Interactive television "Rostelecom": list of channels, packages, connection, reviews

Rest in front of the TV watching your favorite TV show or football match is the most popular form of passive relaxation. Interactive television "Rostelecom": a list of channels, reviews and instructions for connecting - you can read about all of this here.

Interactive television "Rostelecom" channel list

What is interactive television?

Before talking about the interactive television "Rostelecom", the list of channels, reviews and benefits, let's talk about what it is in itself.

In the usual sense, television includes about 10 federal channels. However, with the advent and spread of the World Wide Web in our country, some providers are able to broadcast more than a hundred channels as part of customer service. In addition, those who wish can connect special packages for a fee. It can be TV channels of different thematic areas: children's or sports, culinary and for needlework, it all depends on the interests of customers.

Interactive television "Rostelecom" reviews

Despite the huge number of channels provided by providers, each user at least once caught himself thinking that he had absolutely nothing to watch.

This is how easily and naturally we got to the main advantage of interactive television compared to traditional television: you choose what to watch, rather than choose the best from the proposed one.

Key Features of Digital TV

Interactive television "Rostelecom", reviews of which are both positive and negative (as well as about any product in the market of goods and services), has the following features:

  1. Using paid and free video rental services, users can watch TV on request.
  2. The entire program of the list of channels of interactive television "Rostelecom" is displayed on the TV screen.
  3. Each of us at least once dreamed of stopping watching our favorite movie or an interesting sports match, so that, after finishing business, return and watch it. By connecting an interactive TV, you can easily do this.
  4. The parental control function allows you to stay calm when you are not near your children and you can not control watching TV. All channels that you think are not intended for children's eyes will be blocked.

The integration function with accounts on social networks allows you to instantly post your favorite video on your page and share experiences with friends.

Rostelecom TV channels

Feedback on Rostelecom interactive television suggests that the most popular option is rewinding and recording broadcasts.

All of these functions - this is interactive. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to connect to it, then Rostelecom provides this service through a telephone wire.

Connection Benefits

Reviews about the interactive television "Rostelecom" speak about the following advantages:

  • High quality image, especially in HD mode.
  • There are no glare or distortion of the picture on the screen.
  • Some users have appreciated the ability to connect through the telephone wire.
  • Low cost of services offered.
  • The list of channels of interactive television "Rostelecom" is 200 items.

Can I not buy a prefix?

All the pluses are considered, it remains only to answer the main question: how to connect interactive television "Rostelecom"?

The company cares about the convenience of its customers. Typically, other providers of similar services offer to purchase a prefix. Rostelecom can connect using a telecard. It is inserted into the TV slot. With it, you can watch the entire list of Rostelecom interactive television channels, select the one you like and enjoy the transfer in the same quality as with the set-top box.

packages of interactive television "Rostelecom"

To connect

To connect to interactive TV from Rostelecom, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the company.
  2. Choose your region and city.
  3. Go to the "Television" section.
  4. Choose the most suitable offer for you: "Interactive TV", or "Interactive TV 2.0".
  5. Click on the "Order" button.

After that, company representatives will contact you and clarify the necessary technical details.

Connection Methods

Connecting via an access point is a few steps. In this option, no additional wires are needed and there is no binding to the equipment. The access point in wireless mode connects the STB to the network of the existing provider, performs work in the client mode, directing the video stream to the set-top box. You can connect it to the router using an ordinary cable.

When you configure the access point, make sure that the DHCP server function is disabled. To do this, connect the access point using a network cable and open any browser. Enter the device address in the command line area.

When a dialog box pops up in which you need to enter a username and password, write the data specified in the instructions for the router.

Go to the Lan and Network sections. Make the necessary corrections.

Connect interactive television "Rostelecom"

Setup through a router

Before setting up, check the following:

  • Setting up the router on IPTV.
  • Is the multcast transmission function turned on?
  • Rearrange IPTV ports wirelessly.

The router connects to the PC, the device address is entered in the command line area. For a laptop, connect a wireless connection, and then go into the settings of the router.

Find and click on the "Advanced Options" menu. Find "WLAN Setup" - "Basic".

Turn on the multicast function via Wi-Fi.

Interactive TV Options

Rostelecom offers its subscribers several connection options.

The first one is Interactive TV. This package is available only to company subscribers. Work is carried out only in the field of connected households. The contractor guarantees the quality of the services provided. Additional content is also present. The Rostelecom interactive television packages include 5 mandatory and 9 additional ones as part of Interactive TV. An extensive film library of films and series has been developed for users. In addition to the traditional additional features of interactive TV - "Multiroom" and karaoke.

"Interactive TV 2.0"

This package is more advanced and works with any network provider. A wireless connection is available and works throughout the country where there is a connection. Payment for services can be made both from a card and from a personal account. TV channels Rostelecom within the framework of this proposal - 1 main and 2 additional.

In order to configure the TV correctly, it is recommended to wait for a specialist. Users immediately receive all the necessary equipment in their hands, and a company specialist arrives in a few days.

Price for packages

TV packages on Rostelecom channels are, as mentioned earlier, cheaper than those of their peers. The “starter” package, which includes 121 channels, 21 of which are broadcast in HD mode, will cost 450 rubles per month.

If you don’t spend much time in front of the TV, you can limit yourself to the “Minimum” package, which has 35 channels. Its cost is 230 rubles.

Rostelecom TV channels will give you quality at an affordable price.


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