"Sable 4x4": review, description, specifications

Motorists who live in different countries of the world choose different cars for themselves. It is very easy and simple to explain. In different countries, their own condition of roads, their own economic conditions and many other factors. Often, these factors dictate motoring laws to motorists. If an average citizen of any country in the European Union chooses a compact car for himself, Asians value efficiency, Americans respect jeeps of enormous size, then a resident of the Russian hinterland is aimed at the most passable car.

The theme of Russian roads has given rise to many jokes. And these comic stories do not lie. That is why motorists are forced to adapt to existing realities. It is good that now you can easily get a decent car with increased cross-country ability, and even at affordable prices. One of these cars is the all-wheel drive diesel "Gazelle Sable."

The realities of Russian roads

Those who like to travel outside their hometown know very well how sometimes it is difficult to get to where the soul calls. Perhaps this will be a trip to his beloved lake, or perhaps a business trip on working issues — not every car can overcome the roads of the Russian countryside. You can not even talk about trips to the forest and dirt - roads in cities are even worse than forest roads. And if there is a need to urgently deliver goods or transport people to a village or another city? Here, when choosing a car, you need to be extremely careful.

It is very pleasing to many that the modern automotive domestic market is ready to offer potential buyers a huge selection of a wide variety of off-road models. However, you need to know that only Russian engineers can understand Russian roads. Therefore, the best cars can be considered those that are equipped with all-wheel drive. So, the most famous of these is the new Sable, one of the latest developments of the Gorky Automobile Plant.

What kind of beast?

"Wild Beast" is a utility vehicle with enhanced cross-country performance. The machine should replace the already legendary “loaf”. This car has long, since the first versions, earned a high score and rave reviews. The whole fault is a simple design. If repairs are needed, Sable will not require a lot of money.

new sable
Also, the maintenance of this beast does not fly into the owner in serious amounts.

What is the difference between the new "Sable"?

The machine is distinguished by a new transmission system, which, in addition to all-wheel drive, boasts cardan shafts with CV joints, as well as a rear differential lock. Equipped with a reduction gear, an SUV can overpower any gully. In addition, the novelty installed a center differential lock, a two-stage transfer case, and the steering was equipped with a power steering. In addition, the Sobol car has a unique mirror heating system.

In appearance, you simply can’t find any differences - they simply don’t. The interior also remained completely untouched by the creative hand of the designer. And why is this needed, because we have a completely utilitarian car. He does not have to impress everyone around him with his appearance. A functional machine - that’s enough.

In the interior

The large doors of the Gazelle Sobol machine can be opened almost without difficulty.

sable 4x4 review
However, for some reason there are no handles on the front pillars, which should be inside the cabin. The driver and passengers must fall into the cab while jumping. About half of the seats in the cabin are equipped with very rigid fastenings for seat belts. The passenger version of the model is designed for a comfortable fit of seven people.

There is a lot of light inside the cabin, as well as free space. In front there is a common ceiling, behind there are two large ceiling. Another lamp is located in the niche of the steps of the sliding door on the side. There is a separate switch for each lamp.

In addition, the new "Sable" is quite comfortable - for this, two air conditioners can work in the cabin. One of them is located in front, the other is mounted on the roof at the back. Together, this couple can turn a salon into a refrigerator in a couple of minutes. As for heating, there are two heaters. In addition to the main one, there is also an additional one - it is under the passenger seat on the right side. Those who have already managed to use the heater on a Sobol 4x4 car leave only positive feedback - it heats perfectly.

Dashboard and driver's seat

The dashboard is notable for good ergonomics and in itself quite nice. Many appreciated the excellent visibility through the rear-view mirrors. Also, the majority liked the large number of different glove compartments, cup holders. A sunroof is mounted in the roof. The steering wheel is equipped with radio controls, power windows, as well as a mirror heating system.

The driver’s seat is very familiar to those who at least once sat behind the wheel of any GAZ Sobol car or the usual GAZelle. There is a steering wheel with the ability to adjust the angle of its inclination, the chair also has adjustments in a wide range.

Ergonomic misses

With all the advantages of the interior and the dashboard, you can observe imperfections. So, there is no platform on which the left leg usually rests. The armrest is missing - open windows are used instead. But in severe summer heat, an open window can cause certain troubles, but it will not work to close it. Air conditioning seems to be there. But those who used it on the Sable 4x4 car, reviews say that there is not much sense from this option. At all speeds and in all modes, the air is only slightly cool.

Sable in the city

I must say that such a car in urban conditions is quite crowded.

gazelle sable
Speaking formally, this is a passenger car. Its dimensions are such that without problems they allow you to drive through the center of the capital of Russia. The length of the body is equal to the length of the business-level sedans - here you can try to park in the passenger rows. However, the width is narrower, as in medium-sized trucks.

Many are pleased with the height of the landing. So, where the Hammer has a roof, the driver of the Sable will have a shoulder. A better overview of the traffic situation can only be with a truck driver. However, it has more dead spots. But the Sable car can be parked without even using modern technology. You can do without parking sensors, because the rear bumper passes over any massive landscape details. In addition, all obstacles can be perfectly seen in the rear window.


Auto "Sable" produced with two engines to choose from. This is a domestic gasoline engine UMZ-4216 and an American diesel engine from Cummins ISF. He has already shown himself to be excellent - he starts up in any weather and at any, even the most extremely low temperatures. The diesel has a volume of 2.6 liters, a gasoline unit - 2.8 liters. By the way, the power of the American diesel engine is only 120 liters. from. However, as practice shows, this is more than enough for such a car.

Unit design is advanced. He was first tested on a regular "GAZelle", and then equipped with this model.

gas sable
It is reliable, well repaired. There is only one glow plug in it, and it heats the air directly in the collector. When the plant specialists, who saw this motor for the first time, they were very pleased with the arrangement of the oil and water pump.

A fuel filter with the possibility of heating, as well as a booster pump - everything is installed in easy accessibility. An independent coolant heater is also installed.

He pulls quite confidently at low speeds, but he has practically no playfulness. The engine accelerates the car to 100 km / h in half a minute. "Sable" does not like sudden movements. He sees life philosophically. But the unit works perfectly on our fuel.

The maximum possible speed at which the Sobol diesel engine is capable of accelerating is 120 km / h. At the same time, the car’s travel is quite soft, and the movement at high speeds is quite stable at any speed and even on the road.


Especially for this unit, a 5-speed manual gearbox, as well as a transfer case, was developed.

The transmission system has slightly different gear ratios. Designers preferred to reinforce the Carter gearbox with stiffeners. The gears and shafts in the box are made of durable steel. Oil seals, as well as bearings, are not domestic, but imported. The synchronizer went under replacement - now it is also imported. The clutch is also not domestic production, but is supplied by its high-quality manufacturer.

The transfer case also did a good job. All production of these mechanisms is located in our country. The gears are polished, which significantly increased strength. Also in this way it was possible to remove the howl characteristic of this model.

After thinking a little about what type of four-wheel drive to choose, the engineers decided to use permanent four-wheel drive or use the classic design. This scheme is noteworthy in that it has long and very successfully been used on renowned all-wheel drive models of famous brands. One of them is the Land Rover Defender.

Such a scheme, by the way, is used in Lithuania for the assembly of GAZELLES equipped with Polish diesels and Czech transfer cases.

Being in the cabin of an SUV, I immediately want to stop looking at the abundance of levers that stick out from under the floor. In addition to the traditional gear selector of a mechanical gearbox already familiar to everyone, two more others fit there. One is needed to lock the differential. Another is used to change the transfer case mode.

On other other modern SUVs, all these functions are assumed by one lever, but for the Sobol car, for some reason, they traditionally offer to use two levers. Well, all right, especially since there are certain advantages to this. So, you can turn on the lower gear without locking the central differential.

So that the driver does not get confused in the switches, a diagram is pasted on the dashboard that clearly explains how to use this system.

Despite this, this transmission works very well. The car rides confidently where others get tight. Let it go through difficult sections not always the first time, but it makes its way for itself and can even leave a deep ravine.

Sable - Specifications

This model received the GAZ 2117 index. The length of the body is 4880 mm, the width is 2066 mm, and the height of the car is 2300 mm. The length of the wheelbase is 2760 mm. Ground clearance is increased compared to previous models and is now equal to 205 mm, which is very good for an SUV. The curb weight of the car is 2250 kg, and the total mass is 2785 kg.

The transmission, as already mentioned, is mechanical, five-speed.

auto sable
As for the drive, for the new version it is full permanent, but previous versions had a full, but plug-in drive if necessary.

Diesel engine, four-cylinder. The exact volume of the American Cummins is 2.78 liters. Its power indicators are equal to 120 liters. s at 3200 rpm. The torque that this engine gives out is 297 Nm at 1700-2700 rpm. Acceleration to 100 km / h with this motor takes 28 seconds. For a heavy Sobol car, the characteristics are quite good, but to reveal all their power is possible only if you move off a comfortable asphalt.

Front and rear suspension - dependent type. The front brakes are disc, and the rear is traditionally drum type.

How does this SUV go?

The steering is not very transparent. If you move at a speed of more than 90 km / h, then you need to taxi from time to time. Sometimes the dependent front suspension draws attention. The brakes are quite tenacious, and the ABS holds the heavy car well. When braking on ice at a speed of 60 km, the car does not go off course.

Due to the fact that the center of gravity is quite high, and also because of the structural features of the front suspension on a Sobol 4x4 car, the review of almost every owner indicates that the car does not digest sharp movements. You need to move more gently.

If you move off the asphalt

Long routes are not a strong point, because the maximum speed is only 120 km / h. Owners unanimously reiterate that even at 110 km / h it becomes uncomfortable to move, in addition, fuel consumption increases significantly. But it is on the pavement.

But it is worth driving off-road, as the talents of this SUV, or maybe even an all-terrain vehicle, are revealed in full power.

sable characteristics
So, continuous sprung bridges, a plug-in drive, a two-stage development box, very powerful cardan shafts, electric differential lock on the rear - this is a serious set of waves.

It is worth saying that the car participated in the Silk Road rally in 2013. Even on asphalt rubber, an all-wheel drive all-wheel drive very confidently moves on stones, sands, and in winter it also rides very well through mud and snow. This car pulls very cool.

"Sable 4x4" - review

This is not a Land Rover, of course. Many do not even want to call this model an SUV. Here the layout of the car, the characteristics and settings of the suspension, as well as many other little things make you abandon the idea of ​​calling it an all-terrain vehicle. But if you look from the other side, then looking at today's modern crossovers or SUVs, as well as directly at direct competitors, we can conclude: the domestic model should be a role model. He will not drown in the mud, and moves along the asphalt pavement quite seriously.

sable specifications
Anyway, in the Sobol car, the technical specifications are at a good level.

The secret here is simple. This is the application of a simple and successful all-wheel drive scheme. Here the engine is located longitudinally, the transmission is separate, the transfer case too.

However, for our drivers, one good design is clearly not enough. You still need high quality, then the resource and reliability. And GAZ specialists coped with this successfully. Even if you purchase a domestic "Sable" with mileage, then with competent service it will delight its owner for a long time.

Moving on this machine, sometimes it seems that nothing is impossible. There is complete freedom. Now, probably, now the car just gets up in this mud, and it picks up and rides.

So, this is a real beast of the desert. Yes. It is a little noisy, it is metal, on springs, it does not differ in speed characteristics. But this car is economical, spacious, stands out for its fantastic cross-country capabilities. And given that the price of Sobol 4x4 is from 300 to 700 thousand rubles, then it is beyond competition.

There is an analog of this model. It was also offered under the Sable brand, but was distinguished by a low roof. The body has a nice appearance, but the side door caused a storm of indignation from the drivers. This car is GAZ Sable Barguzin. It is positioned as a minivan. Although the comfort of movement it is not and far inferior to the Mercedes Vito.

The salon of the Russian Barguzin is a small room. The driver's seat is also comfortable and quite ergonomic - this is a tradition for this series. Noise isolation performed surprisingly well, the dashboard does not cause a negative.

If we talk about the technical characteristics, it is mainly gasoline engines. But some dealers offered cars with a diesel engine from Cummins. Barguzin is a rear-wheel drive option, but there are also four-wheel drive modifications.

Among the positive aspects is the low price. For example, in the basic configuration, the model is available at a cost of 475 thousand, and if you buy a used car, then its price is about 200 thousand rubles.

So, we found out what the reviews and technical characteristics of the domestic Sobol car have. As you can see, this is an excellent car for hunting and fishing trips, or for those who just want to drive off-road with full confidence that then his car will not have to be pulled out by tractor.

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