Do it yourself do blacksmith forge? Maybe!

do-it-yourself blacksmith forge
Man has long been striving to create functional and beautiful metal products. Interest in this business is not weakening at the present time, although not everyone today has access to professional blacksmith workshops.

The main element of the forge

For those who want to try forging a doorknob or a candlestick on their own, there is a solution - to equip the forge at home. To do this, you will definitely need tools such as a chair vise, an anvil, various hammers, tips, mandrels, a water tank, a bending plate and, of course, an oven, which is the main element of any workshop. A heating device can be either purchased at a specialized store or a do-it-yourself blacksmith forge. It is good to use coal or charcoal as fuel for such a portable stove . Such a blacksmith forge, made with one's own hands, will be very easy to handle and capable of heating the metal to the required temperature in a relatively short time.

Hearth device

blacksmith's device
As for the features of the device of such a tool, the basis of any furnace is a table with a hearth. For its production, you can use concrete, brick or the most ordinary metal structures. At the same time, the table can be welded from sheet steel, and the supporting frame from a steel corner. Then, making the blacksmith forge with your own hands, it will be necessary to cut a hole in the center measuring 35x35 centimeters, into which later it will be possible to weld an ash pan with a flange and a bottom cover for connecting the air duct. The grate is then laid on top of it. For ease of operation, the forge furnace may also include an electric type centrifugal fan with adjustable air supply. An umbrella made of sheet steel is mounted above the stove to remove gases and smoke. It should be especially noted that it is not recommended to raise it higher than 85 centimeters above the table. The cross section of the so-called "smoke" channel should be at least 30x30 centimeters, and the chimney itself should be at least 4.5 meters high.

Gas blacksmith forge

do-it-yourself blacksmith gas forge
Separately, it should be said about this type of furnace as a blacksmith gas forge. Do it yourself can also be done. In this case, gas will be used to heat the workpieces in the forge. The design of such a furnace differs from the traditional one primarily in the absence of grates. In addition, making the gas blacksmith forge with your own hands, you must not forget about the need for gas supply. To do this, you will need to drill a small hole for mounting the pipe. The very device of the hearth will be a cube, laid out of fireclay bricks, with a hearth nest. In the production process of such a furnace, it will be necessary to pay special attention to the tightness (impermeability) of the compounds that are directly connected to the gas supply, and to ensure that there are no gaps anywhere. The advantages of a home-made gas furnace are low cost and fuel availability, as well as the convenience of temperature control.


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