How to make nail gel polish drawings

Every girl dreams that her hands look well-groomed and beautiful, therefore, gel-nail polish designs on nails are often a way out of the situation. But constant trips to the beauty salon, where they will do an interesting manicure, are not affordable for everyone, and they take too much time. Therefore, the fair sex often try to independently learn to create unusual and stylish drawings. The main thing here is patience and practice.

Nail polish gel drawings

Sequins and gel polish: the easiest option

If you want to perform a beautiful winter (or summer) manicure using gel polish, but are afraid that you will not succeed in a complex drawing, then using special sparkles will be an excellent option. But here it is worth remembering that the application must be done very carefully so as not to spoil all the work. To prevent this from happening, a small master class will be given here. Drawings with gel polish are not always distinguished by complexity and technicality. Some manicures can be done very simply and easily. To create a manicure with gel polish and sparkles you will need: a UV lamp, a colored gel, a base and top coat, a brush, sparkles, a tool that helps remove the sticky layer.

How to make gel polish drawing

  1. Prepare the nail plates. Remove the cuticle and pterygium, polish the surface (if necessary). Apply a primer and coat the nails with a base coat. Then dry it under the lamp.
  2. Apply any color gel polish of your choice. Also dry this layer under the lamp.
  3. Apply another coat of gel polish. Caution: it does not need to be dried.
  4. Brush a little sparkle. Remember that they do not need to be pressed to the surface of the nails, but only sprinkled.
  5. Remove the sparkles that are stuck during the powdering process from the periungual space. Dry your nails under the lamp.
  6. Apply the topcoat. Dry and remove stickiness.

Now you know how to make a gel polish using ordinary glitters. This option is suitable at any time of the year. It can be used for daily or holiday manicure.

Create a matte manicure with gel polish

Often, beginners do not even get simple gel polish drawings. But do not get upset while you practice, you can do a beautiful and rather unusual matte manicure. The main thing to remember here is a few important rules. Masters often create a matte finish, and girls, coming to a cosmetics store, ask the seller for a matte varnish. But this is the wrong decision. The fact is that after applying the finish layer, the nails will still begin to shine. What to do?

How to make gel polish drawings

  1. First prepare your nails for the procedure and apply a base coat on them.
  2. Apply any shade of gel polish. Dry it.
  3. Apply the topcoat.
  4. To give the surface a haze, it must be treated with a special grinder. Work them the area, starting work from the free edge and slowly moving towards the cuticle.
  5. It is important to remember that it is better to choose a grinder soft enough so that it cannot damage the gel polish layer.
  6. To decorate your nails a little, you can β€œkill” pieces of foil on them. To do this, apply a base coat on the tips and press any suitable colored foil to it.

Gel polish

In beauty salons, gel polish is often used to create murals. If you do not know how to make a drawing with gel polish, then you should read the following instructions:

  1. Prepare your nails and apply a base coat on them, which must be dried immediately.
  2. Then apply the color gel polish that you have chosen as the main shade. Remember that if you want to create a French manicure, then you can do without it.
  3. Now you should go directly to the painting. Gel polish drawings on the nails can be completely different and match your mood, season or holiday. You can also repeat the painting, which is repeated on your clothes. As a rule, beginners, when they learn how to make a gel polish drawing, choose simple figures: snowflakes, flowers, leaves, geometric shapes.
  4. You can make the so-called "stretching" painting. To do this, apply several strips (vertical or horizontal) to the nail plates, and thoroughly mix them with a brush before drying under the lamp, creating pleasant soft transitions.
  5. You can paint using the gel polish colorless or color for the base.
    Gel polish drawings

Manicure gel varnish "Fry Ville"

Fry Ville is a precious house in Austria. A manicure named after him has become very popular today. It is created with the help of an indispensable gel polish and the imagination of a designer. If you do not know how to make drawings with gel polish, then this option is perfect for you.

  1. Prepare your nails, apply a base coat, dry.
  2. Peel off the sticky layer.
  3. Take a fairly thin brush and start painting. Use different colored gel polishes to create different geometric shapes. Remember that at the end the drawing should look like a mosaic. After applying each individual color, dry the nail.
  4. Remove the sticky layer again.
  5. Then again with a thin brush, circle the edges of each individual color form, dry.
  6. Then reprint the foil onto the mosaic pattern.
  7. Finish and dry.
    Simple gel polish drawings

Drawing "snake skin" with gel polish

If you are going to create unusual "snake" patterns, gel polish is not necessary, you can use regular varnish with the same success. But still the first option is preferable.

  1. Prepare the surface for the procedure, apply the base coat and dry it.
  2. Apply saturated green gel polish, dry under a lamp for 2 minutes.
  3. After that, cover the nails with a marsh mother-of-pearl shade. Do not dry!
  4. Using a brush, randomly apply drops with a colorless varnish and wait until a pattern appears.
  5. Finish and dry.

Master class drawings gel polish

French and gel polish drawings

French manicure is perhaps the most popular today. But his monotony is a little tired. To make the jacket more playful and unusual, many create it together with interesting thematic drawings. How to create a jacket with a gel polish?

  1. Prepare the nail plate. Remove the cuticle. Glitter from nails must be carefully removed using a nail file. Then you can degrease the plate.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the base coat and dry it under the lamp.
  3. Take a basic color gel polish (usually used a shade close to skin tone). Apply a thin layer and dry.
  4. Then you can make a mandatory line on the free edges of the nails. For this, white varnish is usually taken. Apply it with a brush and secure under the lamp.
  5. To diversify the manicure, you can create some suitable picture in the corner of the beginning of the "smile": a flower, a snowflake.
  6. Coat everything with a finish coat and dry it.

How to choose the right gel polish?

Many girls, starting to choose gel nail polish designs on their nails, wonder: which one will look best? Here you need to consider your own preferences, fashion trends, time of year. You can choose a drawing for your clothes or for the theme of the holiday for which you create a manicure. Most often, murals are created based on the time of the year: in the fall, yellow, orange, burgundy tones with leaves or berries are considered more popular, in the summer - fruits, flowers, the sun, butterflies. In winter - snowflakes, snow cobwebs or snowmen. To cheer up or create a playful image, you can pay attention to cartoon characters, for example, Mickey Mouse.

Why gel manicure can be unstable?

French with a pattern of gel polish

There are several reasons for this:

  1. You do not have enough skills or practice.
  2. You forgot to degrease the nail plate.
  3. You have not applied a base or topcoat.
  4. Drying is carried out by a low-quality UV lamp.
  5. You have purchased low-quality gel polish.

Benefits of creating gel polish designs

Of course, you can create a painting with ordinary varnish, but gel polish has many advantages:

  1. Cracks will not form on the nails, the manicure will last much longer and will delight you and others with its beauty.
  2. You will spend on creating a real masterpiece in just half an hour.
  3. In the line of gel varnishes of any manufacturer, you can find a lot of a wide variety of color shades.
  4. Gel polish drawings on nails are more resistant and do not fade so quickly.
  5. Gel polish helps to achieve a very beautiful shine, which is difficult to create with conventional varnishes.


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