Toy Indians (GDR) - legendary figures from the Soviet past

In Soviet times, thousands of boys across the country dreamed of toy figures of soldiers, Indians (GDR). Not everyone managed to get such, because they were not produced in the USSR, but brought from the GDR.

A bit of history

The peak of popularity rubber Indians from the GDR acquired in the 60-80s. XX century. When the theme of the Wild West was especially in demand in the USSR and other socialist countries. Such interest in these toys was due to the incredible success of films with Goiko Mitic, which also starred in the GDR.

GDR Indians

Indians themselves in the GDR were produced, as a rule, from elastolin, and later from rubber.

The external design of the toys was developed based on the literary works of the German writer Karl May, who specialized in Westerns, as well as on the basis of the insanely popular adventure films about the Wild West, the key role in most of which was played by the legendary Goiko Mitich.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the Indians, figurines of German army soldiers in field uniforms were also made in the GDR, which were much less known in the Soviet Union.


Today, the figures of the Indians (GDR) are no longer toys, but rather collectibles, since they are of some historical interest. Especially for residents of the post-Soviet space, they represent an entire historical era.

soldiers indians of the GDR

The cost of Indians from the GDR is difficult to determine accurately, since a number of factors influence the formation of prices. Among them are the personal ambitions of the owner of the figures, the rarity of the set (sold mainly in whole sets), the number of figures in them, the state of conservation, etc.

Given all these factors, the owner sets a price. As a rule, the cost of sets today ranges from 1,000 to 8,000 rubles.

Separately from a set, Indians (GDRs) are sold extremely rarely, since only sometimes someone needs a certain figure. But the cost of an individual figure may exceed the price for a whole set, especially if it is a rather rare instance.

Today, you can buy Indians from the GDR either on the ad sites on the Internet or in German specialized online stores, however, prices in Germany are much higher, but the assortment is much wider.


The Indians (GDR) are not just toy figures, but an entire era that evokes nostalgic feelings among people living in the USSR and makes it possible for the younger generation to better understand and feel that historical period.

rubber indians gdr

Be that as it may, in Russia and other countries with a socialist past, such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, etc., these figures of Indians are in high demand among collectors who are willing to pay a lot of money for a particular set figures.

After the GDR and the FRG united, the westerns in Germany practically stopped shooting, so the interest in toy Indians and cowboys gradually faded away. Now they are of interest only as collectibles by people who are impressed by that historical era.


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