of logical levels, despite its simplicity, can drive a beginner into a dead end. Nevertheless, do not put aside the introspection. If you want to change the situation, a pyramid of logical levels will definitely help you. An example of a situation analysis is as follows:

  • Environment. Where do you work, what does your workplace look like, where do you live, what surrounds you daily, what people are near you, what atmosphere reigns around you?
  • Behavior. What are your busy days, how is your time planned, how much time do you spend on work and personal meetings, how you behave at work, at home and with friends, how can you characterize yourself?
  • Abilities. What are the strengths of your character, in which business you have no equal, why do you lack skills?
  • Beliefs. What is most valuable to you, what characteristics do you like in others?
  • Identity. How do you imagine yourself, in what conditions did you grow up, what roles do you play in the presence of different people, what are your aspirations, how is your life different from the lives of others?
  • Mission. It is formulated based on the analysis of previous levels.

how to apply a pyramid of logical levels

Solving unsolved problems

The Dilts Pyramid is an effective mechanism that allows you to solve problems that remain relevant for a long period of time. A person can be aware of the difficulty and even understand how it interferes with his life. But no specific action is taken to fix the problem.

In order to get off the ground, it is necessary to resort to the help of Dilts technology. It is believed that the solution to the problem is two levels higher. The easiest way to figure out a specific example is:

  • You are always late - to work, to a meeting, and so on. You never come on time.
  • This problem is at the behavioral level. So, its solution should be sought in the plane of values.
  • Thus, you must learn to become a man of speech, otherwise, because of your lack of punctuality, others will lose confidence in you.

pyramid of logical levels of dilts technique of working with personal goals

Learn to sort things out

Coaching techniques are an excellent tool for those who cannot solve a problem. Dilts' theory teaches to sort things out on shelves, and more specifically, on pyramid levels. So, quite often people come to trainings with the problem that no one likes them, that they do not enjoy the favor of others. An example of a situation analysis and search for a solution is given in the table.

EnvironmentWho should love me? What feelings should others around me have?The next of kin, friends and colleagues. The rest should show respect and goodwill.
BehaviorWhat actions do I want to see from others in relation to myself?Attention, participation, desire to communicate and spend time with me.
AbilitiesWhat do I need to do to start to like people?Learn to listen and understand people, maintain a conversation, tighten professional knowledge, update your wardrobe, begin to take care of yourself more carefully.
BeliefsWhy do I want everyone to love me?Because a person who is not loved is considered bad. I do not want to feel like an outcast. I like to be the center of attention.
IdentityWhat should be the person who is loved by everyone?Attractive, smart, responsive. He must possess magnetism.
MissionWhat is the ultimate goal?Like yourself, learn self-esteem.


The Dilts pyramid of logical levels is a technique for working with personal goals. It helps a person understand the essence of events occurring with him. Thanks to the analysis of personality levels, the identification and recognition of problem areas occurs. This sets the direction for work on changing oneself and eliminating excess. One of the main advantages of technology is the lack of the need to work at all levels at once. It is enough to determine the level at which the problem is located, and rise two steps higher.

In order to change your life for the better, you need to understand that if something does not suit you, then it's time to change your behavior. If the problem lies precisely in your actions, a sincere answer to the questions will tell you the way to get out of the situation. This can be called an express analysis of the problem, as a result of which a person has a motivation to move forward.


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