The apartment is littered: how to fix the situation? Clear-out of heavily littered apartments

Global cleaning with the removal of trash and sorting things should be carried out at least once a season, and preferably monthly. This will make sure that we accumulate a lot of unnecessary items, and will help to learn how to live easier. But after all, the mess in the apartment is a mess in the head, but in order to acquire something new, you must first make room for it.

Of course, there are pathological cases. In the United States, television programs are shot about people who have brought their home to such a state that it is already difficult to move around it. This is due to psychological problems, fears and syndromes. Such people need to work only with specialist doctors. If the neighbors cluttered the apartment, what should I do? In the event that the situation is really critical, and garbage interferes with other residents, you need to contact the housing fund or local public figures.

cluttered apartment

And too lazy, but clean enough people can always find out the prices for cleaning apartments in Moscow or any other city, so as not to engage in such a tedious task on their own. Now employees of cleaning companies can not only wash the apartment, but also make the space more organized, dismantle the cabinets and throw away the excess.

Where to start cleaning

How to quickly clean a cluttered apartment? You need to decide how often you will conduct an “audit”. Even in a relatively clean house there is always something to get rid of, so it is better to carry out a general cleaning, not only with the change of season, but more often. Do not try to do everything at once. Take one room first, and when you're done, take a break. Only then, with new forces, move on to another. You need to move gradually. General cleaning of heavily littered apartments is not carried out in one day.

For cleaning, you need to prepare inventory. It will take a lot of packages: for garbage, for unused things that you can give to someone to sell or leave for the "trial period". You will need felt-tip pens, labels, adhesive tape, boxes, rags for dust and a timer. After decontamination, all things will be laid out in bags and boxes so that you don’t get confused in them, it is worth signing each storage location. A timer is needed so as not to literally drown in the trash, but to stop in time. You can install it for one hour and start cleaning. In the process, you need to act quickly and not be distracted by anything.

If the apartment is completely cluttered, it is better to start work from the entrance to the room and move clockwise. After raslamyvaniya one place, you can proceed to the next. If you skip from place to place, then you will only lose strength and time. The trash accumulated over the years needs to be disassembled into several boxes. Something can be left, other things it is time to throw in a landfill, and something suitable for use, but not personally necessary for you, to give to those in need or to sell. In the process of putting things in order, do not put the thing in its rightful place immediately, but for now just put it in the box with the inscription "Put it back in place."

apartment cleaning

After the garbage bag is filled with unnecessary things, you need to immediately tie it and send it to a landfill. Do not start looking at things and thinking that something else might come in handy. Better not to look inside. The box with the inscription "Give" you need to review and decide what to do with each specific thing. For example, children’s clothing, which has become small, can be given to a friend whose family is expected to replenish. There are orphanages and shelters, which also will not give up good, albeit worn, things. Some unnecessary trash can be sold. It can be vases, souvenirs or books in good condition.

Search for unnecessary

Before proceeding with the removal of garbage from the apartment, you need to separate all this stuff from the right things. This can be very difficult to do. It turns out that the trinkets that you have long forgotten warm your soul, and old things can come in handy for a trip to the country. But worth the truth. Small souvenirs only collect dust, and old clothes will remain dead weight in the closet. But how to decide what really needs to be thrown away? You can take several photos of the apartment and view the result on a large monitor. Immediately revealed everything that lies in its place and looks like trash.

You can apply the chronological principle of throwing. It is worth getting rid of everything that has not been used for more than a year. These are half-empty perfume bottles, expired spices, old medicines, jars of cream and so on. It is such things that create a mess in the apartment. To clean the house from stale things need to be bolder. You can focus on the available space. You need to decide in advance what and how much you will store. If these are children's drawings, then you need to select a box of a suitable size, and when it is full, sort through everything and throw away the excess to make room for new drawings. So you can learn to store things in the available volume.

general cleaning of heavily littered apartments

Wardrobe clutter

Often an apartment is littered with clothes. Putting order in the wardrobe is one of the most interesting, but at the same time the most difficult, activities. First you need to decide what exactly you have to leave. This is usually a basic wardrobe. The minimum of women's clothing usually includes: a black dress, which is appropriate both in business negotiations, at a party, and in nature, a neutral cloak, a beige or white blouse or shirt, skirt, black trousers, classic dark blue jeans, a jacket or a blazer , a high-quality cardigan and two sweaters, beige high-heeled shoes, sneakers or sneakers in white or black, a down jacket, elegant ballet shoes, at least two bags (one small and elegant, and the second roomy). These things are quite enough, but, of course, each woman has her own basic wardrobe. All this needs to be left.

Now about the things that you need to get rid of. This is all that does not fit in size, things that are morally obsolete and worn out. They need to be handed out, thrown away, given to an orphanage or a help center for the population, try to sell. You don’t need to throw it away yet, but it is worth putting clothes that need repair, things that you don’t like about yourself on a separate shelf. It is better to sell good products that do not suit you personally, and all that needs repair is repaired. A separate category is things that should have been thrown away a long time ago, but they are so dear to the heart that they lie just like that. You need to gather strength and throw it all away.

First you need to start analyzing your things, and only then decide what to do with the clothes of the children or husband. Men usually make cluttering easier. They can almost always distinguish those that are comfortable from the whole mass of shirts and t-shirts. If these things are in good condition (not worn, do not require repair), they can be left. On this half of the work is over. It remains only to leave jeans, shorts, trousers, 2-3 sets of clothes to go out and for every day, home clothes (also two sets are enough). It is better to buy socks at once in several identical pairs, throw out the battered wallets, and replace a bunch of eco-leather belts with one, but of high quality.

how not to litter the apartment


Junk in the apartment consists of many items that are not used constantly, but are needed just in case or stored as a memory. But memorabilia must be distinguished from soulless souvenirs. Printed photographs, the first drawings of the child and the diaries of the road are like a memory, you do not need to throw them away, but pathologically saving up is also not an option. A good solution is to allocate a separate box for such gizmos and monitor its filling. As soon as it is filled, iterate over and discard a part to free up space. Not every trinket has a place in a house cleared of trash. You need to remember this.


Home appliances do not rush to throw away. Broken appliances must be put aside in a separate package. If the technique still won’t work for the next “revision”, then there is no need for it. Well, if you can fix the device. So the functionality of the house will improve, and there will be no items that take up space without work. But where to put the trash, that is, the old tape recorders, cassettes, inoperative equipment that cannot be repaired and will no longer be used? Cassettes need to be digitized (if there are memorable photos, and films can simply be downloaded when needed), you can try to give away old things to nostalgic ones, and sell non-working things for spare parts.

Unused things

Mass gifts in the form of sets, tureens, sets, intricate vases and so on, if they are new, can serve someone and even like. It is necessary to give such things a chance for a second life. Do not throw them in the trash. Can be put up for sale at half the price. The same applies to household appliances, which are replaced by more advanced analogues. You can also earn money on cleaning!

"Special" things

In the apartments of the older generation, you can find pristine dinner sets, bedding sets, slippers and towels that are in case important guests arrive. As a rule, the long-awaited guests do not appear, and things become obsolete or deteriorate, the apartment is cluttered. Any things must be used, otherwise it is a banal accumulation. A special case is every day. It’s time to get used to not storing the service in the sideboard, but putting it on the table even for a simple evening tea party. The same goes for "exit" clothes and other similar things.

"Graphic peace"

Do you immediately get rid of labels on shampoo, toothpaste and other personal care products and on home, on products and clothes? This only works with clothes (and even then not always). It may seem that the idea is strange and even crazy, but in fact, any label contains a sea of ​​unnecessary information and eats away your eyes. Against the background of satiety with information, this is not at all good. It is worthwhile to train yourself to get rid of labels immediately after leaving the supermarket, so as not to waste time at home. These are extra things that distract.

cleaning apartments in Moscow prices

Rational storage

The main rule of organized storage of things - in the end it should turn out conveniently and spaciously. The more free space indoors, the better. Although this contradicts the habitual and even natural ability for many to complicate, as well as the passion for hoarding and shopping. But the world around has become more technological: there are fewer wires, instead of a mountain of papers, you can store scanned copies in electronic form, all volumes of the encyclopedia are placed on a flash drive, and for storage, for example, fur coats, there are special services that take care that the clothes survive the warm season of the year safety and security.

After garbage removal from the apartment, you need to decide where and how to store the necessary things. It is worth sorting the items into “hot” and “cold”. The first are used every day. These are household appliances, clothes, shoes. “Cold” things - a home library, seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations, dear things and so on. For their storage, it is better to organize a system somewhere in the corridor, so that there are fewer cabinets in the living room. It is better to minimize open storage, and if you already have an open rack, you can additionally buy fabric or cardboard boxes to hide document folders, photo albums, and other things that are not used every day from prying eyes.

wardrobe clutter

Fly lady system

How not to litter the apartment? Things that need to be thrown will appear and appear again. The only solution that allows you to maintain cleanliness and order is to make a system out of cleaning. It is worth carrying out global mopping-up at least once a season, and do not do general cleaning on Saturdays, but a little bit, but every day. Under these rules, the fly lady system is well suited, which allows you to maintain cleanliness easily and simply.

Is the apartment cluttered? First, you need to throw away everything unnecessary, and only then begin to experiment with systems for maintaining order. The meaning of the system is that the apartment is divided into zones, each of which is assigned a week. Work in a certain area should not take more than 15 minutes a day, and an hourly cleaning is carried out once a week.

Additionally, you need to highlight the hot spots, that is, such places in the house that need constant "supervision". Usually this is a desktop on which mugs and papers accumulate every day. Also every day the sink in the kitchen needs cleaning.

This is not too complicated. With this approach to housekeeping, you can once and for all forget about awesome spring-cleaning, after which you need to take an extra day off. Of course, the prices for cleaning apartments in Moscow (and even more so in the provinces) are not so high, but it is much more pleasant to keep your home clean.

Secrets of professional maids

It is worth learning how to quickly and efficiently clean maids in good hotels. They know and use many tricks and tricks in everyday practice to speed up the process. First, you need to remove all unnecessary - dirty laundry and garbage to start as if starting from scratch. Microfiber is best for dusting. Each time when putting things in order, cleaning service employees recommend cleaning the curtains. This is best done with a wet or dry towel. The towel should be heavy enough so that the blow is strong, but also light so that the hand does not get tired.

space organization ideas

Before cleaning the floor, always vacuum. Usually advised to start from the far corner, moving towards the door. But it’s better to first vacuum the places where people often go, and only then start from the corner. So you will walk twice through the most polluted areas with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning in the bathroom should be the last. This will minimize the transfer of bacteria, which in a humid environment is always a lot. For cleaning, it is good to use ordinary vinegar, which will help to cope with those impurities against which even super-remedies are powerless. Old toothbrushes will come in handy. This will clear out inaccessible places.


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